UI scaling issues preventing play

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    I'll talk about the issues I'm having that's keeping me and my husband from jumping into the game, we wanted to jump into the TLPs and play EQ for the first time, but we ran into this issue:

    His computer is using a 4k TV as a screen while he relaxes in bed to play. Works well for most games, but older games (MMOs like EQ, LotRO, ToS, etc) have an issue where the UI becomes too small due to the resolution the computer is set at. Some games like Dofus and Wurm Online have proper UI scaling to allow for customizing the UI to look fine.

    I'll share what we have tried to make work with this problem and why they are not ideal solutions, even if they do make the game legible :

    • Setting the computer's resolution to 1080: The problem with a 1080 resolution on a 4K TV is that it can look blurry and undesirable, and having to switch the computers resolution each time you want to play EQ is not ideal.

    • Setting the resolution in-game to 1080 fullscreen: If you want to alt-tab, you're stuck with a 5 second load screen before finally having the game minimized, a problem not present the game is running at a resolution that matches the PC's resolution.

    • Setting the resolution in-game to 1080 windowed: Seeing the window bar at the top and the windows task bar at the bottom is not ideal. While we can hide the task bar, it's still an extra hoop to jump through. I've been told of programs using for boxing that can make it seems to be fullscreen despite it being windowed, but that wouldn't be allowed on truebox servers such as those on TLPs, and again, an unnecessary hoop to jump through.

    While I am personally keen on troubleshooting and issue and fixing things up just right to suit me, my husband as well as many players I know will drop a game if it doesn't work right out of the box, or if there isn't a simple one time fix.

    I've heard of texture packs that may work on different versions of EQ that give the ability for UI to be scalable, but I'm not away of anything like that for official clients. My husband considered playing the other versions of EQ solely because a fix like that might exist.

    I've also heard of a program called Lossless Scaling, but my husband has tried it with games in the past that had the same issue with no luck, though it has not been tested with EQ yet, as he had returned it.

    I am open to hearing feedback and suggestions to fix this issue, as well as hoping it gives some data to the EQ team about what might be keeping more players from jumping into the game. Thanks for reading.
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    Yea i thought going from 1080 18inch laptop screen to a 4k 32 inch wide would be great but its terribel everything is so small just a day ago i sold something for 100k when it should of been 1m because everything is so small. Sometimes i think i should hook up my 43 inch full hd tv. Just wish they fix it so everything is so small so annoying.
  3. FYAD Augur

    This is a common problem that gets posted all the time here. I've seen several reports of success using Windows scaling feature, so try searching for other threads and see what worked for them.