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  1. Druz Augur

    No, so far no rotation proposed has placed any guilds on the same level as TL. We've already determined that any FFA spawns go to TL; thats why we need a rotation in the first place. The most well received rotation puts TL way above anyone else and gives them twice as many kills as any other single guild.
  2. BestReleaseNA Augur

    No rotation can point the other guilds on the same level as TL because no other guild is on the same level as TL.
  3. Bryant Journeyman

    Because there isn't any guild that is on par with TL. Did you actually just try and compare another guild to being the same? You understand why its the most well received rotation right? Because its actually taking away from TL's targets that they will kill and gives other guilds at least a shot at the loot, by adding a gatekeeper and FFA rotations it still adds competition to a game that was based on well competition.
  4. Druz Augur

    So none can, and none have. What's the problem?
  5. Druz Augur

    The part of this that I bolded I do not understand.

    TL had nearly 100% of all raid targets pre-forced rotation. Every suggested rotation will make the situation worse for them. The rotation proposed that is least favorable for TL so far still has them getting twice as many kills as any other single force.
  6. Rokuthy New Member

    What about something along these lines:


    This would be kept on a google shared drive. Guild leaders from each guild would be given access. They would edit in that they killed their boss (last killed by) and the time (in GMT or another agreed upon time format). They would also include the "next up" update from the individual boss rotation order.

    I used these guilds as examples, as these are the guilds that have contested, killed, or come close to killing a boss on this server. I agree with Skyp's proposal of a gate keeper boss in order to be added into the rotation. We could use the same guidelines that Skyp came up with for the gate keeper in order for a guild to be added to the rotation. I feel like 3 hours to form, buff, and attempt the boss is ample time before it goes FFA.


    Edit: the image is just an example. The next up guilds listed aren't accurate.
    Edit: if a guild fails to kill their boss in the 3 hour time limit, then after it is killed (FFA), the next guild originally in the rotation would be up next. It doesn't mattered what guild killed the boss while it was FFA, the rotation continues without disruption. This also applies on the regular FFA days - after the boss is killed, the rotation starts over regardless of who kill the boss in the FFA window.
    Edit: this is just my personal proposal. It by no means speaks for the rest of TL. Just adding my own suggestion to the pool.

    - Rokuthy, TL
  7. Druz Augur

    That would be amazing Rokuthy.
  8. Valbarab New Member

    Only thing is that I know of at minimum 7 guilds that want to be in on the new rotation - expect this system to encourage other guilds too. Does it matter how many there are ? At least one of these isn't on US time so not sure how this affects the 3 hour window.
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  9. Rokuthy New Member

    (Again, this is all personal opinion): After being a part of nearly every boss kill on this server, I included the only guilds that have ever actively shown up and contested one of those four raid mobs (and stood a chance at killing it). Anyone else wanting in on the rotation can prove they belong there by signing up and successfully killing the gatekeeper.

    As far as timezones: we're all affected in the exact same way. These bosses don't spawn in individual instances at the same time each day. We all play at the whim of RNG based spawn windows. No one gets extra time because their boss spawned at an inconvenient time for them. That isn't in anyone's hands at all. That is Everquest in this era.
  10. Valbarab New Member

    I suspect this is the bottom line on whether this system will work or not.

    Devs will have to define how a guild 'qualifies' to be included on the rota and rules on how long the guild next up 'owns' the mob for. Otherwise this thread and the intentions behind it are a complete waste of time.
  11. Aekold Augur

    No, the devs specifically instructed players to devise and adhere to a rotation. If there were clear guidelines from Roshen or another dev we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  12. Diemond Augur

    If there is going to be a rotation at all then a gatekeeper is a must or any fool with 20 people in a guild can sign up and have no chance at actually killing a target, in order to be on the rotation you must show that you are actually able to kill them.
  13. Brolie Lorekeeper

    I have a couple recommendations to the rotation TL put out.

    Push the 1 HR to around 3 and it would be close to done. not every guild can mobilize outside prime time as fast as some guilds can due to their numbers this gives guilds time to coordinate and allows an alliance if formed to join the rotation.

    Also the stipulation about joining the list needs to be that the shot is only allowed on an FFA day and set it that a single guild trying to join the list get a once a week or 2 weeks at most chance to ask for an attempt and cant take up every FFA day in a week.

    Also set the Noble, overseer, hand as a rotation mob and leave sky FFA like it was. This can be introduced later as more guilds can handle it due to the Ridiculous amount of damage he puts out at the moment.

    Also a stipulation about triggerd mobs needs to be added. Like triggered events like ixbat fer, ragefire, coldain rings, AOW cycle cannot be disrupted and belong to the triggering guilds unless that guild openly by the GL or quest triggering player gives up the event to FFA.
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  14. Marthisdil Augur

    quote="-wycca, post: 3296394, member: 417061"]This proposal was heavily based upon the one already in use on LJ which was already approved by DBG. In fact, it is a near duplicate, with three tweaks.

    • We do not include PoSky - this has never been a problem on RF in terms of monopolization, and the new difficulty of the raid bosses would seem to make adding it just an exercise in excessive micromanagement. Since there are limited actors who can engage most of the bosses, it should be a simple matter to talk to your fellow guilds and see if you can get an unobstructed window. Or, more likely, you can probably just port up and find it up regularly.
    .[/quote]Right. Like last night in PoSky where Remnants of Prexus was there first, started pulling, and got steamrolled over, right? I sent multiple tells to the raid leader and he didn't even bother responding to us.

    At least we did get isle 2 boss dead while TL was busy fighting Noble before they came back and steamrolled.

    Pretty sure that we'll be pushing for DB to include PoSky in the rotation agreement - whatever it ends up being.

    Why? Because TL showed, once again last night, why they need to be controlled.
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  15. blueblazer Journeyman

    Thanks for the ideas you dirty cheating botters. Here's my idea for you. Go hang yourself.
  16. Kormith Lorekeeper

    lol how mad is this guy.
  17. BigDBeeIcanteven New Member

    No one wants the job of administering a rotation on something that respawns after like 6 hours. Most of the time everything is up through the pony island.
  18. Marthisdil Augur

    DBS didn't approve - they cited the example of the rotation on LJ which was formed before the revamp.
  19. MaestroM Augur

    I should have been more clear. I know how p99 works very well and its a completely unworkable solution for TLP for many reasons, not the least of which is the intense CSR requirement.

    That being said, I still would love to see a 6 hour off-limits timer. However, its not what I wrote into my proposal because I think that its very situational and probably not going to help very much.

    I agree, DBG has made many statements in favor of competition. I have never advocated removing the competition element from the game for those who want competition. However, I don't agree that competition is an integral part of the game that DBG believes is at the heart of every encounter. DBG has never said "lol compete". DBG's position has long been that they believe that the game belongs to the players and we get the servers that we want. They want a community created solution on the raid scene. On RF, the community has "wanted" (wanted here means that the people with power decided thats what they want and that they would force it on the rest of the server) a FFA winner take all style of raiding, competition above all else.

    Roshen's post is a virtual end to the way the guilds at the top ran RF. If DBG believed that competition was the be-all-end-all of Everquest, then there would be no CSR enforced rotation. Competition is still an important part of Everquest for some and I think you'll find that no proposed rotation lacks a strong FFA element. But it is impossible to interpret any system that gives 1 guild a free shot at a target within a specified time limit with no other guilds allowed to interfere as anything but a complete dismantling of the idea that competition is a "requirement" anymore.

    The best guilds will get more loot. They will get more FFA spawns than other guilds. They will also pick up more of the expired-free-chance FFA spawns. That's where your mobilization and competition and hacking and griefing and talking will come into the game. And depending on what guilds make it into the rotation, specifically if a lot of designated raid time-no-batphone guilds make it into the raid rotation, then competition guilds will get a lot more spawns, just the way they like them.

    If the only thing that matters to you (not you specifically) is competition, feel free not to join the rotation and only raid on FFA spawns.

    Competition is important to some people. But where some people claim (yes, I challenge their motives) that the thrill of competing is all that keeps them in the game, I think that more people will play longer if a generous rotation (something like 3 hours) is put in place.
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  20. Sagnid Augur

    For better or worse. We are being forced into presenting a potential agreement solely for the fact that otherwise, we would be shutout of the conversation.

    We have played the game with in the defined rules. Now we are being asked to adjust to a new set of rules. We are attempting to do just that, and your prejudice has no place in this conversation.

    edit. Bad quote usage.
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