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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tucoh, May 6, 2017.

  1. Tucoh Augur

    NFW: Nature's Fiery Wrath (replaced by Nature's Blistering Wrath)
    Stacking: Nature's Blazing Wrath 24
    1: Decrease Current HP by 27666
    2: Decrease Current HP by 29120 per tick

    FA: Focus of Arcanum

    1: Decrease Spell Resist Rate by 1% to 50%
    2: Limit Max Level: 110 (lose 100% per level)
    3: Limit Type: Exclude Combat Skills
    4: Limit Type: Detrimental
  2. Zamiam Augur

    lol you would think Focus of Arcanum would be FoA .thats what threw me off ..
    thx Tucoh ..
  3. Tucoh Augur

    So one big change in ToV is damage shields are getting a big buff. I took a look through what changed and combined that with previous damage shields that were signifcant and tabulated them together.

    Obviously Wrath of the Wild with a 100k, 10 hit damage shield will output an extraordinary 1million damage, but the 100% uptime damage shields are still sizable. Groups that include some combinations of mages, druids, rangers and bards will get a consistent 20-30k damage shield maintained on their tank, which should provide significant DPS when tanking groups of mobs. I haven't parsed Exothermic Veil, but I'm presuming the 13110dmg defensive proc has some focusability or critical hit chance. I haven't looked at if there is a new alchemical damage shield or not.

    Other than keeping whatever long-term buff I have up, I've been ignoring damage shields for a while now. Will have to take a closer look come ToV, especially if I'm blowing up huge groups of mobs.
  4. Tucoh Augur

    Got this Q:
    I agree with your take.

    If I could switch classes, I would switch from a warrior to an SK for an expansion just to try it and probably try a paladin the next time. It'd be fun even if I had to redo my epic, reget all the AAs and get new visible armor.

    Like you say, warriors' tankability is 95% based on mitigation / HP pool buffs, where as both SK and Paladin have a good split of mitigation/HP pool and self-healing. So warriors start to get really good when they have a lot of healing backup and take in a lot of damage, and knights get really good when they have less healing coming in.

    What this means is that my war/brd/sha/3x ber team, for example, might be generally better if I swapped out my warrior for a shadowknight that could take care of itself as the shaman either DoTs, debuffs, CCs or is otherwise occupied, but that my group with a sha/cle both healing the warrior will survive some situations where a knight would not.

    That being said, there are a few things that make warrior really strong in either the team I have or yours:

    * Warrior's dual wielding delivers 90%(last time I parsed it) the auto-attack DPS as 2H, while providing excellent mitigation (defensive proficiency: 10: Increase Melee Mitigation by 12%, 13: Absorb Melee Damage: 5%, Max Per Hit: 2000 + shield AC / blocking VS dual wield proficiency: 5: Increase Chance to Parry by 40%, 6: Decrease Chance to Dodge by 30%, 10: Increase Melee Mitigation by 6%). Warriors, while grouping, can spend most of their time in dual wield mode even while tanking difficult mobs, where they will easily out damage knights who may be forced into using a shield. I don't know what the disparity in mitigation/damage there is for knights using shield / 2h.

    * Almost all of warrior's damage comes auto-attack, which is highly influenced by ADPS, if you build a melee ADPS group it'll be hard for knights to out DPS warrios

    *I don't know if knights get an ability like Concordant Expanse, but it's huge for boxing with a warrior because it pumps out a PBAE aggro effect for every heal and has 100% uptime. This means that if you're boxing and are on your healer and need your warrior to aggro something, you may be able to pop them with a heal instead of switching to the warrior. Knights also get AE aggro spells (I don't know what they are) so this point may not be that strong.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    Not really sure what to think. Beating the missions in TBL was a huge accomplishment that took prep, adjustment and elevation of my characters and skills. The missions in ToV are so absurdly easy that I was able to just breeze through them without getting any of the new spells, equipping the new gear, getting more than just a few AA to drop below the cap or even fix my UI that's all messed up. I could probably have done them back when I finished RoS. Hell, I don't even know how most of the mechanics in the fights work. I wasn't even paying attention in whatever the Kael fight was with the ice monster, just to dare the thing to kill me and give me a reason to care about what was going on.

    I paid for this expansion on six accounts so I'll at least do the partisan quests, but with no challenging content, building up my character just feels like a waste of time and the entire expansion feels like a child's toy.
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  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    This is the pendulum swing, Tucoh. One expansion is tough, the next is easy. You are part of the top 1% of players. Challenging you means a significant portion of the playerbase won't complete the content by the next expansion. Sorry you feel it was a waste of time.
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  7. Tucoh Augur

    When was the last easy expansion? I came back to EQ in TBM.
    • Anashti Sul, Lady of Life (TBM)
    • End of Empire/Talendor (EoK)
    • Veeshan's Peak (RoS)
    • Strange Magic/Lava Trial(TBL)
    were all challenging encounters in expansions with other challenging content. I didn't do them when they were current, but VoA, RoF, CotF and TDS all seemed challenging too.
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  8. ezoz New Member

    I feel lile thats exactly why they had to do a easy one. Dont get me wrong. I lile the last xpacs. However, all of them got alot of flak for being tough. They had to do a easy one just so they could go see u dont like it even more when its easy. Next expac gonna be insane difficult. They juat gotta Balance and being able to say there reading fourm. Gues its time for you to start a pally dru chanter wizx3 team : )
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Heh. Trust me the people who though TBL was too hard are not going to complain about ToV being too easy.
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  10. aozs Lorekeeper

    Not sure why an entire expansion has to be hard or easy. There are definitely ways to create multiple challenge levels in a single expansion.

    One approach is as simple as having difficult achievements for Challenger, like Three at Once.
    Another could be to have hard mode versions of missions which grant increased rewards.
    Another could be to just have difficult missions that aren't required for progression.

    It's unfortunate to hear that it's kind of a cakewalk. I was hoping for something along the lines of TBL challenger, at least. Maybe there will be some adjustments by the time I get around to playing ToV, or maybe I'll end up making a new caster team for kicks
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  11. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Remember, it's a cakewalk for TUCOH. He is a min/maxer that studies and understands how classes, spells, discs, and abilities work in concert. He is part of an elite minority who faceroll content designed for the average player. He wants a challenge. Which is fine. But serving his desire for a challenge will far surpass the median player's ability.
  12. Ashian Augur

    Tucoh — as others have mentioned, your experience is unique. Only one group on my entire server has beaten the Avatar of War mission, and only one other group has beaten Seeking the Sorcerer. Many have tried, most have lost experience and decided to try again at level 115 with new gear. For these people, the missions are unbeatable. I agree that I wish they were harder, but you and I are not the target audience.

    Similarly, I witnessed a 20 person raid force (I know most of the players in the guild) progress through Tower of Frozen Shadow. They spent a couple hours on the first floor and even wiped once or twice to a named. They then spent ~3 hours on the 2nd floor (one of the easiest) where they wiped at least once again. Meanwhile, a different raid of 12 characters (partially raid geared) got so frustrated with ToFS floor 3 that they left, having lost more experience than they gained. While this content was incredibly daunting for these two raid forces, me and my pre-set team of six have completed all of ToFS levels (including hunter).

    The point: You simply cannot compare your experience to that of others. You crush content at a rate that is 10x - 50x (yes 50x) that of other players.
  13. Tucoh Augur

    What server?

    Loot aside, you get so much XP from beating those two missions the first time that I'm surprised by this. Any group that beat TBL challenger would find those two missions an easy level's worth of XP.
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  14. Ashian Augur

    Vox server. Very few people on the server completed TBL challenger. Was too hard to get them all, mostly driven by smoke trials. The server consists of a lot of new players and a lot of groupers / casual players / boxers (it is the server that is promoted in the server select screen). Crescent Reach always seems to have 10+ new characters in it and there are a handful of people leveling their way up.

    I completely agree that the experience from the Hero’s Achievement makes doing these missions incredibly worthwhile. Not to mention the Restless Luminous Ice reward. However — people simply can’t beat them. So they could put whatever reward they’d like and it wouldn’t change.

    Look, a lot of it comes down to the tank. With a really strong tank (best in slot gear, evolving chase items, full type 5 augs, tears of Alaris, etc.), content is remarkably easier. Conversely, if you have a 6300ac tank that is using purchased type 5 augs, you’re going to get CRUSHED by the dps from Avatar of War and adds. Don’t care how great your dps is or if you have five healers, you’ll eventually get rounded and the group will wipe. Many people lack a tank that can manage the damage output of this magnitude.

    Despite what I wrote above, I don’t think the event should be made easier. I’d personally benefit if it were made more difficult because my group can win comfortably in its current form. But I don’t think it is a fair assumption that groupers are steamrolling this content.
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  15. Tucoh Augur

  16. Maui New Member

    Tucoh I know its lazy of me but I really liked your previous UI. Care to upload it again? I am UI newb and haven't tried fixing it.
  17. Tucoh Augur

    With a fresh-from-TBL group (no ToV skills / gear):

    Icebound Avatar of War in 512s, 563.5m @1100496 |
    Tucoh@(268.5k in 512s) |
    Tucos@(269.5k in 508s) |
    Tucoganesh@(228.9k in 510s) |
    Tucovati@(217.7k in 510s) |
    Tucob@(91693 in 510s) |

    Still wish I knew a good way to boost my berserker's DPS =\ I was hoping to get closer to 400k from Tucos (BiS TBL group gear), not 270k. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  18. Tucoh Augur


    Thanks for reminding me, I wanted to post about my new UI. I modified it a bit since I last posted about it, and had to reintegrate Sparxx' ToV beta UI.

    The big thing I added (Or rather, Syylke added for me) to Sparxx was a red background on my player window (for my warrior / berserkers), target of target window and party window. What this means is that when I take dmg, my ToT takes dmg (usually a player, I don't have ToT shown on my healers) or my party takes damage a big bright red bar blasts me in the face and gets my attention. My opinion as a former raid healer is that this is hugely beneficial for everybody, but it's especially great for boxers whose focus is spread very thin.


    I also added some different target graphics. It's close to what I want which is just arrows that point right at the center of whatever I'm fighting. One of the key details is getting the warrior RIGHT on the center of the mob so your follow boxes will be facing the mob, and all the targeting rings make it hard to see where that center is.

    Tagging Syylke and Leigo because we were talking about this red bar background.
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  19. Leigo Augur

    The added background to the hp gauges are a good addition. I may add that to the optionals folder on the sparxx ui.
  20. Rakan New Member

    I have boxed for several years but usually just to grind AA and kill the occasional named. Never really worried about boxing progression (did that with groups) or really pushing the limits. My regular group has since faded though and I am thinking it could be fun to try and box all the progression this time around (or next time once I get a box group established)

    Currently I run a Bst, Berz, Bard, Shaman. Bst and zerker have RoS era raid gear and the rest are in TBL group.

    I am thinking about adding two boxes but not certain what to add yet.

    Historically I let the BST pet tank but I would definitely want to add a tank - just not sure which one

    for the last group I am debating between another DPS - Probably another zerker or rogue - or a chanter for CC / buffs / and a little extra padding via runes.

    Any brilliant insight or advice?

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