Type 18 vs Type 19 stacking?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Windance, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Windance Augur

    Has anyone studied the stacking effects of the type 18 and type 19 augs that go into chase loot?

    Specifically things like Whispering Midnight Attacker & Blazing Euphoria Attacker ( +5 vs +7 to accuracy ) +7% or +12% total ?


    Whispering Midnight Soothing & Blazing Euphora Soothing ( +2 vs +3 % healing mod ) = 3% or 5% total ?


    If someone has a full setup of chase gear evolved up to the point where you get 1 type 18 + 2 type 19's what is the best combination for melee DPS, Tank, Healer?
  2. Brohg Augur



    Melee dps is technically debatable, as some will say some amount of survivability is worth sacrificing some amount of dps for. They're wrong. Max hDex:
    Blazing & Whispering Enhancement
    Blazing & Whispering Assaulting (something)
    Blazing & Whispering Attacker
    Secret & Weeping Dire
    Blazing Soothing & (something) Defense - for the 6hDex
    Blazing & Whispering Casting Fire for rangers, Protecting (something) for non-rangers - mostly for the 6/5hDex

    Blazing & Whispering Enhancement
    Blazing & Whispering Casting (something)
    Blazing & Whispering Assaulting (something)
    Secret & Weeping Hikmas, Baraeas, Quas

    Tanks -- there's apparent divide on fashion for tanks, but max tankiness for raiding would be like
    Blazing & Whispering Enhancement
    Secret & Weeping Dires, Baraeas, Quas
    Blazing & Whispering Defender
    Blazing Ventral Defense
    Blazing Soothing
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  3. Nniki Augur

    As Brohg said, the effects don't stack. Do note, however, that If you happen to have both equipped, make sure the 3% mod is in a lower item slot (i.e. item slot ID value is lower) than the 2% mod; otherwise, you'll get 2% instead of 3%. It takes the value of the first one it sees (e.g. put 3% in gloves and 2% in ring to make sure you get 3%).
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  4. Covennx Lorekeeper

    Type 18 and 19 Ventral augs DO NOT stack focuses
    Type 18 and 19 Dorsal augs DO NOT stack focuses
    Type 18 and 19 Soothing augs DO NOT stack focuses
    Type 18 Dorsal and Type 19 Ventral DO stack (and visa versa)
    Type 18 and 19 Defender (soft cap ac) DO stack
    Type 18 and 19 Attacker (accuracy) DO stack
    Type 18 and 19 Casting DO stack
    Type 18 and 19 Assaulting DO stack
    Type 18 and 19 Defending DO stack
    Type 18 and 19 Protecting of same resist DO NOT stack
    Type 18 and 19 Warding of same resist DO NOT stack
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  5. Windance Augur

    Thank you for the answers. If I may be so bold. How do you know which things stack and which do not? Are folks parsing to find out ? or ... ?
  6. Allayna Augur

    Looking at lucy stacking, basically all of this is incorrect. Also, they don't stack with focus in the new augs according to lucy. Are you using another method? Parsing it out perhaps? Well, basically nothing stacks within the same line whether 18, 19 TBL or TOV according to LUCY.
  7. Sancus Augur

    The only thing lucy stacking does is check for other spells with the same spell effect in the same slot. In some cases for buffs, this creates a conflict where you cannot have both effects on you at the same time (only one buff will stick). As these are items, that doesn't happen and lucy's stacking information is inapplicable.

    The only thing that matters here is whether or not the SPAs the individual augs use stack, which needs to be determined via testing.
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  8. Allayna Augur

    Thank you for the reply. Very informative, just trying not to waste precious velium....my precious....
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  9. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    Here I am, necro'ing this thread, but I've been asked a question I can't answer with certainty, so I turn to you. Lucky you!

    Which ones of the ToV augs stack with their TBL counterparts? I would *think* that the stacking is the same - Soothing is no. Proccing is yes. Basically like the above post states, but just expanded to 4 augs rather than just 2. Is this correct, or do some of the TBL "do not stack" thing turn into "stack but only 1 TBL and 1 ToV"?
  10. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    It is indeed the same goes as above. Highest Soothing, Protecting, Warding, Ventral and Dorsal Defense. The rest continues to stack. 4 Attacker or Defenders stack. The procs all work together in harmony from all 4 sets.
  11. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    They stack with the same TBL counterparts that Covennx mentioned. That is, all 4 accuracy augs stack, all 4 proc augs stack, etc. And the respective defensive and soothing augs only take the highest modifier.
  12. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    Y'all are awesome, thanks!
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