TY DB my pet survived a server crash.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tracker, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Tracker New Member

    I left my people up for buff soaking and found my connection broken this morning - server crash. Amazingly my pets were there when I logged back in. Thank you DayBreak for fixing this.
  2. Aurastrider Augur

    I would not get to excited. Last night/early this morning felt like a ddos attack to me but could be wrong. Got booted from the game just as I was zoning. The forums were down also which seemed rather odd to me. Searching online the lizardsquads twitter account said that something would be coming at 12pm. Loss of connection was in the 1am hour pst. So depending on where these guys are operating from it could have been 12pm their time. Not saying it was them or this is what it was but from previous years experience this is the kind of activity I have noticed. Also there were some unusual game lag spikes I was seeing on a couple of my toons (mob is showing dead on my main but still on agro list for one of my box toons and things still in advloot window on one toon after I had cleared it on my main toon).

    Just my guess but you lost connection to the server before the servers actually came down which is why you still have a pet. I don't think they fixed the actual issue you are thanking them for you just were lucky to get out before hand.
  3. Killersong New Member

    Something strange happened this morning. Was about to log out and setup bazaar toons. Suddenly 3 Toon's EverQuest got shut down. One of the toon is now at gloominesdeep in lieu of bazaar with all the goodies weighing tons... Can't move... Need to figure out of there. May have to do petition.

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