Fixed UI Flickering Issue: Digging Deeper and possible Fix

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Drakah, May 21, 2023.

  1. Drakah UI Designer

    I have been digging deeper with the Flickering of graphics in EQ. The Default UI has no issue that I can tell but the Custom UI(s) do. The one I use is my own called "Krome" found at that also uses a "Big Bank Window" that shows all bags.
    I use the exact same Custom UI with other toon's and they have no flickering, so there has to be something character related with item management.

    Testing on Drakah:
    - I had created a "Big Bank Inventory" that shows all the bags open, that is now becoming buggy with the latest patch with flickering. Reverting back to a "Default" Bank skin removed the flickering issue, so the game does not like using the Custom code for each bag slot being open now? Even without any bags in the inventory, still had flickering with the Big Bank Inventory installed. This is the same thing that has happened with the game still seeing the green colors of the power-sources in your bank... but wait! There's more :)
    - Bags-inside-of-bags and some specific items inside of bags seems to be creating flickering on custom UI's as well.
    -- Items that created/removed flickering once placed In/Out of a bag:
    --- Spirit of the Lost
    --- Valia's Unyielding Bravery
    --- More than 1 stack of Philter of Major Translocation
    - When opening up ALL bags in your inventory, the last XX amount of bag slots are missing when using the "Big Bank Inventory" custom UI window. (I thought the Developer's addressed this issue prior but this still persists)
    - All stacks of items has flickering on mouse-over regardless.
    - All items that has a percent # has flickering on mouse-over regardless.
    - If a Bag has ANY items in it with a stack, mousing over the bag will cause the mouse-over name to flicker.
    - Testing without any bags in the inventory, still had flickering. This is telling me it is seeing the Big Bank Window custom UI window too.

    So far, thinking the game doesn't like the "Big Bank Window" custom XML anymore having all of the bag slots visible. But is where it then gets odd. My Alts using the exact same UI had no flickering.

    Testing on an Alt that had no flickering (with the Big Bank Inventory installed):
    Shared bank had empty bags for use for alts. Those alts had no issues with flickering with those being in the shared bank.
    Alts had empty bags in their bank for use as well without flickering.
    Alts had no bags inside of bags in inventory.

    So, for me, removing the "Big Bank Window" skin I made fixed my main toon, but the big question is... why was all my other alt character's not affected by the exact same flickering bug with the exact same UI? ODD!
  2. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    Yeah my UI for Vert same way. UI is totally fine on other characters but on my main, hotkeys flash, buff timers flash, item stacks flash.

    But then again this character has power sources, lots of item stacks, big real estate items.
  3. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    I could not get flickering to stop even removing big bank window.
  4. Drakah UI Designer

    I still think it is item related
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  5. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    Not entirely sure I like that this has dropped to page four, when it affects so many people and forgotten about.

    Am I waiting months for the full UI to be released or do I have to be punished for your bad decisions until then?
  6. Drakang Augur

    I use the same UI as Drakah. Removing the big bank window and going back to the old one. I do not have the flickering at all now. The items Spirit of the Lost and Valia's Unyielding Bravery do not cause any flickering with them in my bags. Devs it would help to know what might get set on the first character logged in after the patch that affects no other accounts or characters on the same account.
  7. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    I think it is not necessarily the first character logged on that got the bug. It just got logged on because it is your main so of course it got logged on first.

    Your mains have more stuff in bank, more stacks of items, more inventory, bigger bags. Etc. So it is just too much stuff to check for whatever nonsense they have done to the code.

    It is not a custom UI specific problem eithier as it works on every character except my main one. It also not a specific UI. Eg it messes with Drakah and Vert.

    I like how this was meant to improve UI creation and support but it is the worst thing they have done in 20 years. Now we have multiple UI folders and resource folders and the entire system gets changed.

    Lets change Microsoft Windows to look like Unix user interface while we are at it since we are spicing things up.

    Let's change EQ user interface to look like Diablo 4. I hear its nice graphics.
  8. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    Also it's like oh. We fixed the default UI flicker when bags were opened problem everything is good to go. No. Not really. Our bug report gets no, confirmed (even though a video) was posted, multiple people saying something, etc. We get no blue status on it. Just forgotten about.

    It is pretty bad we do more testing and trouble shooting on this than the actual company. I thought my game development days were over.
  9. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Here is a twist. For a long time, like years, I will sometimes get the entire screen flickering when I zone into POK from the Guild Lobby. Not every time. And it can also happen in other zones but not as common as the Lobby to POK times.

    This is not the slow to load grey rendition but a full screen flicker.

    I get rid of it by doing the ctlr alt del and when task manager comes up it clears it right away and the flicker stops. I am still able to clear the flicker after the patch by doing that
  10. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    Are we getting a Dev response on this or it tagged light blue confirmed or we just hoping next patch to fix other issues fixes us?

    Putting in a new bug thread?

    Waiting until UI gets fully finished in October?

    Get epilepsy?

    Surely you don't mean I have to play flickerquest

  11. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    Front paging this again. Still no Dev response or CONFIRMED light blue status.
  12. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper


    Starting to empty out my bank from tradeskilling. I have noticed some things. It is not an item thing it looks like capacity or trying to display too much stuff in bank bags.

    I have given another character the bug now. From filling it up. Even though you can still see the pulses happening when you cursor over something, it will only start flashing their stuff when you open say, the 7th bag and have bank open. Soon as you close the 7th bag or bank it will stop. So NEW character has it now full.

    That being said, on my main, the one that always flashed. I got 170 items off my bank. And the flashing has stopped on the UI keys and the Buffs with timers. And only SOME items will flash not all anymore.

    Or say I have one tab open on my bank items will not flash, but if I go to a more populated tab it will flash some items.

    So as I remove items the flashing is improving greatly. So I am probably less than 100 items away from making all my flashing go away.
  13. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    Yep moved the rest of my items out of shared storage and a few more out of my bank, and now my main no longer flashes. It is just too much trying to display all those items and inventory at once.
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  14. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    I think all of these issues player are having really boil down to display issues - so they might want to look at that.....if they can see it:D

    White inventory screen
    Some bags faded out while others are fine
    Quantity window faded
    Heating (not cpu related)
    Overloading bags
  15. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    Also the continous pulsing when you hover over something has disappeared also. My character is now totally free of flashing after moving off 450 items.

    So I am totally fine with that until they somehow fix this resource or memory issue with the bank. Spring cleaning my bank / emptying out my dragons horde and emptying out my tradeskill depot really made the difference.

    But in reality only the emptying of the bank really started clearning it up.
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  16. Angahran Augur

    Honestly, this entire 'new ui' mess needs to be pulled from live servers and back to the drawing board until the devs can actually make something that works. Keep it on Test so people can work with it but maybe actually read all the bug reports from Test ?

    The 'converter' is completely pointless at this time since it is incapable of actually 'converting' anything!
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  17. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    I can guarantee there would be far less complaints and petitions if they were to revert back and just use it on test like you suggest.

    We, the players would welcome it removed for now. Not sure what all the pressure to release this is about. I mean, yes we players want it but not at the cost of ruining most of the game
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  18. Drakang Augur

    Using Drakahs UI after the patch today I was able to swap back to the big bank window without any flickering.