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  1. Tucoh Augur

    Just what I've casually seen while doing RoS/EoK content.

    Once I finish doing EoK progression on a few of my characters, get them to 110, get their new spells and high value AAs I'll probably do another benchmark where I go stomp scorpiki in OT or maybe run a named hunting circuit in Sathir's Tomb for half an hour and make an attempt at steady, even and high attention killing.
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  2. Vinjin New Member

    Keeping tabs on this thread. I main a Necro while botting a Druid and Beastlord. Would like to see your setup, spell lineup, etc for the Beastlord. I didn't see it included in the original post but if I missed it, my apologies.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    So the reason I haven't posted anything for the beastlord is because my setup with him is a mess :D He's on the same account as the mage, and I've found the mage's Call of the Hero spell is too useful to go without, even with how much the beastlord helps my melee team.

    But my current setup just has him assisting the warrior and spamming all his abilities. I have a macro that matches the shaman and targets different mobs on the ETW then casts his three DoTs. I have another macro for focused paragon.

    This thread is probably much more useful on how to play a beastlord:
  4. Tucoh Augur

    So I finally attempted End of Empire this weekend, which is something I've been building up toward as it looked like a significant challenge for a boxed team. I attempted it with the warrior having a mix of T1/T2 RoS and T2 EoK group gear, and everyone else in mostly EoK group gear and a smattering of RoS group gear. My team was war/brd/ber/sha/mag/cle.

    I figured it'd take a bunch of attempts and I had hoped to beat it by the end of the weekend, but I almost beat it the first try, and got it the second attempt. I did it another half dozen times throughout the weekend, and someone asked me to layout what I learned. A lot of this stuff is probably obvious to those who aren't boxing it and are able to uhh, pay more attention. And it's probably very obvious to the many people doing the raids and getting very intimate with the encounter with other players. But for boxers who are managing healing, DPS, tanking, aggro, moving the group etc at the same time, a lot can go unnoticed in the chaos.

    Besides the info here:

    . This fight isn't that hard as long as you don't make any mistakes :D The enemy mobs don't do a great deal of melee damage and don't have a lot of HP, but you have quite a few things going on simultaneously that creates room for error for a boxed group. Groups without enough damage to kill the Soulfeasters before getting overrun by chokidai will have a harder time than other groups.

    . The NPCs can take some abuse and deal about 40k DPS each. They also generate a lot of aggro (and I think they taunt?) I buffed them all with Swift Like the Wind and Unity (shaman), Assurance/Shining Fortress (cleric). I actually stopped buffing Lcea Katta with haste because it seemed like she got wasted much easier than the others, but that could be my patriarchy speaking.

    . The effect I dreaded the most (and set up gina triggers for) was the Virulent Toxin effect. Any debuff that requires me to split the group up is a real PITA, especially if I want them together to avoid ground effects like the meteor. But in the handful of times I beat the event (and the many times I failed it!) I haven't gotten a single Virulent Toxin cast on my group. Whether it's broken, I killed the mobs before some pre-set time or I'm just lucky I don't know.

    . The Doomhammer effect was also not a big deal, and usually seemed to expire after I killed Hegron anyway. I ignored Hegron's Hammer Smash attack and just let my group eat it.

    . You 100% need levitate or the meteors will launch your team right into Talendor's mouth.

    . I'm not sure what triggers the meteors, but they always seemed to start when the Veteran wave was at around 40% health. I've started burning on the veterans on the assumption that the meteor script starts a set number of seconds (~20) after they spawn.

    . The toughest part of the encounter is the when the Soulfeasters spawn. A lot of stuff happens simultaneously including the meteors, Hegron running in, and Chokidai running wild. I also seem to get snared on the first meteor wave. For me the toughest part of this phase is the fact that the Chokidai drop aggro. I'm used to having aggro on all the mobs in my ETW, but the NPCs break that paradigm in this event, so it gets hard for me to keep track of which mobs are safely beating up Praetor Dennis and which ones are mauling my healer instead. Harmonious Expanse helps, but next time I do this event I'm going to pop Wade Into Battle when the chokidai spawn. I might also pop my shaman's Spirit of Urgency, but that might just add more confusion.

    . The last time I beat it, the NPCs blitzed the ramp on the soulfeaster/chokidai phase, and also picked up Warleader Hegron when he jumped in. I don't know why they did this, but it was very helpful. Next time I do this, I want to move the first wave to the front of the ramp, and then on the soulfeaster wave I'll bring my group behind them and solo pull the soulfeasters.

    . I don't know if there's a right place to fight that avoids Talendor's aura and the meteors, but I found it easy to either click the shield OR move the group around. Talendor friggs off when Hegron gets to ~30% health, at which point I'm guessing I could move the group inside, but the fight is usually over by this time.

    . This event motivated me to create a team-wide binding that pops all my characters defensive cooldowns, which is something I've sort of ignored up to this point. So in the middle of the veteran phase my bard pops hymn of the last stand, the shaman pops ancestral guard, my berserker pops silentstrikes etc (I'm skipping a bunch of abilities here). I was actually surprised by being unable to find anything like Ancestral Guard for my cleric? The only thing he had was some kind of spell reflect.

    . The berserker actually makes balancing mobs harder because every 60 seconds he can deal a huge % of the mob's health in damage with Dichotomic Rage. I'm considering disabling that ability in his multi-bind in this encounter and manually activating it.

    . I've mostly ignored the abilities Responsive Spirit and Divine Response, but maybe they have a lot to offer in this fight.

    . The meteors/hammer smash knockback can make keeping your characters following properly difficult. Higher FPS makes /follow work much better. I use stick figures on my five boxes, and in this event I set everyone's draw distance to its minimum. Even still I had issues with my group bugging out follow to where they run around in circles around their target, so I disabled the big run speed buffs (selos, communion of the cheetah) to keep things more stable.

    That's about all I can think of that I learned that a boxed group might want to know. Any advice on how to improve my performance in this encounter is welcome. I really do enjoy this fight because it's a good break from the typical tank-n-spank and forces me to improve my skills, but also isn't an event that is super annoying with a boxed group (Like Damsel of Decay)
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