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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Atticuz1821, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Atticuz1821 New Member

    Hey Guys, I've been trying to up date my credit card and buy a membership but everytime i enter my details i get
    We have encountered a system error while processing your request.
    Please try again later.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    If you continue to encounter this error, please contact Customer Service at https://help.daybreakgames.com
    've called my bank and they say everything is ok on their end.
    What am i doing wrong?
  2. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Your not the problem. Maybe. :) The account management is not working right lately. Lot of people having issues.
    Just in case though, try these:
    Do not be logged into the game while doing any of this.
    Make sure the address on the EQ account matches the address on the credit card. (this is the most popular reason credit cards don't work)
    Use a different browser to go to EQ main site then into account management.
    There is a bug where you can attempt to buy Daybreak Cash or Krono or subscription and it will give you an error on the last page but the transaction actually went thru. So after you get that error close out and log back in or even log into the game to make sure it doesn't show the membership and/or check your email to see if they sent you a conformation.

    If all these fail you could try again later or file a petition.
  3. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Could you resolve the problem? I have the same issues and the support is really crap. I assume they have nothing to do with DGB and are only for account management in europe. Only standard phrases, no real help - they even don't read properly the replies....
  4. Jondalar Augur

    Do you live in the mainland US? I had issues when having a billing address int he USVI. Then I had the same issue when i moved and changed it.
  5. NeverPayForLag Augur

    I live in Germany. That means that SARLS as debt collection office seems to be responsible for the money transfer. I always talk to somebody who writes as DGB official but meanwhile I doubt that. US should have less problems except all the payment of DGB is handled via a debt collection office too which would explain the weak connection to EQ itself. It seems that every bit has to get communicated and that slows everything down. And it seems that the guys there are not familiar with EQ itself and the shortcomings of the website and the billing system. That would not justify the incompetency in EQ or in the banking sector or the poor communication or the lack of fast help and real knowledge. It seems that the clerks there are not really experienced in international accounts or proper logic simple communication to find the problem. It feels like text blocks readymade and suited for the problem - like in the most telecommunication areas.

    A game which is used worldwide should have a better payment system or options.

    - payment only once a month without subscription (avoids canceling the accounts regularly when taking a break)
    - payment via paypal
    - payment via paysafe, bitcoin, alternative companies for Paypal
    - proper support if something goes wrong

    We are living in a world, where this should not be a problem anymore. Any company which is not caring about the uttermost important thing in their company has a really weak spot. Everybody who really wants to have a minimum success in earning money handles that part with appropriate care.

    The most extreme money makers in that area I have seen are guys like Share-Biz and there stuff. Kim.Dotcom and people like them are not making extreme money because they lack in that area. Some companies should steal these ideas - that would bring less hazzle and more options if something goes wrong...
  6. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    This is a long long road with many a winding turn but may work:

    First you buy some DBCash thru Paypal:
    If your country is supported by our PayPal payment system, then you can purchase Daybreak Cash through your PayPal account at checkout. Simply select the option and follow the instructions on the screen. Check out this article for assistance with PayPal purchases. CANNOT BUY SUBSCRIPTIONS WITH IT so then you:

    Second you then buy a krono or two from the marketplace with the previous purchased daybreak cash

    Krono is an in game token in Everquest and Everquest 2 which will add 30 days of membership as well as all of the membership benefits.

    Then use the krono for your subscription.
  7. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Hey, that sounds like a viable option without having a subscription.Nice idea, thanks.
    I will use that if the urge to get Gold is high again. Normally it is only a short phase of "hey, now you could need that extra boost and the trader"-mood.
    At moment I will stay on F2P for a while. DGB missed the moment of weakness in me ;). That is the way to loose money if the account management is poor crap... :p

    Thanks for that solution!
  8. hellohello123 Lorekeeper

    If you buy something for a few accounts your bank can lock your account because it sees multiple items the same and thinks it might be a fraud. I had it happen when I tried to buy 6 expansions. Maybe that is it. It was the same error anyway.
  9. NeverPayForLag Augur

    If my bank locks my account without informing me then they will have bigger problems. I had a discussion with them because of such a behavior once without informing me about that. That is not allowed and there is a precedent case in Germany. 500.000 Euro penalty if they try that again. I doubt that they want to loose money again. If they do such things they have to inform the customer asap.They granted me that. I would love to sue them - I am not a fan of banks and their fraudulent behavior.

    I didn't tried to buy many accounts at once - I only wanted to reactivate one account. But this points a finger into a nice direction. There is a protection system at the debt collection office who is responsible for the money transfer from the customers bank to the account of DGB. If something happens there that could lock the account. But I tested with 3 different bank accounts. Nothing worked. And because more have that problem I assume that it is simply bugged.

    At moment the ticket is still open and no reply from the support since Saturday. I am still waiting for a solution from them since nearly a week. I tried to buy a Krono with the Paypal trick and that works despite it needs 24+ hours to reach the account and is more expensive. It is not exactly what Catspaw described, SC does not work via Paypal (for me here) but buying Krono directly works (thanks to Catspaw for the idea to research that).

    Buying something at the moment of mood/urge in the game like I did years ago is not possible at DGB anymore. Either the banking account bugs out or it needs endless time. :confused:

    I still wonder why the support only has somebody like Natalia F. for customer support. Are they afraid if they use their full name (like I am used in professional areas) that the customers would go after them if their support is bad? Or if they are less responsible for their actions? It has a slight criminal taste with a splash of bad website and a tad "buy the best of the world"-fraut-page. ;)

    I should also buy my stuff only with my first name... :p
    But perhaps that is US communication behavior - I am not used to that...
  10. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Perhaps an addon:
    If you want to pay more than one account and want to avoid the problem with paying more things over one account and you don't care about the money then buying Krono in a bundle is a viable option and seems to be less hazzle. Paypal in that combo seems much more capable in money transfers then SARLS. Subscriptions seem to be always a problem if they are changed, redone, stopped etc. - that brought so far the last 20 years the most trouble...

    Besides you don't have the problem something collides because SARLS needs 2-3 weeks handling a money transfer and charging your bank account. Bad and slow account management!

    And best advantage: no account data is stored at DGB and if their server is hacked again (like years ago) I can stay relaxed.
  11. Pharty New Member

    This seems to be an ongoing issue? I want to add my bank account but I can´t always get the message something gone wrong try again later, since day´s. So what can I do now?
  12. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Did you try any of the options in the above posts? Like use a different browser. IE Microsoft as opposed to Firefox or even Opera? Exit the game and then sign into the website?

    Do the address match? Especially zip code.

    Use the krono route?

    Did you file a petition?
  13. Pharty New Member

    yes different browser, I even logged out my offline trader, address match is fine, the main reason is I want use my bank account as my credit card is running out soon.
    contacted support already, answer was easy and simple, there is no way to add your bank account as the "Lastschrift" is not available anymore.
    Odd thing is today the format for adding bank account looks totally different, but it worked now to add my bank account on normal way even with my trader in offline mode. So it seems issue solved even if the support says different ...
  14. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Ahhh if your in Germany strange things happen with EQ and payment - glad it fixed. I would put money on a server burp since it shows correctly now and you were able to add it.
  15. Pynewolfe New Member

    If you use Steam, or even if you don't, get it. Install your game through Steam, log in with your account name as usual, get set up then transfer funds to your Steam wallet and buy membership that way. This method does work, I just did it after having the same trouble with the DB site. Have fun! Pyne
  16. GNOME_POWER Augur

    Since there are many errors in account management, I registered a credit card with PayPal and bought Krono and DB Cash.

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