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  1. Finchy Augur

    TL members now read as "unspecified guild" ??... what's up with that? just a glitch?
  2. Diemond Augur

    I asked earlier, post got deleted with no violation warning but was told it was a bug
  3. Kellaer Augur

    Who cares.
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  4. Porygon Augur


    Ps. Long live Deodan.
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  5. Freki Augur

    this is a feature that you can choose apparently in the guild prefs. from my understanding it prevents the guild tag from being broadcast. but also my understanding is /guildstatus will still show guild and rank with this feature.
  6. Banuvan Augur

    Think the biggest thing is you can't /who all the guild anymore. It's an interesting way to use the guild options. Why they would want to hide their guild tag I dunno. None of my business really. It could have been just an error as well.
  7. Feradach Augur

    Yeah. Just sounds to me like someone was messing around with guild permissions and got something jacked up. Not exactly a newsworthy story.
  8. Numiko Augur

    probably trying to cut down on the "omg a TL raid streamrolled me!" threads when it was just one member and his guilded alts.

    That's one of the reasons we used to never guild alts, so the main guild would not get tangled up in one persons drama
  9. Banuvan Augur

    I haven't really had any issues with TL streamrolling on raids honestly. I've seen some interesting tactics used by them though. Warping Vox to the zone in was a new one on me. Nothing against the rules because she isn't leashed. Just abusing the current mechanics in game but nothing against the rules.
  10. Finchy Augur

    /guildstatus still displays "unspecified guild". There is absolutely no way to know what guild they belong to.

    a news story? Or just something i've never seen in 16 years of playing, so was curious what was up...? Oh this thread isn't about charm stealing or KSing, so i guess it doesn't qualify as a thread, eh?
  11. RandomStrategy Augur

    So....what you're saying is....

    I should create my own guild, set it to Unspecified Guild on myself....then join TL on a raid, duping them into letting me join the raid and roll on all loot.....

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  12. Banuvan Augur

    Just the picture alone was worth a chuckle.
  13. Silentchaos Augur

    Total Dima move imo.
  14. Porygon Augur

    If by this, you mean, greatest move in the history of raiding!
  15. -wycca Augur

    If you've done Vox enough, you'd realize that she has some serious path-back issues, such that she can warp behind your raid pretty easily when pathing back from wiping out another guild. Setup in King room, another guild drags her out of lair somewhere between king room and her lair, they wipe, she has no agro, starts to path back...she often falls into bear pits, then warps behind king room (which then lands on a raid that's there). After being trained at Vox (purposefully or via the pathback), we had to adjust, so we sometimes do pull her to zone-in (and sometimes she paths there to get at someone on her agro list that isn't even at zone-in, its really odd).

    Oh also, she does mini-warps around the zone because she can't fit through tunnels - she tries to path, can't fit, then the ai pathing code does a little warp. We don't exactly "warp" her to zone in from her lair. Bind sight on her sometime to see what she's actually doing. She's actually pathing there, it's just screwy because it involves tunnels much smaller than she can fit through. She'll appear along the way in the small tunnels and such every few feet. Not sure how we're "abusing the current mechanics" when there's no exploitative benefit gained. She doesn't magically become weaker when pathing to the zone in or such.

    You do realize that you don't HAVE to fight raid mobs where they spawn right? Positioning, for walls, to avoid adds, to protect against trains, etc - has been important in EQ since day 1. That's not abuse - that's smart play.
  16. Miseryhatescompany Journeyman

    Pulling her to the zone line is a zone disruption. She likes to attack just about everyone on the way to the zone through her warps. Just because you want to fight Vox, doesn't mean every one else in the zone should have to leave or face exp loss in order for you to do it.
  17. Nickatropolis Augur

    Haha, yes large mobs in permafrost definitely will warp through the little caves. Had some ice giants on me in perma the other day, I booked it to the zone entrance, and I figured, hey those little crevices are far too small for the ice giants to get through, ill be safe at ZL.... suddenly 2 ice giants warped right to me at zone line. Had to zone out.
  18. Banuvan Augur

    Oh i'm not saying it was bad or anything. I haven't killed vox in probably 10 years so had never seen that tactic used. It would have been more interesting to see vox and naggy leashed when they increased the difficulty. Mechanics are mechanics. I saw the obvious plus to pulling her to zone like that just from the raid setup. No, you don't have to fight mobs in the room they spawn but trying to say that vox was meant to be pulled to the zone to be fought is stretching it a bit. It's a smart thing to do I agree. I would pose the question of wether or not that was the intent of the fight to be fought like that or if vox was meant to be fought in the room. I'm looking at the theoretical side of the fight. There is a gain to fighting her that way and you described the gain yourself with your post.
  19. Reece Lorekeeper

    Fairly certain a lot of raid mobs are killed in ways they weren't originally intended to be killed.
  20. RainbowTest Augur

    It could very well be a bug but for the record you can make a rank for guildmembers that are not given the right to wear the guild tag. The will show up as unspecified guild and the feature is meant as part of a trial position for a guild.
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