Tuco's Setup (Critique Welcome!)

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  1. Tucoh Augur

    So here's my setup. My hope is to collect it all in one place, get some criticism on it to improve, and maybe help teach someone else a few things.

    I five box a warrior (main) Tucoh, bard Tucob, cleric Tucop, mage Lusa and berserker Tucos. I usually have a cleric merc as backup.

    The tools I use in my setup are Gina and I S Boxer. The latter is used to transmit key presses to my cleric, mage and berserker. I'm able to control my warrior/bard, and spam keys to control the cleric, berserker and mage.

    My cleric, mage and berserker all have similar key bindings, specifically:
    T: Assist
    G: Cooldowns 1
    B: Cooldowns 2
    Q: Spam1
    E: Spam2
    1: Spam3

    In the mage/cleric case, one of the spam buttons is used as a spell multibind.

    I primarily switch between my warrior (When fighting) and my bard (When pulling).The below image is a pic I took from my phone of my monitor setup. It's pretty much just whatever monitors I had laying around. I have a 3x3 setup at work that I might copy here later. I've tried using I S Boxer's swapping features, but I prefer to have all my characters visible at all times.
    I use a modified Sparxx UI. Most of my modifications are focused on reducing features I don't care about and Increasing the size of health bars. I often have to utilize my peripheral vision to know when I get random aggro or lose it for whatever reason. Overall my UI is a bit of a mess, and fixing it is very time consuming and boring.

    A key part of my UI is integration with Gina, which I have triggers for my defensive and offensive cooldowns. I also have audible timers for when my defensive cooldowns drop. So if Pain Doesn't Hurt drops, I know to pop Brace for Impact. Or if Quicktime drops I know to cast Untamed Rage on my zerker.

    I thought about updating everyone's magelo but I think it'd be a waste of time to look at. Basically everyone is fully T2 group geared. The warrior, bard and zerker stack dex, the mage stacks int, the cleric stacks wisdom. The warrior has almost all the good group augs, everyone else is pretty haggard. The bard and warrior have their epics, the berserker does not.
  2. Tucoh Augur

    I started out with Zaknaffein's setup. My approach is to collect all the mobs with stormstrike/rampage/Roar of Challenge, pop my defensive cooldowns, and then tightly group the mobs and focus on my DPS.

    Generally I pop just enough cooldowns to have a near-zero chance of death while still being able to use my 2H weapon. Because of buff stacking I think of def cooldowns in the following groups that don't stack with each other
    Front Mitigation: Pain Doesn't Hurt > Brace for Impact > CotF Breastplate > Diplo Papers
    Rear Mitigation: dichotomic > warrior's Bulwark
    Front Mitigation: Anguish BP > Warlord's Bravery
    Disc: Last Stand > Stout
    Invuln: Flash + Furious/Foritude
    Items: Blooddrinker's Coating, Necromatic Dragonbone, Silken Trilium, Overflowing Urn of Life, Horn of Unity
    Misc AA: Blade Guardian, Second Spire, Hold the Line (I rarely use because DPS), Resplendent Glory
    anti casters: Mark of the Mage, geomantic, 2.0, shield reflect
    Self Heal: Warlord's Resurgence, Warlord's Tenacity

    I use imperator's Charge and Second Spire.

    I always keep field protector, commanding voice, harmonious precision and shining bulwark up.

    Spam 1: bash, Knee Strike, Banestrike, Calculated Strike
    Spam 2: Gut Punch, Shield Break
    Taunt 1: Taunt, Insult, Cyclone Roar, Tormenting Shout, Rage of the Forsaken, Blast of Anger
    Taunt 2: Warlord's Fury, Ageless Enmity, Barbed Tongue Discipline, Rage of Rallos Zek
    Taunt 3: Warlord's Grasp
    Taunt 4: Unflincing Attention
    Swarm 1: Phantom Aggressor
    Swarm 2: Projection of Fury

    My DPS Rotation is pretty much just mighty strike/brutal/strikethrough + wars Sheol's Heroic blade and trying to hit rampage when I have a 2H and DPS disc is up.

    5/6 Benchmark Spells
    --- Ageless Enmity V - 5
    --- Banestrike - 44
    --- Battle Leap VIII - 1
    --- Blade Guardian IX - 4
    --- Blast of Anger XI - 40
    --- Blessing of Tunare - 4
    --- Blessing of Unity - 4
    --- Brace For Impact IX - 3
    --- Brell's Blessed Stone Balm - 153
    --- Brutal Onslaught Disc - 2
    --- Circle of Power IV - 2
    --- Covered by Vie - 7
    --- Cry Havoc - 50
    --- Defensive / Evasive disc ended - 6
    --- Diplomatic Immunity - 1
    --- Fjilnauk's Spite - 70
    --- Fjilnauk's Strike II - 211
    --- Grappling Strike I - 3
    --- Guardian's Bravery - 7
    --- Gut Punch XI - 116
    --- Heroic Blade III - 2
    --- Imperator's Charge III - 14
    --- Infusion of Rage XIX - 150
    --- Knee Strike XI - 82
    --- Kreljnok's Fury - 2
    --- Last Stand Effect III - 27
    --- Mighty Strike Disc - 2
    --- Necromantic Curse - 12
    --- Press the Attack VII - 3
    --- Rage of Rallos Zek - 2
    --- Rage of the Forsaken II - 22
    --- Rampage IV - 14
    --- Resplendent Glory VI - 3
    --- Second Spire of the Warlord IV - 6
    --- Sneering Grin III - 37
    --- Strike of Ire - 5
    --- Vampiric Aura - 5
    --- Vicarum's Retort Effect II - 420
    --- Vie faded - 25
    --- Warlord's Fury - 3
    --- Warlord's Grasp Taunt VI - 22
    --- Warrior's Perception - 3
    --- Water of Life - 6
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  3. Tucoh Augur

    I usually only use the bard for pulling / melody / ADPS buffs, but I sometimes manually control him.
    Assist: Cast Requiem of Time, start melody
    Cooldown1: Second Spire, Fierce Eye, QuickTime, EoK BP
    Spam1: Banestrike, selo's kick, bladed song, Reflexive Rejoinder
    Spam2: Funeral Dirge, Cacohphany
    Spam3: Vainglorious Shout, Flurry of Notes, FRenzied Kicks, Dance of Blades

    I usually don't use song of stone / lyrical prankster because they too frequently disrupt my pulling.

    I use Aura of Maetanrus

    My spell lineup is:
    1: requiem of time
    2: Silisia's Lively Crescendo
    3. Fjilnauk's Spiteful Lyric
    4. Selo's Accelerating Canto
    5. Fjilnauk's Song of Suffering
    6. Slumber of Silisia
    7. Aria of Maetanrus
    8. War March of Jocelyn
    9. Chorus of Sionachie
    10. Pulse of Sionachie
    11. Rytan's Reckless Renewal
    12. Dichotomic Psalm

    And my primary melody is:
    /melody 7 8 9 10 5 11 7 3 8 9 10 5 7 11 3 8 9 10 7 5 11 2 12

    I sometimes swap Spiteful for Doben's Spry Sonata if I'm fighting a tough caster named or doing droga's mission.

    I generally pull using the ideas here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140228032903/http://samanna.net/wiki/index.php/Pulling_Guide

    Assist: EoK BP
    Cooldown1: Blood Pact, Savage Spirit, Second Spire, Reckless Abandon, Focused Rampage
    Cooldown2: Bloodfury->Amplified Frenzy->Disconcerting Discipline
    Spam1: Juggernaut's Surge, War Cry of the Braxi, Shared Cruelty, Bubbling Rage, Demolishing Axe Throw
    Spam2: Demolishing Frenzy, Demolishing Volley, Arcslice, Banestrike, Rampage
    Spam3: Axe of the Aeons, Dichotomic Rage, Battle Cry of the Mastruuq, Phantom Assailant, Binding Axe
    5/6 Benchmark Berserker skills
    --- Amplified Frenzy Strike II - 863
    --- Banestrike - 42
    --- Battle Leap VIII - 2
    --- Berserking Disc - 14
    --- Binding Axe Strike IV - 34
    --- Blessing of Unity - 2
    --- Blinded by Fury X - 3
    --- Blinding Fury IX - 1
    --- Blood Pact Strike XXII - 119
    --- Blood Pact XXV - 5
    --- Bloodfury IV - 62
    --- Bubbling Rage Strike II - 318
    --- Circle of Power IV - 1
    --- Communion of Blood III - 8
    --- Cry Havoc - 53
    --- Decapitation IX - 79
    --- Drawn to Blood - 57
    --- Fjilnauk's Spite - 76
    --- Fjilnauk's Strike II - 170
    --- Focused Furious Rampage II - 3
    --- Furious Leap - 1
    --- Juggernaut Surge IX - 8
    --- Rampage IV - 16
    --- Reckless Abandon V - 5
    --- Sapping Strike II - 75
    --- Savage Spirit Disc - 5
    --- Savage Spirit XIII - 5
    --- Second Spire of Savagery IV - 6
    --- Uncontained Frenzy IV - 44
    --- Untamed Rage XV (Azia) - 2
    --- Untamed Rage XV (Beza) - 2
    --- Untamed Rage XV (Caza) - 2
    --- Untamed Rage XV (Dena) - 2
    --- Untamed Rage XV (Ena) - 5
    --- Vicious Axes - 5
    --- Vie faded - 2
    --- War Cry of the Braxi III - 40

    Assist: Wind of Malosinite
    Cooldown1: First Spire, Focus of Arcanum, Elemental Union, Heart of Flames, Improved Twincast
    Cooldown2: Anguish BP, EoK BP, Frenzied Burnout, Virulent Talon, Host of the Elements
    Spam1: Multibind
    Spam2: Force of Elements, Servant of Ro, Firebound Orb
    Spam3: Multibind

    Spell lineup:
    Chaotic Fire
    Spear of Molten Shieldstone
    Spear of Blistersteel

    I use a water pet almost exclusively.
    5/6 Benchmark Mage Spells
    --- Chaotic Fire Rk. II - 228
    --- Cry Havoc - 50
    --- Elemental Docility XXVIII - 6
    --- Elemental Union XIII - 3
    --- First Spire of Elements IV - 6
    --- Focus of Arcanum V - 5
    --- Force of Elements XV - 99
    --- Frenzied Burnout IX - 5
    --- Heart of Flames XII - 3
    --- Host of the Elements XX - 7
    --- Improved Twincast VI - 4
    --- Mana Reserve II - 1
    --- Remorseless Servant Rk. II - 169
    --- Servant of Ro XXI - 7
    --- Spear of Blistersteel - 42
    --- Spear of Molten Shieldstone Rk. II - 110
    --- Thaumaturgist's Infusion - 12
    --- Twincast - 7
    --- Virulent Talon III - 4
    --- Wind of Malosinete IV - 34

    Assist: Cast Spiritual Remedy
    Cooldown1: Flurry of Life->Healing Frenzy->Improved Twincast-Celestial Rapidity->Channeling the Divine
    Cooldown2: Third Spire->Horn of Unity->Yaulp->Divine Guardian
    Spam1: Beacon of Life->Celestial Regeneration->Exquisite Benediction->Focused Celestial Regeneration->Veturika's Perserverance
    Spam2: Manisi Branch->EoK Breastplate
    My multi bind is: Ward of Surety->Spiritual Remedy->Vicarum's Retort->Mystical Intervention->Virtuous Intervention->Elysian Intervention->Fervid Renewal->Graceful Remedy
    Sometimes I'll put Undying Light between ward of surety and spiritual remedy. I'm not convinced Vicarum's Retort is worth it.
    I use Shift F1->F4 for special binds, specifically Shining Defense, Burst of Life and Divine Arbitration
    5/6 Benchmark Cleric Spells
    --- Beacon of Life X - 16
    --- Blessing of Unity - 6
    --- Burst of Life XXI - 1
    --- Celestial Rapidity III - 5
    --- Celestial Regeneration XXXI - 7
    --- Channeling the Divine I - 9
    --- Cry Havoc - 51
    --- Divine Guardian Spirit VI - 5
    --- Elysian Intervention Rk. II - 50
    --- Empyreal Salvation - 5
    --- Exquisite Benediction X - 1
    --- Fervid Renewal Rk. II - 21
    --- Flurry of Life V - 3
    --- Focused Celestial Regeneration XIX - 9
    --- Graceful Remedy Rk. II - 2
    --- Healing Frenzy IX - 3
    --- Improved Twincast IV - 3
    --- Lesser Yaulp IV - 61
    --- Manisi Balm - 21
    --- Mystical Intervention Rk. II - 80
    --- Shining Bulwark Rk. II - 8
    --- Spiritual Remedy Rk. II - 331
    --- Third Spire of Divinity IV - 6
    --- Veturika's Perseverance - 4
    --- Vicarum's Retort Rk. II - 74
    --- Virtuous Intervention Rk. II - 66
    --- Ward of Surety Rk. II - 19
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  4. Tucoh Augur

    To create a benchmark I went to Droga and did a circuit to farm Vakov->Kizzik->Groundfuse->Krassex. I did this for 40 minutes. Below is my damage. I put my skill casts into each character page, they are all for the same run.

    Combined: A briarweb spider on 5/6/2017 in 2326sec
    Total--- DMG: 1044572484 (100%) @ 449085 dps (449085 sdps)
    Tucos + pets--- DMG: 425839610 (40.77%) @ 183078 dps (183078 sdps)
    Tucoh--- DMG: 368503844 (35.28%) @ 158496 dps (158428 sdps)
    Lusa + pets--- DMG: 219885512 (21.05%) @ 94574 dps (94534 sdps)
    Tucob--- DMG: 21054589 (2.02%) @ 9341 dps (9052 sdps)
    Tucop--- DMG: 9282629 (0.89%) @ 4045 dps (3991 sdps)

    Here's each DPS breakdown:
    Tucoh -vs- Combined: A briarweb spider: -- DMG: 368503844 -- DPS: 158496 -- Scaled: 158428 -- Crush: 296394782 -- Slash: 54340798 -- DirDmg: 13935090 -- Kick: 2514313 -- Bash: 1318861 -- Non-crit rate: 45.9% -- crit rate: 35.8% -- crippling rate: 18.3% -- Attempts: 11180 -- Hits: 8811 -- Missed: 2369 -- Accuracy: 78.8% -- Avg Hit: 41823 -- Max hit: 848305 -- DMG to PC: 29223613

    Tucos -vs- Combined: A briarweb spider: -- DMG: 421596164 -- DPS: 181722 -- Scaled: 181722 -- Slash: 334681057 -- Frenzy: 33268508 -- Hit: 32587518 -- DirDmg: 21059081 -- Non-crit rate: 31% -- crit rate: 58% -- crippling rate: 11% -- Attempts: 13456 -- Hits: 11773 -- Missed: 1683 -- Accuracy: 87.5% -- Avg Hit: 35810 -- Max hit: 916888 -- DMG to PC: 199900

    Lusa -vs- Combined: A briarweb spider: -- DMG: 83465176 -- DPS: 36054 -- Scaled: 35976 -- DirDmg: 83392577 -- DoT: 72599 -- Non-crit rate: 36.2% -- crit rate: 63.8% -- Attempts: 1027 -- Hits: 1027 -- Accuracy: 100% -- Avg Hit: 81270 -- Max hit: 350398 -- DMG to PC: 162999

    Tanking is pretty much what I expect. The warrior took 29million damage, the mage's pets took 1 million damage, the bard took 500k

    The warrior stacks dex, here's his tanking summary: Tanking summary for: Tucoh --- Total damage: 29223613 --- Avg hit: 7019 --- Swings: 7257 --- Defended: 1734 (23.9%) --- Hit: 4163 (57.4%) --- Missed: 1360 (18.7%) --- Accuracy: 75.4% --- Dodged: 330 (5.6%) --- Parried: 850 (11.8%) --- Blocked: 30 (0.4%) --- Riposted: 524 (8.2%) --- Absorbed: 0 (0%)

    Interesting that I only got in 524 ripostes out of 11,180 hit attempts. I don't know how riposte damage is calculated, but my average weapon swing is 53k and my success rate was 74%, so the average damage per riposte is 40k, 524 ripostes means 21 million damage, or 5.7% of my damage came from riposte. This is actually less than I expected.

    After reading through the soultrapper vs wurmslayer thread I was curious as to what kind of hits are coming in, so I built a histogram of hit amounts the warrior took.

    This clearly shows a unimodal distribution centered around 4000, and a fairly long and thin tail after 20k.

    Healing was pretty surprising. It makes me think that I'm not getting logged data on my merc, Hikthin, heals. Tucop is just spamming everything he's got, so there's massive overhealing, but for hikthin to get 470k healing in over 40 minutes is really bad.

    Healing for: Tucoh -vs- Combined:-- Tucop: 14182765 -- Tucoh: 7889291 -- Hikthin: 472175 -- Tucob: 7066

    Here's his spell casts. I have Ardent Light blocked on all characters except my cleric (oops) so I don't know how he's casting it 13 times.
    Hikthin - 538
    --- Ardent Elixir Rk. II - 9
    --- Ardent Light Rk. II - 13
    --- Convalescent Splash Rk. II - 42
    --- Cry Havoc - 43
    --- Elixir of the Seas Rk. II - 7
    --- Fervid Renewal Rk. II - 63
    --- Greater Ward of Vie Rk. II - 3
    --- Promised Rehabilitation Rk. II - 1
    --- Spiritual Remedy Rk. II - 231
    --- Unblemished Blood Rk. II - 1
    --- Word of Greater Reformation Rk. II - 125
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  5. Tucoh Augur

    General Problems:
    1. Generally I pop all my cooldowns on my first engagement, and then they come piecemeal from there. This works ok because when farming EoK mobs there's no critical points unless I make a bad pull, but I'm thinking about splitting my cooldowns between "big" and "small" cooldowns.
    2. Related to #1, I don't have a good handle on buff stacking. I feel like I'm missing some synergies that go beyond not using Untamed Rage when Quick Time is up.
    3. Sometimes my multibind messes up, where my characters will either continually try to cast a spell that's on cooldown, or they interrupt their casting for whatever reason. It's pretty frustrating watching my cleric trip over a spell as my tank's health is dropping.
    4. I generally do a good job of popping horn of unity on all my characters, but it takes a lot of focus and I don't do it right away. My warrior generally fights for 40 minutes before running out of stamina.

    Warrior Problems:
    1. I'm not sure which spire to use. Cleric's third conflicts with warrior's third, first overwrites brace for impact, second spire seems really weak.
    2. sometimes hits the fan and I need to pop my defensive cooldowns ASAP while fixing problems with my other characters. I want to create a macro that just sloppily pops everything instead of me manually clicking everything.

    Bard Problems:
    I have to stop my melody to pop my epic / horn of unity / Circle of Power clicky, it'd be nice if I could avoid that somehow.
    I feel like my melody terminates, often before it arrives at dichotomic
    When I'm making long pulls I have gaps in my songs hitting the group. I'm fixing that by spendig more time moving between camps instead of massive pulls, but I'm also thinking of dropping low value songs so I cast big ones like Maetanrus, War March etc more often.

    Berserker Problems:
    I can't think of a good way to integrate blinding fury and frenzied resolve. I manually click blinding frenzy on a tough pull or a named, and I almost never use frenzied resolve because by the time I can manually click it, Disconcerting is already up.
    Dichotomic Bloodsplash, War Cry of the Braxi (and maybe some other stuff) gives me a damage bonus for a limited # of strikes. Because I'm just spamming all my abilities I'm not using that damage bonus on high damage abilities. I'm not sure how to fix that with my setup.
    I'm not sure if I should be using kick in the shins or not.
    I need my 2.0 and a raid weapon!

    Mage Problems:
    I often neglect summoning my firebound orb. It's so slow casting. I often summon it once and ignore it for the rest of the night. I'm not sure how I can make it easier to summon.
    Right now my mage is my "weakest link" in terms of mana. Second is my warrior. The cleric and zerker take a looong time to lose all their mana. I try to keep up Dark Symbiosis and use mana reserve, giant mod shard and wand of pelagic modulation on cooldown, but my mage's mana still reduces to zero. I could switch my bard's aura from maetanrus to sionachie, but that'd reduce my war/zerker's DPS

    Cleric Problems:
    I feel like I should have the healing capability to ditch the healer merc (and add a 6th character) but too frequently with a bad pull / random aggro one of my characters will be attacked and I don't have enough focus or the right setup to heal them while I'm bringing order with my warrior. I also feel like I get into trouble frequently enough that the additional healing throughput of a merc + cleric is necessary to survive. I'm also wondering if I can avoid single target heals and just spam group heals and do fine.

    Future Goals:
    1. I'm thinking of switching my cleric out for a shaman, and my mage out for a ranger. This would provide more class synergy for my warrior and berserker. I'm also thinking of replacing my healer merc with a shaman.

    2. I still haven't gotten my relife adornment, and am thinking of ways to box the more difficult TBM group achievements along with seeing what level of raids I can effectively box.

    3. I'd like to improve my group's damage output, my arbitrarily selected goal is 500k DPS over a long period of time before the next expansion. Right now I'm at 450k, so I'm close.
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  6. Chaosflux Augur

    Why aren't you using the cleric alliance? Since you are relying on merc heals it would be helpful.

    Granted I super skimmed so might have missed

    Blocking Ardent light on the merc seems dumb: they only have 1 renewal and 1 remedy both subject to cooldowns, so they will sit and wait when those spells are down.

    Can you explain how blocking that has increased the mercs throughput? Or hasn't it?

    Also you have 0 casts of divine arb/Divine balance or such things on the cleric

    Granted it's the 5th toon, but you are operating it st about 5% capacity, is that acceptable to you?

    Not trying to be rude, being blunt and honest.
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  7. Chaosflux Augur

    Going to go more into depth

    Your merc has 125 casts of Group heals, so I am assuming half of those were because of momentary aggro issues, the other half it probably opted for the group heal realizing the Light spell was blocked (guess you'd need to tell me if that sounds right)

    Your cleric. Could have busted off a divine arb > Beacon macro and accomished the same healing, or you could have popped off a syllable of renewal (which casts and lands faster)

    Now I am assuming you are using [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software].

    So what you can do is set up a series of keys on your warrior that do nothing.

    But on the cleric do specific actions like what I just outlined, so that when broadcast from your warrior (who will do nothing) the cleric does the desired action.
  8. Tucoh Augur

    Thanks, Chaos, that's the kind of feedback I'm looking for.

    When I tested cleric alliance the effect didn't proc, I assumed it wouldn't be proc'd by mercs, is there something I'm missing or way to get it to proc?

    I've been trying out the merc without ardent light, I didn't know what spells were available to it, but looking at it, yeah, it's Fervid Renewal->4 seconds->Spiritual Remedy->6 seconds->Spiritual Remedy. I've removed ardent light from my block lists.

    I have Divine Arbitration hotkey'd such that I can cast it from any character, but I need to practice at using it (And burst of life, which is also hotkey'd). It's one of those problems where most of the time I'd use it, it's either because I don't have aggro on my warrior, or my warrior is taking too much damage. In either case I usually focus on my warrior to either get aggro or pop his defensives. I think this is just one part of a gap in my skill, where I'm not using other character's abilities to their fullest, often because I don't have enough focus or APM to do so.
  9. Chaosflux Augur

    That doesn't sound right regarding Cleric alliance. Granted I'll have to actually test that to verify, but the Shaman one certainly procs off merc heals.

    Purely from a boxing standpoint it might make sense to set up a multibind of Syllable > Greater word of reformation that could be spammed in panic situations, that would then fire your fastest group heal first or if that's down a 0 CD group heal.

    Alternately that same button ccould like something like this if done as a social
    /alt activate divine arb
    /cast syllable
    /cast greater word
    /alt activate beacon
    /useitem (2.0) < edit: I think there needs to be a /pause 1, before beacon in order for it to work how I said

    This would either arb or balance, cast beacon during GCD, or bump syllable/greater word of reformation. Social so it respects priority (about the only time to use socials for a multibind).
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  10. Chaosflux Augur

    Also Ranger will have far more mana problems over sustained amounts of time.

    One thing you can do is use Rallying call on the mage and sit for about 24s have this coincide with when you use zerker burns (if at all posssible) to reduce the overall impact/loss of 4 ticks of the mage.

    Extend the time if necessary.

    Do the same thing for other characters who need a quick med (iit's basically the only way my pal/bst/brd team can function, pal and bst their own mana bars when going super hard)
  11. Weebaaa Augur

    I'm not going to attempt to multi quote, because I'm a newb.

    General Problems
    1. Regarding using your defensive cooldowns as they pop, sounds good. Don't warriors have Weaponshield/Deflection style disc for your Oh Crap pull?

    3. Multibinds don't seem to happen instantaneous for me, they take a second or two to run through their..... list, this will interrupt your spells if its still going through its "List". Apologies is this is common knowledge.

    Bard problems
    1. If you have problems with things stopping your melody, perhaps the bard should lose the multibind spam that interrupts melody. It's fairly common practice for Epic/FE to have their own dedicated hotkey. I think you lose value by trying to fit in circle of power/horn anytime it puts downtime on either using melody or clicking Epic/FE combo.

    Move them to separate hotkeys?

    Mage Problems.
    I feel as if biting your nails over the orb is unnecessary .

    Cleric problems.

    During TDS/TBM i main healed/ with a shaman solely using group HoTs/splashes 90% of the time. Krasirs/Splash/BP/HoT and the reflected HoT from counterbias were amazing.
    This is coming from a poorly boxed shaman, though. I'm jealous of your clerics ability to create damage, but things may have changed for shaman with their DoT revamps.
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  12. Brohg Augur

    Mercenary healers do not proc the player healer alliances, that's a side effect of the design that allows them to be ticked down by the other two player healer classes.
  13. Chaosflux Augur

    Weird, they absolutely tick down when merc heals land.
  14. Brohg Augur

    Don't think they're supposed to. I'll have leisure to check later on tonight
  15. Chaosflux Augur

    I am going to have to recheck my logs now.

    It's been awhile since I used my shaman, but when I did, alliance def ticked down, I'll have to verify I was not mistaking my harmonious group heals for sham alliance heals.
  16. Janakin Augur

    I use same boxing software but have certain keys I press on my warrior only go to certain classes. For example numpad 1 - 6 will have my enchanter mez xtargets 1-6. I press O and both my cleric and druid will a heal. I have O bound to the first 5 spell slots on cleric and first 5 on druid. I also have a hotkey bound to key O that is /fs Heal on %t. My L key is sent to both my cleric and druid to cast a group heal of which I have 2 spell slots bound to L as well as a hotkey also. Ctrl-J has both the cleric and druid target main tank. I setup my characters extended target windows to have assist target, main assist and main tank so at the press of a button I can quickly swap targets on each as I need to. I find most problems arise when I forget to setup main assist and main tank ~

    I use War Cle Enc Dru Mag and Wiz as they are easier to box than melee. I also have G15 keyboard so I have 18 programmable keys that I can press so G1 will have all my chars switch to page 2 on hotbar 1 and then press 1 which is Drunkard's Stein for a hasty exit or G5 for example which has both druid and wizard cast evac AA.

    I personally refuse to use that other software because from what I have read about it, it pretty much automates the characters. I like having complete control over each one from one keyboard.

    When it comes to boxing and people saying they feel it is not in the spirit of the original game. I true boxed warrior, cleric, druid, enchanter, monk and rogue in 99. Made warrior in March of 99 and after seeing how futile it was trying to level solo past like level 18 I made a cleric and was happily two boxing until around Sep 99 when I started 6 boxing. While I still like to group and do somethings with friends and guild-mates, boxing is what has kept me playing this game so damn long. :)
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  17. Aurastrider Augur

    Are you using your mod rod on your mage? I have it keybound also and on my hotbar. I run sk as my main but even he has it up there so I can see when the cooldown is over and I can use it again for my mage. Its been a while since I played my cleric but they have the mana recovery AA you can use on your mage. Combine that with your horn of unity, and your mage has gather magnitude and mana reserve. Mages are mana compared to the other casters but keeping things in rotation I can go 20-30 mins strong of burning before I need to take a couple minute med break.

    I usually mod on mage between 80-90% followed by horn of unity and start my rotation between my five toons. Gather magnitude around 70-80% and then mod rod every time its up. Mana reserve as a last ditch effort to stay in battle before I finally have to med them.
  18. Brohg Augur

    2* mod rod, you mean? both AA Giant & selfie Dark modrods can be used, they don't share cooldown. Putting Gather Magnitude on the end of the multibind, so that it's cast when there's no target for the magician (between combats) helps keep mana up as well.
  19. Cuonzo Journeyman

    Good stuff. I'd try keeping divine indemnification on everybody and drop the cleric merc.
  20. Chaosflux Augur

    Like on one hand I agree with you
    On the other hand, dude might not be able to do that by the virtue of the fact he's boxing 5 and DI is super unnecessary in group content.

    Shining sure that should be on everyone DI? Naw if you got a tank that's unneeded.

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