Tunare server just went down

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Fian, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. arkmaar New Member

    And a big old fail...was on just long enough to be booted immediately...Seems all that down time really helped.
  2. LockridgeUK New Member

    not having EQ to distract me is putting a major kink in my chore avoidance strategy...
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  3. Wisperin New Member

    I think you jinxed it.... ;)
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  4. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Well, it appears I did in fact jinx things. We're going to be keeping the server down for a bit while we investigate the situation further and work on getting things squared away.
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  5. LockridgeUK New Member

    Finished repairing dishwasher - on to painting the basement floor!
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  6. Halfelf12 New Member

    Bah still down. I need to finish my 2.0 lol among other things whats up lol
  7. YellowBelly Augur

    Thank god there are other good games to play out there.
  8. Kaeweil New Member

    This has happened since the game was released.. it happens... it will happen again.. things get fixed... we move on... So it has been for almost 20 years... Enjoy those other good games!
  9. Hludwolf Developer

    Sorry for the extended down on this server. I am still working on a fix to prevent the crashes on Luclin and Tunare.
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  10. Vexana_Lanys New Member

    I'm of the mindset that the Ladies Luclin and Tunare are having a girls night out and want us to go somewhere else.
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  11. Kaeweil New Member

    Any details you can give? As a fellow developer, always been curious as to what actually goes wrong technically during these times =)
  12. Hludwolf Developer

    Still working on the fix. Unable to provide details to due the nature of the problem until after it is fixed.
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  13. Kaeweil New Member

    Thanks for the update Hludwolf.. I'm sure you want it fixed just as much as we do hah
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  14. Hludwolf Developer

    The issue causing the crash earlier has been fixed. The server has been unlocked, hopefully no other crashes like that.
  15. LockridgeUK New Member

  16. Wisperin New Member

    Tunare is down again. I hope this is just a routine fix today and not the same issue as a few days ago. Can anyone shed some light to clarify? ;)
  17. Ternarissa New Member

    Tunare fall down go boom!!

    It's been unstable for over 2 weeks now with lag spikes, tell lag, etc....

    Knew something was up when yesterday and this morning one toon would zone into the Guild Hall and the other would get booted to server select...
  18. Wisperin New Member

    And she's down again... :(
  19. Aeridan New Member

    Tunare on Prom night!!! Yep Down again!!
  20. Wisperin New Member

    Main EQ site says it's up but showing down in game.

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