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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tucoh, May 6, 2017.

  1. IblisTheMage Augur

    So, I made an excel sheet to try to sync the 6 team members pull sequence, so that all effects land at 2,7 sec after broadcasting the keystroke to Pull. An everybody-pulls-the-same-mob-synchronization effort...

    Some toons have a short pause up front to secure this timing, it varies depending on gear and AA.

    Mage 1
    Pause 0,7

    Mage 2 & 3
    Acronite Malosinata (casting time 2,7)

    Pause 0,7
    Slowing Helix - AA

    Don’t know yet... maybe he should shift to the melody including nuke here...

    Pause 0,2

    If mob is longer than a second to arrive, everybody is ready to send pets in on the Engage key broadcast.

    The thing that I like is that all casts land at the same time, and that there after this instant only is a seconds worth of casts left, so I can be done fast with Engage and get to the DPS rotation.

    Maybe I should let mal hit 0,1 before, I just realize...

    I will make a small video when the rest of the setup is ready...
  2. Tucoh Augur

    Got this PM:
    The answer partially depends on:
    1. What you want to play.
    2. Who you'll be playing with.

    If you really love druids, and your brother (or whatever) plays a cleric, that'll drive your decision on which char to box more than anything else.

    But if you don't have any preferences or any grouping constraints there are a few really good duo boxes. Note that this is all my opinion because it's been a long time since I duo'd. I also have limited experience with pal/sk/wiz/rog/mnk. My criteria for good duo boxes is largely: DPS, survivability and versatility.

    S Rank:
    SK/Bard: Good DPS, great survivability, great versatility
    Mag/Enc or Mag/Brd: Great DPS, good survivability, OK versatility

    A Rank:
    SK/Berserker: Great DPS, good survivability, OK versatility
    War/Bard: Good DPS, Good survivability, good versatility
    SK/Sha or War/Sha: Good DPS, great survivability, OK versatility
    Mag/Dru: Good DPS, good survivability, OK versatility

    Note that with less ambitious box setups, warriors get an edge over SK because they are easier to box. You can just pull -> pop defensive abilities -> hit aggro stuff + autoattack and switch over to your other character until you kill a target and need to switch up.

    Additionally on less ambitious setups mages get an edge over melee classes because their pet will hold aggro on their own and the mage can have an 8 second (or so) macro to cast a few spells before needing to be activated again.

    So on less ambitious setups, I'd recommend mag/enc, mag/brd, war/brd and war/sha. Though I'll recommend even unambitious boxers give inner space a try. You'll be spending quite a few hours playing this game and setting up inner space will make that time much more fun.
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  3. IblisTheMage Augur

    Trying to make life dificult for myself, so I ordered a 20+ button mouse today (Logitecg g600), and planning to migrate to:


    This will be far from optimal, and way too complex to play optimally, but a lot of fidling and planning, so that is fun.

    I also got my Fletching up to make 1hb for pets on the go, to take advantage from feralisata, thinking that sk will focus on 1hb/2hb as well.

    I am wondering if there is good tailor-crafted rogue/bst gear that is a tier below conflagrant, to beef up pets in a somewhat affordable manner. Conflagrant is too expensive to use on pets :). Any ideas are welcome! (I found Bleakwood Tonfa for pets, which is well above summoned, and well below conflagrant in cost). Key is that I can make it on the go (and get the occasional skillup).

    Mana should be abundant, lots of pets to max out Of Many, dps should be ok, tanking ditto, two toons can FD, track is fine, adps is fine, especially for meleeing toons and main pets, aggro management should be fine. I am ok with not having optimal dps, what I am going after is survivability, which I hope will be fine. I have a chanter to swap in if CC becomes an issue, but I hope it doesn’t...
  4. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I think your DPS will be great. Some will depend on how fast you can AA the BST. They get AAs that reduce resist rates alot on their mana hog DOTs. For the group geared BST with alot of resist thats a big kick in the ballz mana wise.
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  5. Tucoh Augur

    The G600 is great. It's what I use. I recently ordered a replacement for it after several years of heavy usage and when I shopped around for a competitor I found that the G600 had one advantage no other high-button mouse has: a secondary bind feature (They call it G Shift). This allows those 20+ buttons to effectively become 40+ buttons, which you kind of need when you're trying to get good usage out of the many different things your characters can do.

    Just trying to cycle slows, malo, alliance, of many, feralisata, DoTs, pet attacks etc is a lot of random actions that binding to your mouse makes a lot faster.
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  6. Tucoh Augur

    Received this question and am pretty unsure of the answer, wondering if anyone has some ideas.

    Good question. None of the classes I use have those targetted AEs very much (I use the AA Wind of Malaise for Malo). A few of my classes have targetted AEs, but I don't know which classes rely on it heavily besides necro's very excellent Remote Sphere of Blight.

    [58141/9734] Remote Sphere of Blight Rk. III
    1: Aura Effect: Blight Effect III (PCIObNecS22L109EchoDmgPulseRk3)
    Places an aura at a spot of your choosing that will periodically cast *$1%N on all enemies within it.

    [58144] Blight Effect III
    1: Decrease Current HP by 129333

    I do know programs like AutoHotkey allow you to program mouse key clicks (I did this with Baldur's Gate of all things to allow me to cast spells quickly), but I haven't used it for anything like this.
  7. Eroa New Member

    Hey, man wondering if i could pick your brain. I run a 6 box war, cle, druid, chanter, mage, wiz. Sustain 500k with just black wolf iog. Burst 2 mil. Love the ports and coth. But watching your zerker and war dps has made me think about rolling up a sham brd zerk war mage cle. Is the dps that much better?
  8. Tucoh Augur

    If you replaced your druid/chanter/mage/wiz with say, sha/bard/ber/ber, you'd spend a tremendous amount of effort getting your team rebuilt for what would only be potentially moderate improvement. You'd sacrifice quite a bit of mobility from coth / ports and would also be required to keep your melee on point by facing the mob and being in melee range. I can't say whether your damage would be better because it's setup / skill dependent and I have never run a caster group.

    I would only recommend you try it out if you think you'd enjoy rebuilding a different team or want a break from your current setup. I recently leveled a 4x mage / cle / enc group for that reason. Otherwise I'd wager that your time would be better invested in improving your setup / skill with your current team or improving their gear/AAs.

    One thing I've found that helps me reach new plateaus is doing different missions / achievements / raids. If you haven't done the TBL Challenger achievement yet I'd recommend doing it. I parsed the http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=134830 on my mage and found the healing from it is tremendous. Before that aug melee classes had a big advantage over casters in that their heal sticks provide healing support, but my mage procs 6-36k heals with it. You get your druid/chanter/mage/wiz all running with that aug and you'll get into the same situation I was in a couple years ago when I realized my cleric wasn't useful except in specific circumstances and then you can swap it in for another wizard or mage. That'll not only increase your damage substantially, but will add a new dimension of life-leech gameplay where if you're engaged with a tough mob but aren't actively blowing it up, your warrior will die. It makes for really fun gameplay when you can't just out-heal most damage by spamming group heal on your cleric.
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  9. kizant Augur

    That remote healing aug is nice but remember that wizards and enchanters cant crit heals so don't expect too much from those classes.
  10. Tucoh Augur

    You're telling me my berserker can proc a 27k heal crit with his healing aug and an enchanter can't? That's really surprising and is good evidence for why people should take anything I say about wizards and enchanters with a grain of salt.
  11. kizant Augur

    Well we briefly can with Auspice or FE. That's probably how it's happening with your zerker too?
  12. Tucoh Augur

    Must be. I don't have the logs I used to create this chart of my zerker's healing procs:

    But there aren't as many crits in it compared to this chart of my mage's healing procs:

    I also don't know how
    [56186/1752] Rigelon's Reckless Renewal
    1: Increase Chance to Critical Heal by 25% up to level 110 (lose 10% per level)
    2: Increase Chance to Critical HoT by 25% up to level 110 (lose 10% per level)

    impacts proc heals either, but I always run that on my bard. Last time I parsed it, it increased heal crits from my cleric by 33%!
  13. kizant Augur

    I don't know a lot about zerkers but it would explain things. It also looks like druid white wolf might work as well but the group version is on the same timer as black wolf so that's not really an option. Replacing the druid with a bard in that group would probably be a good idea tbh.
  14. Eroa New Member

    Thanks for the response. Time is not my friend with college amd work, and i like my group but my warrior is my main. And i get jelly seeing warrios dps with better adps haha. Ive almost got challenger done. Just gotta get my mage gold for a month for pet tankability aa. Warrior and wizzard always gold. Other 4 only gold to get relevant aa then back to ftp. I might try what you did and swap the cleric for a dps. In my case probaly a or mage. I happy with there burns, i think i need to look into chaining other dps abilities instead of just blcl wlf iog because there sustain is where i see the dps drop.
  15. Tucoh Augur

    Had a question from someone looking for some advice with their war / brd / cle / sha / rng / bst team, that they think isn't putting out the kind of DPS they are hoping for. Their main is a ranger.

    One of the teams I ran for a while as my "high dps melee team" was very similar to your team, just swap the cleric for a berserker. I chose that team because it had all the melee ADPS that I hoped would stack up to stupid high values.

    Turns out it did, and I'm able to put out some substantial burst damage with them. However, most of the damage comes from the berserker, with ranger doing good burst damage but getting passed by the warrior for sustained damage, especially when his mana inevitably ran out despite getting the beastlord's paragon + bard's impressive mana regen. The beastlord never got the kind of damage I had hoped out of him

    You main a ranger so you're almost certainly better at figuring out how to properly play it than I ever got, and I kind of feel like playing a beastlord and a ranger are similar, so you might have a better understanding on how to play the beastlord too. I think the core problems you and I have with getting good usage out of our rng/bst/sha are primarily related to DoTs, specifically:

    1. They are hard to use when six-boxing.

    2. Are rarely effective when you've got a well-built six-box team that should be killing mobs in 15 seconds. Mages can just wing out spears to do decent damage, warriors can auto-attack and berserkers can alpha-strike with their dozen instant cast, no GCD abilities. But even if you bone crawler swarm a mob on the way in, it's going to get two ticks of damage before it's dead. A good bst/rng/sha will cast them on mobs you're not focusing, but that's even harder to do while boxing.

    3. When you're boxing, there aren't as many random AFKs for people to talk, take breaks etc. You're just going as hard as you can for as long as you can. So for rangers (or bst/sha using DoTs frequently) mana can drain and stay drained until you stop killing. And if you're trying to deal as much damage as possible to farm as many mobs as possible (Path of Exile style), stopping is the death of efficacy.

    I don't have any good advice for you. I recently leveled up 2 berserkers to replace my beastlord/ranger for the precise problems you're having. If your main is a ranger I think the beastlord is your best friend due to paragon. You could try swapping out your cleric with a berserker, but that'll substantially reduce your survivability in tough fights. Fellowship / rotting loot makes it easy to have two different characters share an account, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth it.
  16. enclee Augur

    How often are you finding yourself revising your set-up?

    Also, as a side note for anyone who enjoys boxing and fantasy rpgs, try Divinity Original Sin or Divinity Original Sin 2.
  17. Tucoh Augur

    I have a list of ideas and todos that's currently about 30 items long. I chew on it regularly.

    I really loved https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divinity_II but it's a very different game than the new divinity games.
  18. Whulfgar Augur

    What's your current grp high dps setup
  19. Tucoh Augur

    war/brd/sha/ber/rng/bst, but while I was grinding GMM to level my evolving items I leveled up two new berserkers that may potentially replace the rng/bst. They are fresh 110s with mostly TBL/GMM gear.

    The setup I have to track their alliance spell is sick. I have a GINA bar for each bladestrike proc and when it fulminates the "MULTI KILL" soundbyte from unreal tournament plays. I'll show it off when I renew my subs next.
  20. kenshon Journeyman

    Tucoh -- Just want to say that your posts were the bedrock for me to get my group team up, so thank you!

    Like the other poster, I also run a ranger main, primarily b/c once he was 110, it was the only way I could level up the rest of my toons from lvl 85 efficiently without xping for an eternity or spending oodles on PLs. Plus, his bluster/flusters were important for ghetto-cc'ing, especially with an underleveled war (who couldn't tank efficiently) and an underleveled bard (who couldn't land a mez to save the team).

    I'm gonna move out of FM and try GMM now on your and others' advice, and that might be the beginning of the end for the ranger. Ranger worked well for me when I could park him in one spot and alt-tab every now and then to retarget, hit his macros and kick off a pureshot blitz.

    GMM looks like there might be a bit of traveling around zones to hunt, and the idea of traveling from mob to mob, separating my ranger to distance him to autofire, and then to auto-follow again sounds like a giant massive pain.

    Is war/brd/ber/sha/cle/mag still your best well-rounded recommendation?

    Or do you like your triple-ber setup? Who's healing in that situation...the shaman?

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