Fixed Unable to log into Live (Tunare)

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Fian, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. Forcallen Augur

    Maybe nutso and far from conclusive but I was able to replicate on 3 accounts in different zones.

    If I try to log in any character 116-120 they hang up once selected.
    If I log in a character 111 or below they load in normal (didn't have any 112-115 to test).

    EDIT: few 120s in and playing so there goes that theory. Still hang up on my higher toons and log in lower levels without issue.
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  2. Dropfast Augur

    So it's confirmed it looks like. Only free to play accounts can get in...Anyone who pays for the game is SoL :confused:

    That or it's it's level based, one of the 2
  3. Ratalthor Developer

    Can anyone affected by this issue please PM me your account name, character name, and server name(s)?
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  4. Agrippa Augur

    Has everyone unable to log in ordered the new expansion for those accounts? Are the accounts subscribed for?
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  5. Dewd Journeyman

    Only toons which are unguilded are able to be logged in for me. No expansion ordered. TLP servers. Default UI.
  6. Kendeth Elder

    Just confirmed that I was able to log into a level 1 and someone else I'm in discord with was able to log into a level 80 character but neither of us can log into our 120 characters.

    There are other level 120 characters online though so it isn't happening to everyone.
  7. Miakaa New Member

    I log into the character select screen and click the enter world button. The character seems to be frozen. it is in the palatial guild hall on the rathe server. The other two accounts are ftp and seem to have no issue to logging into the game.
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  8. Knifen Augur

    Yes both toons on same account in GH cant lag in, 3rd toon on same account in PoK logs in just fine.
  9. Transporter Lorekeeper

    select toon and hit enter world and freezes up get a account can't be verified message eventually on both accounts
  10. TARALAN New Member

    Mains wont log in, my brand new toon in glooming deep logs in just fine, and can chat with people in the general channels who got in with no problem'
    My 85 mage in guild lobby loaded in np, will try an 85 in a guild hall see if that fails.
    People were zoning in and moving around, mage was tagged in an old guild, but did see toons from raiding guilds on.
    my 86 bard in the bazaaar failed to load however
  11. squidgod Augur

    Account 1 Character 1 (main) in Bazaar: Can't log in
    Account 1 Character 2 in Steamfont: Logs in fine.
    Account 2 Character 1 in Bazaar: Logs in fine.
  12. Fian Augur

    I can log on 119 rogue, but he is not a char I play much. My assumption is more complex char, maybe with more macros and such, are more likely to fail. Or super full bank inventories?
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  13. hiallya New Member

    also on Bertox, all access char on char select a long time then YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED, followed by "Your login could not be validated"
  14. MischeviousNomad New Member

    Same issue on Bertox. I can get on my level 1 trader, and a level 90ish toon, but none of my 120's can log in. I have tried UI reset, return home and have had it lock up 6 times without being able to log any of my 120's in.
  15. Forcallen Augur

    I see lots in but unable to play (the hangups) but I was able to chat with a few so some get in. I still have same issue cant log in any i have 116+ and sub 111 all can camp in and out without issue in instanced or non instanced zones.

    As someone else pointed this might be related to characters with lots of associated data (overseer, housing, bank and inventory slots, etc). Grasping at straws but my 9 116+ characters will not load and I've logged in 15 111 or under all over Norrath without issue.
  16. OldTimeNewbie Journeyman

    As others reported, can log in lower level (maybe also unguilded). On that account can see other character showing up in 'Unknown Zone'.
  17. TommyBoy New Member

    Logged in a level 1 in BFM and did a /w all 120 and saw a bunch of peeps, but all in "unknown zone"
  18. Marton Augur

    Does this has to do something with being guilded? I can log in with any toon (tried lvl 86, 109, 120) that doesn't have a guild tag.
  19. PaulieIrish Journeyman

    Also can't log in any of my 119 mains on Antonius Bayle who were in Dragon Necro. Was able to log in a lvl 1. All gold accounts.
  20. Rayzor B New Member

    On yelinak my character is frozen when i try to log in. I was able to log in on some newb toons in starter zones, but my ranger in western wastes, and necro in the grey can't get in.

    Anyone else having a similar problem?