Unable to get to server select with 1 account but not the other

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by speeech, May 27, 2020.

  1. speeech New Member

    i can get to the server select with one of my accounts but when i try and log in with my other it says There was an error completing your request . did you ban peoples accounts ? for no reason did the fiasco cause this ?
  2. error Journeyman

    Getting the same problem, trying to log in through the website gives an "invalid credentials" error for my main account but not my alt account. My main account was the only one with a character on Aradune, wondering if it's related.
  3. speeech New Member

    hmm dunno i dont have a character on aradune yet on either account
  4. Nennius Augur

  5. Javert New Member

    I am also unable to log in with one of my accounts. I have 6 accounts total, but my primary account gives the error "Invalid Credentials" when attempting to log into any browser DBG sites. The EQ1 launcher tells me there's an error in completing request. I have even successfully reset the password, but am still unable to actually log in with that account for anything to do with DBG.
  6. Javert New Member

    I was in character creation on Rizlona when the servers came down. Never actually made it into world.
  7. speeech New Member

    Yes i am experianceing the same when logging onto the webpage with my one account saying invalid credentials when i was logged in before this fiasco
  8. Senadin Elder

    Same, i also was able to login to Aradune, create a character then i got kicked as i was in process to login. Now when i try to login it says invalid credentials, i changed my PW and same thing.
  9. Wags New Member

    Also having the same issue, don’t try to reset password as I think it only creates and additional problem. Not trusting the servers anymore until this whole issues gets fixed.
  10. bummer New Member

    Same issue. I have one account that allows for log into both the website and launcher(all the way to server list), The other returns "invalid credentials". Credentials were not changed. I assume it is some kind of cache issue.
  11. Ishbu2 New Member

    Yeah I would not try and reset your password.

    I have this same error and did try and reset the password, which wont even try and email me, says I must contact customer support so I guess DBG has just gone ahead and deleted my account, which is paid for all access until their "support" bothers to get back to me
  12. Atern12 New Member

    Same issue for me on my other account. It's like the account is locked or something.
  13. Ishbu2 New Member

    They claim to be running final tests on all the servers as they think things are fixed yet no word of any kind about deleting peoples entire accounts
  14. bummer New Member

    May need to run a second account or wait until they fix this issue.
  15. maxwell Lorekeeper

    You all know that all SERVERS are lock so you will not log in there is a big red note at top of forum page.
  16. Atern12 New Member

    yes but we should be able to get past the launcher into the server select screen, which we can't. also, we are not able to login to the website.
  17. Ishbu2 New Member

    You do know we arent talking about logging into a server but a different issue that just came up today where our accounts are no longer found as if they do not exist and we cant even log in here on the message boards and are all using alternate accounts?

    If you dont have anything constructive to add, dont come in to try and distract for real issues affecting paying customers.
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  18. Kyleigh Journeyman

    Same issue here (invalid credentials then account no longer found) when trying to log into the website. I submitted a CS ticket.
  19. Ishbu2 New Member

    Now servers are up for people and still nothing being done about this
  20. Javert New Member

    My main account is also unable to log in to game launchers or websites.

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