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  1. Tendain Apprentice

    Still cannot open the spellbook over the inventory window, cannot open bags over the inventory window, INFACT you cant open ANYTHING over the inventory tab OR THE WINDOW SELECTOR not a bag not anything.........
    Alt. currency tab font is still messed up, shroud tab font is still messed up, font in item selector is still messed up.


    why on earth are you guys trying to fix things that have nothing to do with ingame chat lag, ingame chat lag is the ONLY thing you should have worked on this last patch instead of with the UI that wasent broken.
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  2. Emilari UI Designer

    As Accendo posted in this thread, this isn't a bug it's a technical limitation they have no intention of fixing: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/new-ui-engine-launched-on-test.289577/

    All ported windows will always display over non-ported windows, and the solution is to finish the port.

    Is the font on the new engine exactly the same as the font on the old engine? No. Is the font pushed in the hotfix yesterday actually legible? Yes.

    This is not a new bug. I've been experiencing this bug for the past four years, and it could have existed even longer. However, it would be nice for them to find and fix it because it is annoying.

    People have been asking for a new UI for over a decade as the old one is a barrier to entry for new players, and doesn't work well on high resolution 4k and 8k monitors. They first teased this coming in the 2022 roadmap. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that actually reads the news they post in the "News and Announcements" forum - which is also conveniently displayed on the right side of the patcher as you log in.
  3. Jumangia New Member

    So what you are saying is they need new Programmers??? Some folks still can't log into the subscriptions they pay for with this last patch. I am guessing here but I believe this was told to them on Test that it was very flawed yet they pressed the full send button. They need to fire the person who pressed the full send and do a rollback to before the patch.
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  4. Emilari UI Designer

    They are hiring, feel free to apply if you meet their criteria.

    I was one of the people on Test helping find and point out the bugs. I know it's not as smooth as I would have liked for it to go live, and I'm sure the programmers feel the same way. However, I also know the programming team doesn't run the company and some corporate suit probably forced it to go live. I'm pleasantly shocked that they managed to delay it a month. They don't usually delay test patches going live; it's the first time I've ever seen it.

    However, they have fixed many of what I'd consider the most critical bugs this week (on the default; those still experiencing issues with their custom UI's shouldn't be expecting fixes if the bug is specifically with their custom UI - that fix comes from the UI author, not the DPG programming team), with the biggest one left being the "White Windows" bug preventing people from enjoying the game.

    Hopefully they get the White Windows thing fixed ASAP then focus on the other remaining bugs.
  5. Tendain Apprentice

    what a copout, so they mess it up then refuse to fix it because the release something that shouldnt have been released yet, and are fixing stuff that 100% is not needed to be fixed? i see very logical.
  6. scaethach Scholar

    Sort of. It's still super blurry, it just has spacing. Still a headache trigger :(
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  7. Beltirabelkira Elder

    Okay, as far as the inventory window being on top of things goes, its basically that they have the new code on top of the old code. Until they get everything converted to the new code, the parts that are new will always be over the parts that are old. When they add in the next chunk of items, we'll have a whole new group of windows that stand on top of the other stuff, but work normally with the current chunk of stuff. Is it annoying? Yes. But the alternative would be for them to put in LITERALLY everything at once and HOPE nothing they couldn't get fixed breaks.

    That being said, they are doing the conversion in a more intelligent, more efficient way. If they go, we tested everything we can think of, here's the whole huge update, then it goes live and there's 500 bugs of things they didn't think of. Then they have to revert everything and go through the entirety of it to figure out what caused the bug.

    By doing it piece by piece, they go "this broke" okay, that's a smaller area to look for the problem. Fix said problem and move on. Then they put in the next chunk. Figure out if anything they couldn't think of breaks, fix it, and move on. With how big a UI change this is, they pretty much have to do it this way, or never get it done.

    As far as the font issue, this is likely something of a design choice. Hopefully that will be something that can be adjusted on a per user basis, once they have the UI fully converted.

    When it comes to the chat lag, should they be fixing that? Absolutely. Are they? I'm sure someone is on the case to fix that.

    If you have a restaurant kitchen full of cooks, and there's an issue with some sauce, you don't call over everyone in the kitchen to solve the problem. Regardless of whether or not every person in there is capable of fixing the sauce or not. Since some of them likely wouldn't have the first clue about the sauce, and would likely cause more issues trying to help fix it. So you go, hey phil, you're on sauce duty! Then phil does what he can about the sauce.

    Same thing applies here. you have 40 people, all working at their own desks to do coding work. You don't tell all 40 people "hey fix this" because then you have 40 people all messing around in the same files trying to figure out and fix a problem with it.
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  8. Jumangia New Member

    Still getting the "eqgame.exe has stopped working" error. I guess they are to busy to post why this is happening. I was actually online the night before the patch but now nothing. Still twiddling thumbs.
  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I think we all understand that, but what was the point in putting it on test when they still pushed it live without fixing stuff?

    The way they are going about it more and more players are going to be adding more and more windows to their Custom UI so they can see the windows they need to instead of being hidden behind other stuff.

    I still say they should have finished the UI on test before sending it live. Half the people I've spoken to won't be testing anymore due to the lack of responses from Dark Paw on the boards.

    As the new windows roll out I will be making sure I've copied the old ones into my custom UI folder so I don't have to deal with the problems we have had over the last few days in future updates. I know I'm not the only one.