Ugliest Troll Title?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rotlust, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Rotlust Augur

    I saw someone hanging around as "the Ugliest Troll" title in Bazaar today. I sent him a tell to ask him where he got it but he was, naturally, afk.

    Could anyone shed some light on how to obtain this title? I looked through all of the purchasable ones with no luck. Google searches yielded no result, and I saw said person on a TLP server (selo) so I am asking here.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  2. Protagonist Augur

    Probably a guide.
  3. Trox2010 Augur

    Please tell me they had it on either a female DE or Erudite.....
  4. DryalRmog Elder

    I am thinking a guide , or GM gave them the unique name

    Open night of Selos I saw a GM pop into Nek forest, I asked them for some cookies (GM and guides hand out milk and cookies lots of asked)

    When she gave them to me I ate them and said COOoOoKIiieEes NUMBuMNUm.

    She gave me the title, “the cookie monster”
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  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    That's cool. :)
  6. Rotlust Augur

    I hope you are right, and that's how he got it. Cool things like that are what made EQ so special, even if I'm sad I'll probably never get it.
  7. CatsPaws SMH

    Wow TLP sure get favored attention.

    Did the Gift of Laughter last year (on live server) and character got everything (the painting and the /ach) but did not get the suffix of "the insane" - filed a petition and was told nothing could be done and to file bug report so I did that and it has not even been looked at.

    This is a one time quest only available on April 1 and not repeatable.

    Yeah it's not a big deal but just like these suffix's it is cool and apparently if guides can assign suffix's then I wonder why my character could not be assigned "the insane"?

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