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  1. Tucoh Augur

    Just what I've casually seen while doing RoS/EoK content.

    Once I finish doing EoK progression on a few of my characters, get them to 110, get their new spells and high value AAs I'll probably do another benchmark where I go stomp scorpiki in OT or maybe run a named hunting circuit in Sathir's Tomb for half an hour and make an attempt at steady, even and high attention killing.
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  2. Vinjin Lorekeeper

    Keeping tabs on this thread. I main a Necro while botting a Druid and Beastlord. Would like to see your setup, spell lineup, etc for the Beastlord. I didn't see it included in the original post but if I missed it, my apologies.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    So the reason I haven't posted anything for the beastlord is because my setup with him is a mess :D He's on the same account as the mage, and I've found the mage's Call of the Hero spell is too useful to go without, even with how much the beastlord helps my melee team.

    But my current setup just has him assisting the warrior and spamming all his abilities. I have a macro that matches the shaman and targets different mobs on the ETW then casts his three DoTs. I have another macro for focused paragon.

    This thread is probably much more useful on how to play a beastlord:
  4. Tucoh Augur

    So I finally attempted End of Empire this weekend, which is something I've been building up toward as it looked like a significant challenge for a boxed team. I attempted it with the warrior having a mix of T1/T2 RoS and T2 EoK group gear, and everyone else in mostly EoK group gear and a smattering of RoS group gear. My team was war/brd/ber/sha/mag/cle.

    I figured it'd take a bunch of attempts and I had hoped to beat it by the end of the weekend, but I almost beat it the first try, and got it the second attempt. I did it another half dozen times throughout the weekend, and someone asked me to layout what I learned. A lot of this stuff is probably obvious to those who aren't boxing it and are able to uhh, pay more attention. And it's probably very obvious to the many people doing the raids and getting very intimate with the encounter with other players. But for boxers who are managing healing, DPS, tanking, aggro, moving the group etc at the same time, a lot can go unnoticed in the chaos.

    Besides the info here:

    . This fight isn't that hard as long as you don't make any mistakes :D The enemy mobs don't do a great deal of melee damage and don't have a lot of HP, but you have quite a few things going on simultaneously that creates room for error for a boxed group. Groups without enough damage to kill the Soulfeasters before getting overrun by chokidai will have a harder time than other groups.

    . The NPCs can take some abuse and deal about 40k DPS each. They also generate a lot of aggro (and I think they taunt?) I buffed them all with Swift Like the Wind and Unity (shaman), Assurance/Shining Fortress (cleric). I actually stopped buffing Lcea Katta with haste because it seemed like she got wasted much easier than the others, but that could be my patriarchy speaking.

    . The effect I dreaded the most (and set up gina triggers for) was the Virulent Toxin effect. Any debuff that requires me to split the group up is a real PITA, especially if I want them together to avoid ground effects like the meteor. But in the handful of times I beat the event (and the many times I failed it!) I haven't gotten a single Virulent Toxin cast on my group. Whether it's broken, I killed the mobs before some pre-set time or I'm just lucky I don't know.

    . The Doomhammer effect was also not a big deal, and usually seemed to expire after I killed Hegron anyway. I ignored Hegron's Hammer Smash attack and just let my group eat it.

    . You 100% need levitate or the meteors will launch your team right into Talendor's mouth.

    . I'm not sure what triggers the meteors, but they always seemed to start when the Veteran wave was at around 40% health. I've started burning on the veterans on the assumption that the meteor script starts a set number of seconds (~20) after they spawn.

    . The toughest part of the encounter is the when the Soulfeasters spawn. A lot of stuff happens simultaneously including the meteors, Hegron running in, and Chokidai running wild. I also seem to get snared on the first meteor wave. For me the toughest part of this phase is the fact that the Chokidai drop aggro. I'm used to having aggro on all the mobs in my ETW, but the NPCs break that paradigm in this event, so it gets hard for me to keep track of which mobs are safely beating up Praetor Dennis and which ones are mauling my healer instead. Harmonious Expanse helps, but next time I do this event I'm going to pop Wade Into Battle when the chokidai spawn. I might also pop my shaman's Spirit of Urgency, but that might just add more confusion.

    . The last time I beat it, the NPCs blitzed the ramp on the soulfeaster/chokidai phase, and also picked up Warleader Hegron when he jumped in. I don't know why they did this, but it was very helpful. Next time I do this, I want to move the first wave to the front of the ramp, and then on the soulfeaster wave I'll bring my group behind them and solo pull the soulfeasters.

    . I don't know if there's a right place to fight that avoids Talendor's aura and the meteors, but I found it easy to either click the shield OR move the group around. Talendor friggs off when Hegron gets to ~30% health, at which point I'm guessing I could move the group inside, but the fight is usually over by this time.

    . This event motivated me to create a team-wide binding that pops all my characters defensive cooldowns, which is something I've sort of ignored up to this point. So in the middle of the veteran phase my bard pops hymn of the last stand, the shaman pops ancestral guard, my berserker pops silentstrikes etc (I'm skipping a bunch of abilities here). I was actually surprised by being unable to find anything like Ancestral Guard for my cleric? The only thing he had was some kind of spell reflect.

    . The berserker actually makes balancing mobs harder because every 60 seconds he can deal a huge % of the mob's health in damage with Dichotomic Rage. I'm considering disabling that ability in his multi-bind in this encounter and manually activating it.

    . I've mostly ignored the abilities Responsive Spirit and Divine Response, but maybe they have a lot to offer in this fight.

    . The meteors/hammer smash knockback can make keeping your characters following properly difficult. Higher FPS makes /follow work much better. I use stick figures on my five boxes, and in this event I set everyone's draw distance to its minimum. Even still I had issues with my group bugging out follow to where they run around in circles around their target, so I disabled the big run speed buffs (selos, communion of the cheetah) to keep things more stable.

    That's about all I can think of that I learned that a boxed group might want to know. Any advice on how to improve my performance in this encounter is welcome. I really do enjoy this fight because it's a good break from the typical tank-n-spank and forces me to improve my skills, but also isn't an event that is super annoying with a boxed group (Like Damsel of Decay)
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  5. Tucoh Augur

    Can confirm:
    . Hiding behind the NPCs right when the Veterans die and then single pulling the Soul Feasters away from the NPCs makes this fight much easier.

    . When boxing this mission, abilities that can blow up a blue mob like dichotomic rage, dichotomic fullisade, heroic blade etc should be manually activated to help correct an imbalance instead of put on a multi-bind to create an imbalance.

    . As a warrior, popping Wade in to Battle on the Chokidai helped a bit.

    . Also, I learned that in order to effectively reflect the meteors with a shield, you need to stand in the center of the meteor decal.

    Using these adjustments, this mission was much, much easier. Done correctly, even a box group with lacking DPS/healing should be able to do this mission.
  6. Tucoh Augur

    I'm going to do a repost of the original content in this thread, probably this weekend, but here's what I'm doing now:

    1. I recommend getting approved at http://eqzerker.boards.net to get information from real berserkers. I'm just trying to get passable performance from a zerker box and don't really feel that confident about any of the below info.

    2. IMO the two keys to a zerker box is being able to send a LOT of commands consistently via I S Boxer to the berserker, and to be able to position the mob such that the berserker is always hitting it. I use gina triggers to audibly whine when my berserker isn't hitting the target.

    3. Here's my hotkeys
    /xtar 1
    /Disc sucker punch
    /assist Tucoh
    /disc Cry Carnage
    /alt activate 1253 (Communion of blood)

    Light Burn (used at the start of every fight)
    /alt activate 387 (blood pact)
    /alt activate 1501 (Second spire)
    /alt activate 752 ( Blood fury)
    /disc Bolstered frenzy
    /disc Proactive Retaliation

    Heavy Burn (used on named, big pulls etc)
    /alt activate 379 (Savage Spirit)
    /alt activate 465 (Focused Rampage)
    /alt activate 373 (Desperation)
    /disc Cleaving Acrimony

    Defensive Key:
    /alt activate 1141 (Blood sustenance)
    /alt activate 609 ( uncanny resilience)
    /alt activate 1109 (silent strikes)
    /useitem 17 (RoS breastplate)

    I manually click Untamed Rage when my bard's quick time is done.

    I constantly spam a whole bunch of stuff on the following keys:
    Q: Smoldering Rage, Juggernaut Surge, War Cry of the Braxi, Epic.
    E: Sapping Strikes, Phantom Assailant, Shared Ruthlessness, Vicious Cycle, Banestrike Rampage, Reckless Abandon, EoK BP
    1: Brutal Discipling, Avenging Flurry, Disconcerting, Dichotomic, Binding Axe
    T: Mangling Frenzy, Mangling Volley, Axe of Rekatok, Mangling Axe Throw, Intimidation, Arcslice

    All the QE1T spam keys also /assist Tucoh to keep the berserker locked onto whatever my warrior is hitting. Besides clicking Untamed Rage and his Rage of Rolfron, I almost never touch the berserker.

    Bonus gamparse output, I just hit a new personal record on DPS on a named:
    /GU Ash Guardian Tolemak in 25s, 43142k @1725687sdps --- Tucoh 14474k@578952sdps (578952dps in 25s) [33.55%] --- Tucos + pets 13313k@532515sdps (578820dps in 23s) [30.86%] --- Lelentos 6313k@252517sdps (263038dps in 24s) [14.63%] --- Tucob 4163k@166512sdps (173450dps in 24s) [9.65%] --- Tucolord + pets 3025k@121003sdps (126045dps in 24s) [7.01%]
  7. Mulleteer Elder

    Do you have pauses in those light burns and heavy burn hotkeys?
  8. Tucoh Augur

    No. I find that social macros in EQ generally don't work well, and the best policy for things that don't need to be paused is to not have a pause and spam them.
  9. Tucoh Augur

    So here's my main setup for RoS. This will follow the same format as the original string of posts. My hope is to collect it all in one place, get some criticism on it to improve, and maybe help teach someone else a few things.

    I six box a warrior (main) Tucoh, bard Tucob, cleric Tucop, mage Lusa, berserker Tucos and shaman Tucosha. The mage shares an account with a beastlord Tucolord and the cleric shares an account with a ranger Lelentos.

    The tools I use in my setup are Gina and I S Boxer. The latter is used to transmit key presses to the non-warrior characters.

    My cleric, mage and berserker all have similar key bindings, specifically:

    Y: Initial Assist
    B: Light Burns
    G: Heavy Burns
    Q: Spam1
    E: Spam2
    1: Spam3
    T: Spam 4

    In the mage/cleric/shaman case, one of the spam buttons is used as a spell multibind.

    I primarily switch between my warrior (When fighting) and my bard (When pulling).The below image is a pic I took from my phone of my monitor setup.


    My configuration has all six characters visible at all times. I've tried using I S Boxer's swapping features, but I prefer this.

    I use a modified Sparxx UI. Most of my modifications are focused on reducing features I don't care about and Increasing the size of health bars. I often have to utilize my peripheral vision to know when I get random aggro or lose it for whatever reason. Overall my UI is a bit of a mess, and fixing it is very time consuming and boring.

    A key part of my UI is integration with Gina, which I have triggers for my defensive and offensive cooldowns. I also have audible timers for when a lot of these cooldowns drop. So if Pain Doesn't Hurt drops, I know to pop Brace for Impact. Or if Quicktime drops I know to cast Untamed Rage on my zerker.

    I track my gear in a table, shown below:
    yellow means I need to equip it. Orange means I have the T2 visible item, but need the T1 one. Green means I have the optimal item for that slot.

    Overall I'm mostly in RoS gear with some EoK stuff. I also track my augs in the below table:
    It might seem a little excessive, but it saves time overall to keep everything ordered, because I don't have to spend a bunch of time every time I loot something to figure out who needs it. The warrior, bard, shaman and berserker have their epics.

    I use /follow Tucoh to lead my crew around, and to keep the bard/berserker/ranger/beastlord positioned correctly.The key to using /follow is to keep a high frame rate on your background windows. I set my options to as minimal as possible to attain that, and find that turning stick figures on helps a lot.
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  10. Tucoh Augur

    My general rotation is to pop flash of anger -> Dragonstrike/Roar of Challenge -> pop my defensive cooldowns, tightly group the mobs and then click use my assist->light burn->QE1T spam.

    I primarily use dual wield, but sometimes switch to 2H on easy content or Shield to tough content.

    Because of buff stacking I think of def cooldowns in the following groups that don't stack with each other
    Front Mitigation: Pain Doesn't Hurt > Brace for ImpactDiplo Papers
    Rear Mitigation: Dichotomic > RoS BP -> Warrior's Bastion
    Front Mitigation: Anguish BP > Warlord's Bravery
    Disc: Culminating Stand > Stormstrike Defense -> Armor of Tenacious Runes -> Resolute Defense
    Invuln: Flash + Furious/Foritude
    Misc AA: Blade Guardian, Second Spire, Hold the Line (I rarely use because DPS), Resplendent Glory
    anti casters: Mark of the Mage, geomantic, 2.0, shield reflect
    Self Heal: Warlord's Resurgence, Warlord's Tenacity

    I use imperator's Charge and Second Spire.

    I always keep field protector, commanding voice, and harmonious precision up. My shaman keeps incapacity and alliance up. My cleric keeps divine imposition and shining fortress up.

    Q spam: Disarm, Throat Jab, Knee Strike, Banestrike, Second Spire, Necromatic Dragonbone
    E spam: Call of Challenge, Shield Break, Gut Punch, Imperator's Charge, Blooddrinker's Coating, Silken Trilium
    1 Spam (+aggro): Taunt, Slander, Kluzen's Roar, Burning Should, Rage of the forsaken, blast of anger, blade guardian, resplendent glory, overflowing urn of life.
    Taunt 2: Warlord's Fury, Ageless Enmity, Barbed Tongue Discipline, Rage of Rallos Zek
    Taunt 3: Warlord's Grasp
    Taunt 4: Unflincing Attention
    Swarm 1: Phantom Aggressor
    Swarm 2: Projection of Fury

    My DPS Rotation is pretty much just mighty strike/brutal/strikethrough + wars Sheol's Heroic blade and trying to hit rampage when I have a 2H and DPS disc is up.

    Below is my UI

    There's three areas I really make use of gina:
    1. My defensive cooldowns are stacked on the left. The first 7 are my always up buffs, next are my front mitigation buffs, next are rear mitigation, then flat mitigation.
    2. My offensive buffs are stacked on the right. I categorize it in crit buffs (ex: shaman epic, not shown), HHE buffs and misc buffs.
    3. On the bottom leftish is a sparsely populated I S Boxer grid. Interspersed with it is a set of gina triggers that display the cooldowns before some abilities can be used. Notably my Miniature Horn of Unity cooldowns are tracked in green, and the horns can be activated through the click bars above the green bars. My bard and berserker's CoP items are tracked in the red bars. When a horn or CoP is activate, another bar is below the tiny cooldown bars to show that, so I don't double up.

    Also visible is the bard's boastful bellow and vainglorious shout buttons, there is another bar that tracks it, and will normally last 30s, but will cancel early if gina detects it going off.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    I performed a benchmark test where I attempted to kill as many mobs as I could in a T2 zone as I could. I chose the Gnaw, Kraz, Elkikatar and Teralov camps in Gorowyn. This presents some difficulty because of the amount of movement, especially up and down Teralov's tower. It was also interrupted twice from CotHing other people in to loot rotting gear. But I did get my warrior a new belt and a couple new augs so it was a good day.

    Combined: A Kar`Zok lifestealer in 2101s, 1223437k @582312
    --- Tucos + pets 380016k@(181046 in 2099s) [31.06%]
    --- Tucoh 347507k@(165401 in 2101s) [28.4%]
    --- Lusa + pets 225441k@(107353 in 2100s) [18.43%]
    --- Tucob + pets 128194k@(61045 in 2100s) [10.48%]
    --- Kokoma (mag pet) 67641k@(32442 in 2085s) [5.53%]
    --- Tucosha + pets 53485k@(25689 in 2082s) [4.37%]
    --- Tucodog (sha pet) 15640k@(7490 in 2088s) [1.28%]
    --- Tucop 5322k@(2580 in 2063s) [0.43%]

    I exceeded my previous DPS numbers from 5/6/2017 (449k dps), but not by much, and mostly because the bard is set up much better. The previous run was done before all the berserker nerfs, so him crawling back up in the next expansion here is nice but not great. I also had rng/bst buffs in the previous run.

    The warrior's spells look like:
    Combined: A Kar`Zok lifestealer on 2/10/2018

    Tucoh - 665
    --- Ageless Enmity VI - 4
    --- Area Taunt V - 1
    --- Banestrike - 38
    --- Battle Leap IX - 1
    --- Blade Guardian IX - 6
    --- Blast of Anger XI - 43
    --- Blessing of Tunare - 6
    --- Blessing of Unity - 5
    --- Brace For Impact IX - 3
    --- Brutal Onslaught Disc - 2
    --- Call of Challenge V - 148
    --- Circle of Power IV - 2
    --- Cry Havoc - 93
    --- Defensive / Evasive disc ended - 5
    --- Fortitude Disc - 1
    --- Fortitude disc ended - 1
    --- Glyph of the Cataclysm - 5
    --- Grappling Strike I - 25
    --- Guardian's Bravery - 6
    --- Gut Punch XII - 99
    --- Heroic Blade IV - 3
    --- Imperator's Charge IV - 18
    --- Knee Strike XI - 40
    --- Kreljnok's Fury - 3
    --- Mighty Strike Disc - 1
    --- Necromantic Curse - 22
    --- Press the Attack VIII - 2
    --- Rage of Rallos Zek - 1
    --- Rage of the Forsaken II - 26
    --- Rampage V - 8
    --- Received Bard Epic - 18
    --- Received DI - 3
    --- Received Fierce Eye - 20
    --- Received Quick Time - 6
    --- Received Shaman Epic - 18
    --- Resplendent Glory VI - 4
    --- Roaring Shield - 4
    --- Second Spire of the Warlord IV - 8
    --- Vampiric Aura - 6
    --- Warlord's Fury - 5
    --- Warlord's Resurgence III - 3
    --- Warlord's Tenacity XXII - 2
    --- Water of Life - 15

    I have the bard much more active now, and rely on pulling with him much less. I primarily move my group around and engage pull groups of mobs with either the bard or the warrior. The bard is almost always meleeing with the group and using his abilities as much as possible.
    Use Bard 2.0 epic
    /assist Tucoh
    Use Darkened Breath of Harmony
    Use breastplate
    Use staff of viral flux

    Light Burn:
    /melody Aria, War March, Insult, Reckless, Song of Suffering, Pulse, Insult, Chorus, Spry Sonata
    /alt activate 3702 (quicktime)
    /alt activate 8201 (vainglorious shout) - I sometimes disable this and click it manually
    /alt activate 1421 (second spire)
    /alt activate 8261 (a tune stuck in your head)

    SpamQ: Reflexive Rejoinder, Intimidation, Assist, Pet swarm
    SpamE: Banestrike, Cacophony, Bladed Song, Song of Stone
    Spam1: Fierce Eye, Lyrical Prankster, Flurry of Notes, Frenzied Kicks.

    I've also recently added The Dark Lady's Entreaty (tash stick) to my bard, but haven't really made good use of it.

    I generally pull using the ideas here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140228032903/http://samanna.net/wiki/index.php/Pulling_Guide
    /pause 5, /xtar 1
    /disc Sucker Punch
    /assist Tucoh
    /disc Cry Carnage
    /alt activate 1253 (communion of blood)
    Light Burn (used at the start of every fight)
    /alt activate 387 (blood pact)
    /alt activate 1501 (Second spire)
    /alt activate 752 ( Blood fury)
    /disc Bolstered frenzy
    /disc Proactive Retaliation
    Heavy Burn (used on named, big pulls etc)
    /alt activate 379 (Savage Spirit)
    /alt activate 465 (Focused Rampage)
    /alt activate 373 (Desperation)
    /disc Cleaving Acrimony
    Defensive Key:
    /alt activate 1141 (Blood sustenance)
    /alt activate 609 ( uncanny resilience)
    /alt activate 1109 (silent strikes)
    /useitem 17 (RoS breastplate)
    I manually click Untamed Rage when my bard's quick time is done.
    I constantly spam a whole bunch of stuff on the following keys:
    Q: Smoldering Rage, Juggernaut Surge, War Cry of the Braxi, Epic.
    E: Sapping Strikes, Phantom Assailant, Shared Ruthlessness, Vicious Cycle, Banestrike Rampage, Reckless Abandon, EoK BP
    1: Brutal Discipline, Avenging Flurry, Disconcerting, Dichotomic, Binding Axe
    T: Mangling Frenzy, Mangling Volley, Axe of Rekatok, Mangling Axe Throw, Intimidation, Arcslice
    All the QE1T spam keys also /assist Tucoh to keep the berserker locked onto whatever my warrior is hitting. Besides clicking Untamed Rage and his Rage of Rolfron, I almost never touch the berserker.
    Combined: A Kar`Zok lifestealer on 2/10/2018
    Tucos - 417
    --- Banestrike - 42
    --- Battle Leap VIII - 1
    --- Berserking Disc - 20
    --- Binding Axe Strike IV - 35
    --- Blessing of Unity - 2
    --- Blinding Fury XII - 6
    --- Blood Pact XXVIII - 7
    --- Blood Sustenance IV - 1
    --- Bloodfury V - 40
    --- Circle of Power IV - 2
    --- Cleaving Anger Disc - 3
    --- Communion of Blood III - 9
    --- Cry Havoc - 130
    --- Desperation Disc - 2
    --- Desperation I - 2
    --- Focused Furious Rampage II - 2
    --- Juggernaut Surge XII - 10
    --- Rampage V - 19
    --- Received Bard Epic - 17
    --- Received Fierce Eye - 19
    --- Received Quick Time - 6
    --- Received Shaman Epic - 17
    --- Reckless Abandon VI - 6
    --- Savage Spirit Disc - 4
    --- Savage Spirit XIII - 4
    --- Second Spire of Savagery IV - 8
    --- Shield of Blood - 1
    --- Silent Strikes V - 1
    --- Strike of Savagery - 19
    --- Uncanny Resilience XXVIII - 1
    --- Untamed Rage XV (Azia) - 4
    --- War Cry of the Braxi III - 36
  12. Tucoh Augur

    The shaman is set up to primarily target the warrior and spam heals, while providing ADPS. I also have a macro that casts DoTs.

    I actually reduced the # of stuff my shaman does because I got tired of seeing him cast things like Spirit call, Crippling Spirit etc when he really needed to be casting a heal. I need to shift some of his stuff over to my I S Boxer grid buttons or something.

    The shaman keeps ancient alliance, incapacity and Savage Growth up on the warrior at all times.

    When my cleric is around my multibind is:
    Cloud of Renewal->Spiritual Swell->Roar of the Lion->Reckless Rejuv/Restor/Regen

    When my cleric isn't around, my multi bind is:
    Reckless Rejuv/Restor/Regen->Cloud of Renewal->Spiritual Swell->Roar of the Lion

    assist Tucoh (Activates auto attack) -> Focus of Arcanum -> Wind of Malosinete-> pet attack/swarm

    Light Burn:
    /alt activate 619 (Group Pact of the Wolf)
    /pause 5, /target Tucoh
    /cast 1

    Big Burn:
    Call of the ancients, Fleeting Spirit, Spiritual Blessing, Ancestral Aid, Spiritual Channeling

    Spam Q:
    /alt activate 1492 (third spire)
    /alt activate 47 (cannibalize)
    /alt activate 614 (Spirit Guardian)

    Spam 1:
    Use Epic 2.0
    Use BP
    /alt activate 50 (rabid bear)

    DoT Macro:
    Chaotic Venom
    Hemocoraxius' Pandemic
    Erogo's Curse

    Oh #1: Union of Spirit on the tank.


    Combined: A Kar`Zok lifestealer on 2/10/2018

    Tucosha - 736
    --- Ancestral Aid XXXI - 3
    --- Ancestral Guard XXXIII - 1
    --- Ancestral Guardian Spirit IX - 8
    --- Ancient Alliance Rk. II - 14
    --- Blessing of Unity - 2
    --- Call of the Ancients XIII - 1
    --- Cannibalization XV - 20
    --- Chaotic Venom Rk. II - 19
    --- Cloud of Renewal - 129
    --- Cry Havoc - 131
    --- Erogo's Curse - 16
    --- Fleeting Spirit (Decay) V - 1
    --- Focus of Arcanum VI - 6
    --- Group Pact of the Wolf XIII - 70
    --- Hemocoraxius' Pandemic - 22
    --- Incapacity Rk. II - 8
    --- Jinx Rk. II - 13
    --- Prophet's Gift of the Ruchu - 21
    --- Rabid Bear XI - 5
    --- Received Bard Epic - 18
    --- Received Fierce Eye - 20
    --- Received Quick Time - 6
    --- Received Shaman Epic - 18
    --- Reckless Regeneration Rk. II - 13
    --- Reckless Rejuvenation Rk. II - 44
    --- Rejuvenation of the Ancestors - 5
    --- Roar of the Lion - 33
    --- Savage Growth Rk. II - 14
    --- Spiritual Blessing IX - 1
    --- Spiritual Channeling IV - 1
    --- Spiritual Swell Rk. II - 88
    --- Third Spire of Ancestors IV - 7
    --- Tigir's Insect Swarm III - 1
    --- Wind of Malosinete IV - 39

    The cleric just targets the warrior and backs up his healing dumptruck on him. One major thing I've added is a collection of "Oh " hotkeys that really make use of the cleric's strength as a healer. The shaman has 1 of them, the cleric has 5 (described later).
    /pause 5, /target tucoh
    /cast Merciful Remedy

    Light Burns:
    /alt activate 1472 (third spire)
    /alt activate 489 (yaulp)
    /alt activate 463 (divine guardian)

    Big Burn:
    Flurry of Life, Healing Frenzy, Improved Twincast, Celestial Rapidity, Channeling the Divine

    Spam Q:
    /alt activate 38 (celestial regeneration
    /alt activate 255 (exquisite benediction)
    /alt activate 1065 (focused celestial regeneration)

    My cleric's oh keys are:
    Burst of Life
    Beacon of Life
    RoS BP
    Divine Arbitration
    Manisi Balm

    I also have a special hotkey to cast Word of Greater Restoration.

    My cleric's current spell multibind is
    Ward of Assurance, Undying Life, Merciful Intervention, Merciful Remedy, Promised Remedy, Mystical Intervention, Furial Renewal, Virtuous Intervention, Spiritual Remedy.

    My cleric keeps Shining Fortress and Divine Imposition on the tank at all times.


    Combined: A Kar`Zok lifestealer on 2/10/2018

    Tucop - 753
    --- Beacon of Life XIII - 2
    --- Blessing of Unity - 7
    --- Burst of Life XXIV - 6
    --- Celestial Rapidity III - 4
    --- Celestial Regeneration XXXIII - 8
    --- Channeling the Divine I - 9
    --- Cry Havoc - 130
    --- Divine Arbitration VII - 1
    --- Divine Guardian Spirit VI - 4
    --- Divine Imposition Rk. II - 4
    --- Divine Retribution XI - 1
    --- Exquisite Benediction XI - 2
    --- Flurry of Life V - 4
    --- Focused Celestial Regeneration XXI - 11
    --- Furial Renewal - 4
    --- Healing Frenzy IX - 4
    --- Improved Twincast IV - 1
    --- Improved Twincast V - 2
    --- Improved Twincast VI - 1
    --- Lesser Yaulp IV - 24
    --- Manisi Balm - 27
    --- Merciful Intervention Rk. II - 116
    --- Merciful Remedy Rk. II - 184
    --- Merciful Shield - 1
    --- Mystical Intervention Rk. II - 40
    --- Promised Remedy Rk. II - 67
    --- Received Bard Epic - 18
    --- Received Fierce Eye - 20
    --- Received QM/Marr's/Veturika's - 2
    --- Received Quick Time - 6
    --- Received Shaman Epic - 18
    --- Shield of Reverence VIII - 1
    --- Shining Fortress Rk. II - 11
    --- Third Spire of Divinity IV - 6
    --- Undying Life - 49
    --- Veturika's Perseverance - 2
    --- Ward of Assurance Rk. II - 20

    Produced by GamParse v1.5.2.17
    The mage is there for single target damage + pets, debuff the mob and supply mod rods for the mana starved shaman. In many cases I use the mage to coth the group around.

    /pause 5, /assist Tucoh
    /pet attack
    /pet swarm
    /alt activate 2064 (winds of malo)

    Light Burn:
    /alt activate 1211 ( focus of arcanum)
    /alt activate 207(hosts of the elements)
    Use RoS BP
    Use anguish BP
    /alt activate 784 (heart of flames)

    Big Burn:
    /alt activate 60 (frenzied burnout)
    /alt activate 390 (elemental union)

    Spam Q:
    /pet attack
    /pet swarm
    /alt activate 8800 (force of elements)
    /alt activate 174 (Servant of Ro)
    Use mod rod (wand of arcronite modulation)
    Use Firebound Orb

    Spam 1:
    /pet attack
    /alt activate 1370 (first spire)
    /alt activate 7003 (forceful rejuvenation)

    Spam T:
    /assist Tucoh

    I try to keep burning symbiosis and shield of order up. I try to cast mod rods for my mage and the group every time they are needed.

    My multi bind is:
    Servant, Chaotic, Twincast, Spear, Volley

    Combined: A Kar`Zok lifestealer on 2/10/2018

    Lusa - 787
    --- Blessing of Unity - 2
    --- Call of the Heroes Rk. II - 4
    --- Chaotic Inferno - 185
    --- Cry Havoc - 131
    --- Elemental Docility X - 5
    --- Elemental Union XVI - 4
    --- First Spire of Elements IV - 8
    --- Focus of Arcanum V - 6
    --- Force of Elements XVIII - 85
    --- Frenzied Burnout XV - 4
    --- Glowing Modulating Shard - 7
    --- Heart of Flames XIII - 3
    --- Host of the Elements XXIII - 6
    --- Received Bard Epic - 18
    --- Received Fierce Eye - 20
    --- Received Quick Time - 6
    --- Received Shaman Epic - 18
    --- Received Twincast - 30
    --- Reckless Servant Rk. II - 141
    --- Servant of Ro XXII - 6
    --- Spear of Molten Arcronite - 99
    --- Thaumaturgist's Infusion - 14
    --- Twincast - 8
    --- Volley of Many Rk. II - 29
    --- Wand of Burning Modulation Rk. II - 2
    --- Wind of Malosinete IV - 38

    Produced by GamParse v1.5.2.17
  13. Tucoh Augur

    A few notes:
    1. My team entering RoS was the above (war, brd, ber, sha, mag, cle). This is a diverse team with high utility, high healing/tanking and mediocre DPS (500k sustained). This allowed me to take my EoK group geared crew and do the entire RoS progression without much specific farming (except Talendor's two group mission).

    It's also a really boring group, because now that I am leveled and mostly RoS geared, I can just wade through mobs and grind them down. To remedy that, I swapped my mage with a beastlord, and my cleric with a ranger. I'll describe that group later, but it's so much more fun and dangerous. It forces me to play correctly, but the payoff is massive. I've been playing that group for the last few weeks, and just switched to this group to get this string of posts out and am already bored of how easy and slow it is.

    There's a lot of things I noticed that I could do to up my 500k DPS from the benchmark, but probably not much higher than 600k unless I artificially increased it by picking easier targets, or getting outside of group buffs on. I'd work on them with this group, but I'm switching most of my time and focus to my high DPS group.

    2. I created a specific "Big Burn" key that I reserve for bad pulls and named mobs, vs always spamming it on every pull in a mechanical way. I think it's really increased my survivability. I think my greatest achievement thus far was my first pull in VP where I didn't know the massive aggro range and pulled 8 mobs and survived. I believe this was before I was even max level, much less fully RoS geared and AA'd.

    3. My I S Boxer grid configuration is something I recently did that I'm excited about, and I haven't seen gina used in this specific way before.

    The blue/yellow bar is for my bard's vainglorious/boastful timer, and the bar terminates if the debuff fulminates.

    You can see the cooldowns for each of the boxes for the horn of unity (green) and the CoP items (red).

    My shaman, beastlord and ranger are thoroughly mana starved, and my bard/war are endurance starved. I've tried to alleviate that by really trying to keep my miniature horns of unity on CD. When done correctly I get a modest 60 end/mana a tick regen, plus the effect of the damage shield.

    I only have three CoP clickies, and need to farm some more, but the grid/gina combination makes it much easier to figure out who can pop theirs and whether the 2 minute timer is up.
  14. Tucoh Augur

  15. Brohg Augur

    Multibind spell casting:

    20 Ward of Assurance Rk. II
    49 Undying Life
    116 Merciful Intervention Rk. II
    184 Merciful Remedy Rk. II
    67 Promised Remedy Rk. II
    40 Mystical Intervention Rk. II
    4 Furial Renewal
    0 Virtuous Intervention
    0 Spiritual Remedy

    I can only presume your casting pace is slow enough that Promised is fulminating most of the time? If you're spamming that bind, it rarely will, so that cast+recast time is perilously wasted.
    Gundolin likes this.
  16. Tucoh Augur

    Yeah I don't know what the hell I was thinking, there's no way that promised is fulminating.
  17. Brohg Augur

    Promised can function in a multibind, but it needs to be a bit more deliberately structured than yours.


    -would fulminate the Promised nearly every time, but only while Rapidity / QT / Charge aren't on. While Rapidity / QT / Charge *are* on, then it needs another something running interference. With a linup that accommodates the spell haste discs, though, Promised won't cast at all except while they run.

    With the setup you've described, one fine possibility is putting Promised on your Assist button (can probably chop its /pause to, like, 2, btw) instead of the Remedy. Multibind the plainly spammable heals. Rem-Rem-Inter-Inter-Inter
    Tucoh likes this.
  18. IblisTheMage Augur

    Hey Tucoh, Looking at the Sparxx UI now.

    You mentioned that you put emphasize on health bars, and to that end, you modded the UI.

    Could you perhaps share some thoughts on that, even perhaps some goodies? :)

    Ahh Sparx UI is not enough minimalism for me.... *searching*
  19. Metanis Augur

    I follow this thread with great interest. Thanks for sharing it.

    Regarding your Mage commands. Would it be a -very- minor improvement to use the /pet qswarm command instead of /pet swarm? The way I understand it the mage swarm pets would then finish off the last mob before switching to the current one?
    Brohg likes this.
  20. Brohg Augur

    a potential reason to not do that would be to hopefully get a killshot proc on one of the PCs

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