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Discussion in 'Item Discussion' started by Bleve, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Bleve Journeyman

    I noticed the Conflagrant Ingenuity aug (heroic int) has 48 spell spell damage while the heroic str Conflagrant Intensity aug has 53 spell damage. Can we get the spell damage on the int aug raised to match spell damage on the strength aug?

    Also, are there type 7/8 or type 5 augs with both hInt and hAgi?

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  2. fransisco Augur

    Getting the caster stats on augs with caster stats (hagi, htin/wis, ac) would be great.
  3. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The "Mod 3's" are not intended on those at all, and will be removed.
  4. Warpeace Augur

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  5. Bleve Journeyman

    Well, when people in guild told me during raids last night that there had been a reply on the forums to this post and that the mod 3's were being removed I honestly thought they were just messing with me and trying to get me to rant in Vent or something because I've been complaining for years (ever since type 5 aug slots were introduced) that casters got shafted because there is really no type 5 aug slot for us, so I just ignored them.

    Melee dps classes benefit from hDex and hStr type 5 augs. It's not hard to verify this - just take any melee class and remove all their type 5 augs and run a parse, and then add in an extra 600 or so heroic dex or strength and parse again. Tank classes tank better with more heroic agility and stamina. Knights can get benefits from hDex, hSta, hAgi. What does a type 5 aug do for me? Absolutely nothing. This has been my complaint for years. Sure, I can add in more heroic int so I look better on magelo - but what does that really do for me as far as helping me do my job on raids? More mana would only make a difference if I was out of mana before the end of an event. Sure you can say "cast faster" but I'm already casting as fast as I can and not going out of mana. You could argue that if I only go out of mana on raids because I die (true) that I should obviously be stacking more hAgi so that I don't die - but again this isn't helping me with dps which is my job, it only makes me a touch more survivable if for some reason the tanks aren't doing their job. The better answer to that would be for the tanks to agro beter, or for me to learn to manage my agro better. It's been a long time since I died on raids, so apparently either I've learned to manage my agro better or our tanks are all doing their part and keeping the mobs from bashing my face in. It's probably more the tanks doing a great job than anything on my part, but either way that means since I'm not getting hit, having more heroic agility really doesn't help me do my job any better.

    Please reconsider stripping the spell damage off of the type 5 augs, unless you plan to make heroic int boost spell damage, crit rate, or crit damage. You have 20 aug slots that give melee and tanks a tangible benefit to their class role, it would be wonderful if type 5 augs could be just as good for casters.
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  6. fransisco Augur

    What Bleve said.

    Casters need a reason to care about augs.
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  7. kizant Augur

    Also, Bleve is in a high DPS guild with multiple paragons (beastkings? Idk). He wasn't making a request for abilities to use more mana which is a struggle in the more typical case.

    And it would be nice if one of these stats had an extra effect for us. Even lowering resist rates or something simple.
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  8. Bleve Journeyman

    Doh. Good point Kazint. I've been in a great raid guild for so long I actually hadn't thought about the fact that we have multiple Beastlords doing Paragon in sequence. My mana regen on raids is probably not typical - so I see your point. The same would apply to guilds where maybe you don't have knights instantly grabbing agro on all the adds before the over zealous wizards start casting AEs, and then having type 5's with heroic agility would be a greater benefit.

    It all comes down to style of play. As a wizard I feel I should be doing as much dps as possible, so I would at least like the option of having type 5 augs that add spell damage, or as you said other effects beneficial to doing my job in raids. You could even have lore Type-5 caster augs reminiscent of the Type-8 Splinter of Potency with it's 15% evocation mod, but other caster-centric modifiers like a 1% crit rate mod, or 1% crit damage mod... I absolutely love that lower resist rate idea, but not sure how hard any of these ideas are to code in.

    LOL, or you could just save yourself all the work and just leave the spell damage on there ;)
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  9. fransisco Augur

    I think hint should add spell power, hwis heal amount, and then have hchr lower resist rates
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