Tuco's Setup (Critique Welcome!)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tucoh, May 6, 2017.

  1. Tucoh Augur

    I've had a few people ask me to create a video of setting up inner space boxer, so I figure I'll do that this weekend. Right now I'm planning on rolling a new level 1 sk, mage and druid and recording the process of setting up a team, different EQ configs, hotkeys, window layouts etc from scratch. I'm just going to create some shared hotkeys for keys 1-5 ex:
    1: attack mob
    2: heal sk
    3: buff
    4: follow sk
    5: stop follow

    Any special requests beyond that?
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  2. Anhur Journeyman

    I'm looking forward to watching! I'm unsure if your intention is to do this but the only 'request' I'd submit is that, if possible, to include voice rather than just video - audio descriptions/insight in to what's going on will probably make this type of video vastly more successful across EQ.
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  3. Demendred Journeyman

    Looking forward to this, this is the three box I am trying atm.
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  4. Tucoh Augur

    So instead of making that tutorial video I woke up and played my mage team instead. Here's a quick vid of them finishing the ol' Dead Hills "3 instances in one lessons burn" hat trick with Into the Hills.

    I originally had a cleric (Tucoheart) in my mage team with the idea that their immense healing capability would be necessary to survive some of the trickier late game combat situations that had AE DoTs and what not, but I got tempted by the promise of yuge fire ADPS so when I hit 85 I swapped him out for a druid (Tucotree).

    The key parts of the setup I have are unchanged from before:
    1. I have a hotkey for each mage that has them send their pet at a different ETW (1-4) so if I pull 4 mobs the pets should split evenly between them. If I pull 3 mobs, two of the pets will attack ETW#1, and the other two will split on ETW2 and ETW3.

    2. The druid contributes via his nukes, swarm pets, remote manaflux, group heal and has a targeted heal. If I'm playing him correctly he also uses his fire debuff along with Tucoearth's malo and Tucocapt's tash to really open up a mob to damage.

    3. I'm hoping that a combination of chaotic boon, Theft of Essence, random healing from the druid and the TBL challenger augs (late game...) along with the distributed pet system + CC make it possible to keep the pets nice and healed in most situations without the druid having to try and play whack-a-mole with their healing abilities. So far I've been a little disappointed by how frequently Chaotic Boon triggers, and that I don't think (could be wrong?) it is smart about healing the primary pets vs the swarm of mobs I have.

    4. Right now 3 mages are f2p and don't have swarm pet discipline, so the many swarm pets they have aren't really used much. I'm looking forward to taking them gold soon, getting pet discipline and trying to organize their swarm pets in such a way to maximize use of X of Many spells. One mage is gold and the difference between them and their autogranted AAs is starting to show. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stand the discrepancy and lack of swarm pet discipline.

    5. A big part of what I'm working on now is just to try to keep all the different buffs up like carapace of the reptile, chaotic boon, symbiosis etc. Along with keeping mod rods and molten orbs up. I'm guessing this will just get harder the higher I go.

    Any comments or questions are welcome. My enchanter and druid skills and knowledge is dumpster tier, but I'm learning.

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  5. Tarvas Augur

    I feel like you need 4 rangers, an enchanter, and a shaman in your life. :)
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  6. Tucoh Augur

    I'd get so much done around the house from having to take a med break every two minutes for the rangers.

    But seriously, bst + sha + enc+ 3x rng would be an interesting group. I don't know what they'd do better than any other sensible combo, their powerful DoTs would be wasted
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  7. Dreadmore Augur

    have your gameplay and strategy changed much from any recent changes, especially nerfs?
  8. skabe Elder

    this almost makes me laugh ... should rather say if i have programmed him properly since you rely so heavily on third party software
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  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    The envy is strong with this one.
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  10. Tucoh Augur

    Nah. One of the benefits of a conventional and diverse six box team that has different classes is you are fairly insulated from particular nerfs. Though I am bracing to see what the next expansion has for my 4x mage and 3x berserker groups. I doubt the berserkers will be impacted much but there are a few key things my mages rely on that might just get left behind.
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  11. Voxynn Elder

    Since when is truth.. considered envy ?

    Curious, very curious.
  12. Tucoh Augur

    I actually improved my druid's usage of fire debuffing this morning by a lot. I switched to a setup where keys 1,2,3,4 broadcast to all my chars. They hit an EQ macro to cause my druid, enchanter and one mage to stop casting, target etw1,2,3,4 and hit blessing of ro, tash and malo. I also added a gina trigger to whine whenever i get a resist.

    Doing these two things has dramatically improved my debuffing. Let me know if you have any more laughs about this setup, because it's really just a broadcasted key.
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  13. Whulfgar Augur

    no its much much more then that. The fact of that which proves its much more is you have openly admitted you would not play EQ with out the 3rd party software you use to box.

    You do not box organically like some do.
  14. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Your reply is only validation of my observation. Be well, my green friend.
  15. skabe Elder

    Envy because I don't pay for third party software ?!?! or use it ?!?!
    I have been tab boxing up to 6 accounts since 2001. Been aware of third party software availability for almost as long. I do use some of them myself, just none that have any effect in game. (Gamparse, GINA, etc.)
    Even did my research to see just what it could do in game so I would be able to recognize when it was being used. If I wanted to I could "stretch" the rules and do exactly what Tucoh does and probably more
    I just made an ethical decision to not resort to using it. Also to keep that added challenge to what is after all an easy simple game, and to not seek any advantage that can't be earned by playing it.
    Call me old fashioned but even if DBG doesn't consider limited use of third party software as "cheating" ... I do. We will just have to agree to disagree on this.
  16. Dreadmore Augur

    so not envy, but elitism
  17. Tucoh Augur

    That all makes total sense to me.

    EQ is like any other game, it's what we make of it. Establishing boundaries (gina/gamparse, but no inner space for you, gina/gamparse/inner space for me) for what you think is both fun and allowable and then doing everything you can to maximize your lethality within those boundaries is what EQ, and many other games are all about.

    Personally I have no problem admitting at least a little bit of envy for the people running some form of macro quest. I've avoided using it (or even seriously looking at it) for basically the exact reasons you avoided using inner space, but I bet that there are some things that are pretty challenging and tedious that I do in EQ that would be totally alleviated if I had it. Beyond thinking it's a step too far for me, I also think if I jumped in that hole I'd ruin the fun of the game by automating everything until I'm just sitting there drinking coffee watching my team run around.
  18. skabe Elder

    Purist maybe ... elitism not.

    Part of the reason I drew the line where I did is that back in the day people were grossly abusing and using third party software to cheat. Suspensions and bans happened. Some people didn't want to be associated with anyone that used any third part software at all, others didn't give a rats . Obviously I was in the latter camp.
    Change is a universal constant. What is acceptable today, may end up being unacceptable tomorrow. Sometimes it is rapid, sometimes slow to happen. Sometimes it has to swing to both polar opposites to find a middle ground.
    Some people only care about the journey, others only care about the destination.
  19. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Potato, potatoe.

    I had this whole diatribe about how you're wrong. Then I woke up from this terrible dream and went on to enjoy my EverQuest game time. Be well!
  20. Asnjas1 New Member

    Feel sorry for the guy taking time to argue against the boxing program only to recieve 1 sentence responses not listening or addressing anything being said.

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