Tunare server just went down

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Fian, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Fian Augur

    Any reason why or ETA?
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  2. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Looks like Tunare just experienced a crash. The server will be back up in approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Fian Augur

    It is up.
  4. Fian Augur

    And it is down again.
  5. MeppoD New Member

    Any update?
  6. Wisperin New Member

  7. MeppoD New Member

    Any ETA on Tunare Roxxlyy? It has been down for a good bit.
  8. Wisperin New Member

    Any more info available on why it's crashing? Been a couple hours since last update. Thanks
  9. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Don't have an exact ETA for when the server will be back up but the team is working on a fix to address the crashes right now.
  10. arkmaar New Member

    this kind of crap is getting a bit ridiculous...I have limited playtime due to real life...I actually caught a break and had half a day to play, now im left with a couple of hours if you get it going now.....There needs to start being some sort of refund...over the last 5 years im guessing ive lost at least 30 days or more of attempted playtime due to random downtime that takes you guys forever to fix, yet ive payed in full the entire time.
  11. bazinga Elder

    The game IS available. You just want to play on a sever that is having issues. Start a toon on another server to play during these times. If after your long 5 years of playing you haven't figured out that sometime things happen that cause a server to crash, please allow me to be the first to let you know...IT HAPPENS....adapt.
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  12. Tatanka Augur

  13. arkmaar New Member

    I have actually played since 2000, just trying to shorten the period because I know daybreak has been in control a much shorter time, not even 5 years. I don't really want to play another server because my original few characters are all on tunare, anyway thank you very much for telling me how I should play and enjoy the game and educating me on how the game works internet tough guy.
  14. bunnie New Member

    wow, name calling...looks to me like you do need some educating.
  15. LockridgeUK New Member

    Have to agree with arkmaar - we are paying to play, not wait around while DG figures out why service is down and take a half day to fix it. While I understand these things happen now and again again, I have no other service which is quite like this!

    It doesn't help that we don't get many updates or heads-ups, and it seems players have to prompt the company to get many of those. Even if it is a short "still working on it" now and again, that would reassure us they are on the job (not in a UK sense!).

    As for the suggestion to hop to another server - really? Let me rephrase that - really??
  16. LockridgeUK New Member

    and just to place my comments in context - I pay a year at a time for my subscription and buy the expansions early, and those payments are on time...
  17. LockridgeUK New Member

    I see the game is up now (7:12 pm est). It'd be nice to get a note from DG on this and any other comments, such as whether they think it will crash again soon or if the problem is completely fixed.
  18. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Before bringing the server back up, a fix was deployed that should prevent this specific crashing issue from happening further. Let's just hope I didn't jinx it... :p
  19. Fian Augur

    Server was up, and then just crashed again for a third time today. Roxxlyy I appreciate the info, even if it isn't what we want to hear.
  20. LockridgeUK New Member

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