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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Apex, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Apex Elder

    [Sat Jun 28 06:54:21 2014] <SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE>:The barrier to Underfoot begins to shimmer. The Priests of Discord have news for you.

    [Sat Jun 28 07:24:46 2014] Priest of Discord says 'You are not experienced enough to vote, or no poll is active.'

    Was the barrier message premature?
  2. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

  3. Hamshire Augur

    Same rofl

    Normally id be sleeping for another 5hours but the fact that the vote is broke spread through my guild like wildfire.
  4. Zahrym Augur

    Who wants to hear a great joke?
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  5. Nolrog Augur

  6. Hamshire Augur

    Yea but the best guild Echoes of Elysium is ready to stomp underfoot so lets get er done.

    Citizen is going to no-vote the Underfoot poll if it opens right now so they can get more time to farm, hilarious isn't it?
  7. Zahrym Augur

    I was just gonna say novaburst
  8. Hamshire Augur

    Citizen wanting to no-vote the poll is so much better though, its as if we've already won.
  9. Machen New Member

    We are at 60 days since the expansion was inadvertently "defeated" by the patch. But we are in the back week of the two week voting period, so the timer rolls over to the start of the next period, which begins Monday.
  10. ThymeRhyn New Member

    why would a theoretical end game guild vote down an expansion, is it not possible to progress past SoD?
  11. Machen New Member

    The only reason I've heard for voting no from anyone in Citizen is because the vote is illegitimate and shouldn't be happening for another two weeks. I think most of us will end up voting yes anyway as we're sick of clearing tower twice every 5 days. We're certainly not at all concerned about being undergeared for Underfoot.
  12. Mistress Journeyman

    Rumor of the mill was it was brought up that Citizen should no vote the poll to get MORE time to gear up, rumor though and nothing more.

    None the less, keep the thread lit up, we need this fixed stat.
  13. Machen New Member

    It's not gonna get fixed, Roshen already made that crystal clear.
  14. Apex Elder

    You clearly meant to ask Who wants to hear the best joke? If you don't get the joke it is because you aren't cool tbh
  15. MabbuFippy Journeyman

    Kildrukaun's Prophecy is where its at guys, google it!

    I can't believe you guys are all still playing on Fippy, let alone fighting about who's the best... Magelo padding junkies!!! =P

    Love you Machan.
  16. DonQuickLowT New Member

    Not sure how a guild clearing korafax and tower normal and hard weekly since the first tower kill is suffering. EoE gets apps from citizen, citizen doesn't get apps from EoE, that should tell you something right there. I guess if killing everything with ease is issues for EoE then i would hate to see what the other guilds are calling their struggles now, the apocalypse maybe?

    EoE isn't making excuses because they don't need them, they log in and get it done. Ever since our first tower clear with 36 people and unlocking the expansion by beating the final end zone we haven't needed to raid non stop to gear up anyone in the guild. People log in on their own kill OMM raids consistently, they do rallos returns on lockout and anyone who shows up to raid has the gear to survive.

    EoE isn't complaining about summer or numbers, we're just killing things like we always have.

    http://www.echoesofelysium.com/ for any of you folks that are sick of being in a guild that can't raid during the summer.
  17. SOE-MOD-02 Augur

    I am going to close this thread as it is no longer constructive.
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