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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by SaryrnIronic, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Geko Lorekeeper

    How pathetic ... every time you patch the same exact problem happens with the login portal. Do the Everquest developers write their code with Crayons?
  2. Wepps Journeyman

    I used to work at MCI in DC. At the time I was hired, there had been an ongoing issue with a major bank who was, every friday at 5pm, losing its service. This had been going on for 9 months. This bank ran off the sonet so was on an oc-48. That friday I stayed late and watched the guy that waxes the floor....unplug the oc-48 to plug his waxer in. I kid you not, the equipment wasn't even hardwired.

    That's why we used to call MCI 'Making Communication Impossible'.
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  3. Blendar Journeyman

    It's about all there was 20 years ago, so yeah. They absolutely did.
  4. Tierwyn Lorekeeper

    so you're saying.. the hamsters are unplugged?
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  5. Paps New Member

    Oh lets not blame the one guy in the building that is doing his job!
  6. Hillbillyheaven New Member

    Think the hamsters ran out of anphetamenes
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  7. Rrobin Everquest New Member

    I think we at least deserve an update.. even if its "we are still working the issue" not just hours of silence. real bad PR :(
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  8. Wepps Journeyman

    He did last page. Still investigating...there was no software update.
  9. Tierwyn Lorekeeper


    *crushes up a few Adderall and adds it to the hamster water*
  10. Trilo New Member

    Thank you for your efforts!
    Being involved in software development as a programmer for years, and debugging issues to JUST TRY to discover where it might be coming from, I want you all to know how much I appreciate what you are going through right now.
    I know how thankless the task at hand is, especially when when it has such a global effect across the system.

    Hang in there!
    And thanks in advance for when you figure it out, and plug the hole...

    Ba-a-a-a-a !!!
    Trilo Bate (originally from Lanys T'Vyl server)
    110 Druid - Tunare server
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  11. Kellseer New Member

    DBG probably did a Windows 10 update.
  12. Tierwyn Lorekeeper

    yes i'm sure they have all hands on deck, all devs giving 110% into fixing this issue. very believable.
  13. Hels New Member

    Not sure why this couldn't have waited until Wednesday, the usual "servers are down all day" day that we specifically schedule no raids for in expectation of losing 1 day a month.
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  14. Poldera New Member

    OK so they broke it again it happens just would like an eta of some sort. Guess I will binge watch something.
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  15. Wepps Journeyman

    I would, but my firestick isn't working since the last update.
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  16. roganemor New Member

    They probably upgraded to the new Windows 10 patch and it deleted all the local files ;)
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  17. Magar Traquer New Member

    I was able to login a few moments ago on Vox. I am pretty much alone it seems.
  18. Metanis Bad Company

    SOE dumped their PC gaming group to a hedge fund. You got it right though,Daybroke! :)
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  19. Zepplinn Elder

    I have been trying for a couple hours now, all im getting is a timeout error each time I try to log in. I did a complete file scan and nothing new was downloaded. Is there a work around cause I do see people streaming EQ
  20. Hludwolf Developer

    Again there was no patch. We are investigating the network issue.
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