Fixed Unable to log into Live (Tunare)

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Fian, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. Agrippa Augur

    Further testing. Three characters all in the same guild (Knights of Infinity on Firiona Vie server) have been unable to log in. Another character on same account in different guild was able to log in fine. On Discord, others in my main guild are having similar issues. I haven't seen any tagged members confirmed to have logged in.
  2. Shredd Augur

    Bazaar mule no problem, my main in the small guild hall disconnected. My main can not return home either.
  3. Sheebea Elder

    "Server Not Found. You have Been Disconnected". Put me back to launchpad screen. Tried again. "You have to log out, yada-yada,yada. I Task Manager-ed EQ out. I was able to finally log into Pok, where I was logged out last. Seemed like I wouldn't make it, took so long. 120, paid account,on Drinal. No new XP. Lag WAY BAD! Give a try zone into Nexus. Took long time to get in also. So I try NL next. My char is still frozen, zoning.Been four minutes now. Sad Panda.:(
  4. Alkerion Journeyman

    So after testing multiple characters this failing to log in seems to be somewhere between AA based and high level based. I've tried multiple characters at 119-120 level and none of them will log in but every character I've tried to login at 116 or below has logged in just fine.

    It isn't progression based as it doesn't matter if it is my main with a ton of stuff done or a buff bot at 119 with zero progression done.

    It isn't banked AA as I've logged in a toon with over 200 banked. That character was 112 though and those levels have logged in just fine.
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  5. Krelgar New Member

    2 characters logged into Brightfire moors no problem but my main can not log into Guild hall or Return home stuck at character select Taffer on Vaniki
  6. The Dude Abides New Member

    Same on Bertox. All chars but 120 main can log in
  7. Bolfo New Member

    seems its a "Guildtag Problem", one guild have x toons online, my Guild so far cant log in one char, every unguilded char can log in easy
  8. The Dude Abides New Member

    Locks up on char select screen only on my 120 main. All others log in normally. Bertoxx
  9. Ismel Augur

    Just curious anyone with a log in problem, that can log in a mule that can see anyone at all from the guild your char is having problems with ?
  10. Kendeth Elder

    Everyone from my guild is having the issue, one of them was able to log in a 120 alt in a different guild on cazic without any issue. So the guild data issue may be the right direction.
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  11. Muji Augur

    All the signs point to no one tagged in our guild can log in. CT on drinal.
  12. Tertoon3 Journeyman

    Must be a guild issue. I cannot log my main character in who is in a separate guild from my alts, and i can log all of my alts in but not my main. my brother who is in the same guild as my main cannot log in either, so might be a guild issue.
  13. Zaph Augur

    Yep, able to log in with a alt in his own guild, yet no one from my main guild "Age of Unity" on Antonius Bayle are able to log in
  14. strongbus Augur

    wife has a heroic not guild got in can do who on people in guild some in(but in teamspeak saying they locked up at char screen) but not showing guild tags
  15. vylo Augur

    I don't think any of my affected characters besides the main have any houses, but they are all tagged in the same raiding guild.
  16. lindycat New Member

    Same for me here on Luclin on all 4 of my accounts. Frustrating
  17. bajoran New Member

    Same on Xegony
  18. Sheebea Elder

    #54 post cont. Task Manager out of trying to zone into NL. Lanchpad to char screens worked as normal. Took 230 seconds to finally log in.Ping rate is 197, after initial 220. Chat if full of people sharing login problems.
  19. Muji Augur

    Everyone with the problem also in a guild who created the same guild on beta? Just an idea.
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  20. Agrippa Augur

    No one confirmed from Knights of Infinity on Firiona Vie server yet to have logged in. Might be notable that it's probably the largest guild on the server. My characters in smaller guilds haven't had problems. Are those experiencing log in issues all with characters in larger guilds?
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