Twisted Legacy's Raiding Proposal - Rotation

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Abracadabra, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Esper Augur

    Well, the only thing they have learned so far is how to bind rush. That is how they got their one Vox kill, but when they tried it on CT they failed.
  2. BestReleaseNA Augur

    No, those arent poopsocks. We just have the foresight to tell members "hey this is the next mob due, if you want to log out try and be close to that." That still involves mobilizing a vast majority of the guild each fight. Apok, on the other hand, will sit 80 people on top of a spawn 12 hours before its due. Thats a poopsock.
  3. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    Hi, I'm Squeesh Squoosh from Apokalypsis. We don't track well enough, we engage in poor locations, our dps overaggro mobs and dies, our pet class let their pets die. We have a ton more issues, I'm not denying any of this. I just don't understand why it's relevant though?
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  4. BestReleaseNA Augur

    Because if you actually took the time to fix those issues you would compete with TL and probably win alot more. Citizen took plenty from us during fippy because they fixed their problems and adapted. A rotation is letting you play poorly and succeed. Its a complete slap in the face to those of us who actually put time and thought into our characters and game play.
  5. Vaclav Augur

    Didn't say you did - I can guarantee at least some portion of each major guild that does the 24H availability thing does however.
  6. Esper Augur

    A poopsock is where a full raid force sits at a spawn at their computer (not afk or doing other things) and waits for the moment a mob spawns and attacks. A small number of people going to the next target early and afk'ing or doing other things is not a poopsock.

    And as far as being impressed by their CT attempt, they bind rushed him, that is the only reason they got him as low as they did.
  7. Rhiyannon Augur

    how else are you going to learn is the question, the attitude from some is unbelievable.
    i come from a completely different true pvp background, i have some learning to do, but the only way to lern is to engage the mobs and learning to work with your guildmates. i know my class, i know how to function in a group, yet i know raiding is something completely different.
    without access, and without wiping there isn't any other way to learn.
  8. Tweene Augur

    We did not bind rush CT.
  9. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    We're putting plenty of time and effort in trying to fix those issues. I didn't play on Fippy so I don't know how the situation was, but seems to me like you guys started on equal grounds when the server opened. You guys recruited the majority of the hardcore raiders before this server even started. We were months if not years behind you guys as far as organization goes. We have to recruit scraps players that couldnt or wouldnt join you. We often have to teach them the most basic mechanics. Trust me, we know we have work to do. These rotations will help us practice and eventually maybe able to participate in the so called competiton you guys all long for. If you're unhappy with the recent announcements made by the devs I'd suggest open a new thread and whine about it like we did about raid instancing and what not.
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  10. PathToEternity Augur

    I want to be extremely level here, and I'm tempted not to even post this because sometimes the tinfoil levels are over the top on these forums, but I think this thread is still healthy enough.
    You're asking what the problem is here, and reading your very own post I'm seeing that Apok's problem is that they can't kill CT, RG's problem is that they can't kill CT, and ROE's problem is that they can't kill CT.
    Yet your conclusion is that the problem with the rotation is that it favors the top guild. I don't mind discussing that separately but it feels disconnected from the body of your post.
    I believe I've approached your post sincerely. If these three guilds cannot take down the bosses on their own then each individual guild has a larger problem than the rules of any rotation. Rule amendments don't play into that problem at all.
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  11. Mwapo Augur

    So this rotation with FFAs is exactly what we need. Not everyone gets a mob and noone has to try to mobilize. You get a chance to learn. We get a chance to compete. Everyone is happy.
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  12. Bryant Journeyman

    All that I reading here is that I'm in a smaller, less mobile, less effort guild, but i want the same loot that the guild that is top on the server by putting in the effort of recruiting more, perfecting mobilization and raid ability then me. This is the exact problem that is plaguing our society today, all these welfare babies who don't understand a hard days work.
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  13. tarquinn21 Elder

    Notice I said (prior to the change.) Because the 24 of you that were in the zone were plenty capable of killing Vox right then and there had she spawned.

    Had 24 people from an opposing guild showed up to, you know, AFK or other things, you would have filled that lair with 72 people instantly and don't even try to deny it.
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  14. Rhiyannon Augur

    don't discount the new buffs jain, which makes it harder for those guilds, who rarely got access before then, never mid the ones who are waiting in the wings because we didn't want to deal with the crap.
  15. Zhama Elder

    watching people who do it correctly. Rather then bashing your head into a wall over and over until it works, seeing it done correctly usually does more.
  16. BestReleaseNA Augur

    You dont fix basic mechanics on a raid fight. Strategy is talked over long before you get to the boss. TL certainly has an advantage since many of us have been playing together on TLP servers for years. That shouldnt be held against us. Id be way more amenable to have guilds teach each other to compete before we implement a rotation.
  17. Esper Augur

    You do realize we were there right? We watched your casters release and run back over and over.
  18. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    I completely agree with you, if these three guilds cannot take down the bosses,it should go to whoever else who can. They should be getting a fair chance though. I don't think a 1 hour window and 1 attempt every 10 days is fair though. That's what we're trying to define.
  19. BestReleaseNA Augur

    The raid fights are not the place to learn most of this. Nearly every person I meet outside of TL does a number of things wrong that hurts their play. If these mistakes were corrected in group play or on hate/fear minis, competition would be way more feasible with the current setup.
  20. Rhiyannon Augur

    for the brief few seconds it it was up before with 4 dozen or more standing on top of it? there's a lot to see there... a giant flashing mob.

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