Unable to download SocketError:Host Not Found

Discussion in 'Connection Support (Launchpad, Network, Router)' started by ARCHIVED-Dakarn91, Feb 25, 2012.

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    On the firewall, was it windows firewall or was there one included with the network card? A few does come with their own build in firewall.
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    Never mind Both windows and my preferred firewall were turned off and it still didnt work :(
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    Control Panel, Internet Options. Delete cookies, temp files/etc.
    In the Security Tab, set everything to default.
    You can also check is that no proxy is set for your PC. Click Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN Settings > Uncheck anything under Proxy Server. Restart the LaunchPad and try it again.
    The LaunchPad has an embedded web control - it is NOT Internet Explorer, but it is the standard Windows control provided by Microsoft. It looks, acts, smells, tastes like IE. It respects the standard Windows Internet Settings control panel. If you are having difficulty, make sure that you take a look at this. Even though you may not use IE as your default browser (which is perfectly okay), these settings are what LaunchPad uses. You can access them via the Control Panel <-> Internet Options.


    Make sure that you don't have any network proxies that you aren't sure about.

    Also, check your Security Settings:


    Router/modem. Unplug for a few minutes then plug back in.
    Does your computer hook up directly to a modem to the net, or do you use a router also?
    Name, brand and model of router and modem.
    Below is the IP address listed in the error message you posted.
    IP address information:

    WHOIS Source: ARIN
    IP Address:
    Country: USA - New Jersey
    Network Name: ATT
    Owner Name: AT&T Services, Inc.
    From IP:
    To IP:
    Allocated: Yes
    Contact Name: AT&T Services, Inc.
    Address: 200 S. Laurel AVE., MIDDLETOWN
    Email: swipid@icorefep2.noc.att.com
    Abuse Email: abuse@att.net
    Phone: +1-919-319-8130

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