Ui issue after patch (screen tearing/mini lag blips)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Shalka, May 17, 2023.

  1. Shalka Lorekeeper

    So i have this crazy issue and no idea how to fix, But want to see if anyone else is experiencing this after todays patch. Whenever i hold right click or left click to move my camera around, it gets this crazy Stutter/ Screentear / Lag blips, It's Crazy Choppy. I tryed using the Advanced tool, Updating all my drivers, Ive even Reinstalled eq1.. I also loged into another game to see if it was on my end (the other game ran 100% fine no lag/screentearing/Choppy). I sent a bug report in but its so choppy that its making me motion sick. IF anyone else is having the issue or any solutions that anyone knows please let me know. Game is unplayable for me atm.
  2. Cactusrustler80 New Member

    I have the same experience and it's making me bonkers. I haven't been able to play because it's so distracting. Glad someone else has the same issue, hopefully a solution can be found.
  3. Angahran Augur

    Is your client freezing briefly (like a second or so) simply from moving the cursor around the screen ?
    I know the client freezes if you move the mouse to a different window, but this is just withing the EQ window.
  4. Cactusrustler80 New Member

    No, there's no freezing of any kind. There is just a stuttering motion when using the camera to look about. Moving around with W,A,S,D is fine and smooth, but since the patch, holding the right mouse button and scrolling around is sluggish and jerky now after last week's patch.

    Edit: Okay, not sure why but when I launch the game through Steam there are no issues, no clunky camera movement. So if anyone still has this issue try launching through Steam.