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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Frogmancer, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Frogmancer Augur

    Hello Norrathians!

    A shattered remnant of Feral Fury has banded together to take on the Ring of Scale, and we’re looking for someone (or someones) to join us. Four of us consistently remain, and we’ve picked up a great Druid healer - you can message any of us (Antibane, Amaquin, or Ocbeefy) in game if we pique your interest. Three of us raid with the Infinit/Public raid force, so we’re not trying to start up a raiding guild - we’re just a casual(ish) adult group of gamers looking for others to join us. If we get two or three groups together, we have been known to do things like go back to old raids and do them with a ridiculously small force, but right now, we just want to not use mercs!

    Update: Group Progression (29 January 2018)
    - Heading to RoS this week! (Feb 1)
    - Leveling up, backflagging group members who are missing progression (Lceanium, Scorched Woods, Chardok, Frontier Mountains, Droga, or TDS/TBM)

    We’re around most weeknight evenings after 9pm central, and most weekends. Our plan is to work through EoK and RoS flagging and progression, and then go back and do older progression (like the dinosaur illusion on Thuliasaur Island), and we’re happy to help you level up to join us.

    We hope to hear from you!

    ~Bane, Beefsquatch, Ellaine, Quin, and Tatanka
  2. Amaquin_Tunare New Member

    By ridiculously small, we dont mean one-grouping Anguish. Well, we have done that; but we used to 3-group Demi-plane of Blood and I think we could do it with just one. Solteris will take us more than one group, so would some of the old Ro events. The scripts just assume you have X people who aren't the tank; and when the scripts break they break badly. Would you believe that rogues could assassinate Hatchet the Torturer in Blood? Just run him from 100% to 0 before he does any emotes? He kinda becomes un-killable at that point because the script can't handle it. Hanvar dies gracefully, but Hatchet . . .

    So if the idea interests you, look us up. Whether you want to join the guild, or just join for havok like the above, we'd be glad to say hi.

    But watch your back and pockets around our rogue; I wouldn't trust 'em.
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  3. Frogmancer Augur

    We pretty consistently cleared Valdeholm and Ashengate with 15 people during the end of SoD and the first part of Underfoot. We did the Grounds raid with two groups when VoA was the current expansion. We got two or three events into the Convorteum raid during House of Thule with 13 or 14 people. We tried to do the Argath raid with two groups right after Sepulcher released. That one didn’t go well, but we tried!

    So, yeah...sometimes we do crazy stuff. Come play with us!
  4. Tatanka Augur

    I will keep an eye open for you guys. I play later in the evenings (CST), so it seems we have the same schedule.

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  5. Frogmancer Augur

    Outstanding! Send a tell to Antibane, Amaquin, or Ocbeefy! I look forward to hearing from you!
  6. Tatanka Augur

    Hey, thanks for the group last night, and help with my quest in Lcea.

    For anyone on Tunare looking for some folks to group with, this is a fun crowd :)
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  7. Frogmancer Augur

    I’m glad you had fun - we were glad to have you! It was a blast, even when I murdered the group with undead gorillas. It’s a necromancer thing. I’ll look for you when I log in from now on!
  8. Frogmancer Augur

    Updated - The group finished the last mission in Chardok for Beefles and me last night, so we’ll head at least part of the time into Frontier Mountains!
  9. Frogmancer Augur

    Update - The group finished the last mission in Frontier Mountains yesterday! Beefles, Tatanka, and I are now finished with Frontier Mountains and we'll be headed for Droga for our forward movement progression. We'll also be doing a fair amount of backflagging to catch everyone up in the next few weeks.

    Still looking for more people - send one of us (Antibane, Amaquin, Amarthiel, or Ocbeefy) a tell in-game if you are looking for a consistent group to run around with!
  10. Frogmancer Augur

    Update - Antibane, Ocbeefy, and Amarthiel finished off Partisan of Droga yesterday - on to Gates of Kor’Sha for forward progression! If you’re looking for a good, consistent group, we’re your answer, and we have no problem logging on alts for a while to work on getting you above 80, or with bringing your 80+ toon with us while we grind for XP or camp for named. Send us a message in-game - Antibane, Ocbeefy, Amaquin, or Amarthiel can all help you!
  11. Nekuliz New Member

    I will be coming back to EQ soon and will be starting a beastlord or bard depending on my 4 box team but it will be my main. Are you all doing eok and ros flagging? If so I will be a humble dps servant when I get internet.
  12. Frogmancer Augur

    We definitely are! Send me a tell in-game (Antibane) and we'll get you hooked up. Looking forward to seeing you!
  13. Frogmancer Augur

    Updated - Antibane and Ocbeefy finished up Mercenary of Gates of Kor-sha, and we’re on to farming pieces to destroy some Sarnak!
  14. Ocbeefy New Member

    Update time! (since the Frog is a lazy one) - Antibane and Ocbeefy have finished their progression for Methods of Sarnak Destruction. Essence of the Dragon get!
  15. Frogmancer Augur

    Now, you listen here, BeefWhistle. We haven’t finished Kor-sha Labs yet! But, we will!
  16. Frogmancer Augur

    Kor-sha Labs complete! RoS, here we come!
  17. Ocbeefy New Member

    It's been quite a while since an update! We have cleared the first two Partisan tasks in the Overthere and are looking towards finishing the last one. We're also still recruiting those that need a home but can't quite dedicate themselves to anything serious.

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