Twitch Stream: Weds, Feb 18 @ 2PM PST

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. Zalnima New Member

    Please Please talk about Zek and how people from the raiding guilds would like to see non pvp raid instances! PLEASE!
  2. Cazmac Augur

    There would need to be an appreciable difference between F2P and Gold accounts, if only to keep the revenue stream flowing. Remember that, initially, you could only choose Cleric or Warrior, both Human, so things have moved on a lot since then.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Disappointing to not hear who is still on the EQ dev team.
  4. Maxe Augur

    Is there any way I can help out? I was trying to communicate with Roshen about who I talk to for that in the stream, but I'm sure the 300 people spamming weren't helping.
  5. Cazmac Augur

    I haven't even bought TDS yet; it just does not look like decent value to me, plus I have no alts at the relevant levels to take advantage of nerf! :D
  6. Jeanmirac Elder

    Interesting body language - lot of uncertainty there on that broadcast.... just saying..
  7. Cacafuego Journeyman

    What I heard on twitch:

    We did the nerfs for a reason. They are good. Play our way, not your way. Might look at ROF xp nerf ... maybe ... kinda ...

    Everything else: " Were looking at it".

    Nothing I heard brings me back yet. "I'm looking at it".
  8. Hingabe Augur

    so apparently the HA,XP,Pet, Etc Nerfs are gonna stay.. so much for a positive change
  9. Cazmac Augur

    Well it can't have been out of consideration for their Euro customers! ;D
  10. Hingabe Augur

    with this kind of representation, i certainly wont bother with their other titles. sorry folks. my hat is hung for good it seems
  11. Iila Augur

    Not a lot of info overall. Long non-answers to the 101+ and HA exp nerfs.
    Player missions, progression server, and loot system were the only things with somewhat real answers.
  12. Cazmac Augur

    I don't seem to be able either to /petition (page does not open) or access forums directly from the Launcher (error message comes up). Phone? From the UK??? :D
  13. Crystilla Augur

    The twitch just ended and was only 30 min but they stayed 36 min to talk.

    They confirmed they're looking at a new progression server (and it's not a case of if they want to do one but what type of one they want to do). Mentioned they may send out a poll on this.

    They know they're light on the top end (raids) and more will be coming.

    They talked about the exp nerfs and know it's been a huge sticking point. They're in discussions on what is the right thing to do (while keeping their main goals in line - like amount of time to level from 100-105, etc.).

    They're aware it's not quite working right on HA's to have all the experience at the end (specifically for mercenary experience and bonus exp like lesson, potions, etc.)

    Question was asked about looking at restrictions to free to play. Nothing's been looked at yet; they're focused on other things.

    UI comments came up and it's something they would like to look at. As Kevin (art guy on the stream) said, they've had 16 years of using it so now should know what they want to do.

    They will still come out with expansions. They did state that they're willing to push something back if they can make it better by waiting a bit.

    Other things mentioned as well - but no timelines given for all of the above.

    In terms of upcoming content, they confirmed they're no longer using the 'weekly' content rule requirement so things like all of the IRA/prowess, D^3, G^3, hardcore heritage, anniversary quests will come out on a normal schedule rather than get spread out week to week.

    The 2013 and 2014 player designed missions that didn't get into game yet will finally make it in, in the March 16 patch. If you want to see them early, log into test March 2.

    Loot system won't go live for February; it needs the extra month but will go live in March.

    Some long asked for fixes related to twincast will be coming out.

    Did I miss any?
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  14. Crystilla Augur

    LOL outside of Ry and Holly (and to a little Prathun), public speaking isn't realy something that's part of their job description that they do on a regular basis. Gamers aren't necessarily the most extrovert of people by nature.
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  15. Sancus Augur

    I was so happy about the RS pets not eating Twincast counters, I forgot to listen to the rest...
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  16. Jeanmirac Elder

    Yep, I wasn't there so much for their answers as it was to examine them - Tonight, I'm running my toons to their favorite places/memories and screenshotting everything.
  17. Silv Augur

    I like how they could say "we have no idea" because that takes a lot of courage to admit but I also don't like how "we have no idea" on anything except apparently a progression server, anniversary content coming all at once [I think?], the new loot system going live in March [... or April], you're screwed expecting XP changes, and no changes to the current f2p model. I'd say we already knew about 1/2 of that at minimum.

    It sounded like we're not getting any update for February despite the test patch a week ago but that wasn't answered clearly. It was clear player missions are going live March 16 so guessing that's the next "patch" date.

    Yup, lots of non-answers. I almost feel they would have been better off without the feed but that's just me.
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  18. Dethyn New Member

    Wait, I'm sorry...Was this twitch stream a method to ensure certainty into the player base that things are on this great path? You failed. All I heard was a bunch of information that has been already been posted in the Testing thread or a whole lot of "we're looking into it". I realize the current situation of the company and know certain things needs readjusting, but this stream didn't cast away any level of doubt on how stable things are or even excite us about the future. I'm confused.
  19. Muuadib Journeyman

    I have some things I would like changed in Everquest, I have some things I would like to see happen for Everquest.
    Right now my primary concern is if Everquest will even be around let alone grow and develop in a year or 2.
    All of the doomcallers are scaring the out of me right now with tales of once prominent games collapsing.

    Remember Daybreak, don't look at the whole pile of stuff that needs to be addressed just look at one thing at a time, fix that then go to the next.

    Keep Everquest alive and give it the life it deserves, PLEASE!
    I've been here since 1999 and have NO intention of going anywhere!
    You are on my payroll till death or dementia, whichever comes first.

  20. Mayfaire Augur

    My impression on their response to the "exp nerf" is that they are going to fix the worst parts of it, like the RoF, VoA ect nerfs that discourage people from progging/exping in those zones. They also said that they know that there are problems in the ha's - that there is not quite the appropriate award being given at the end and also that the mercs are not getting appropriate experience. I think all of that is a fair assessment and it seems that they are aware of the problems and plan on addressing them.

    I somehow managed to get my main full exp and AA, and my two alts also to 105 and a good way toward being done with AA - and I'm even almost done with the merc aa's - despite this exp nerf that everyone talks about. I did it by progging, questing, killing, etc, mostly in TDS. I guess I am just not seeing the big issue there <shrug>.
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