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  1. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Greetings fellow Norrathians! I come to you today bearing gifts.

    I've recently completed a butt load of guides for TLPers and I am excited to show them off because I have been using a new format for all of them. Instead of just giving you opinions on the zone and what you'll find there I've recently started including the list of nameds in each zone and a location of where they are on the map (thanks to Goodurden's EQ map pack; made my life a whole butt load easier). It works a lot like EQresource's website does with their named over views but instead of only doing it for HoT and expansions that came later - I am doing it for earlier expansions/all expansions.

    In addition to now including named information in my leveling guides, I also have links at the bottom of the page, under Additional Information that contains other useful information, like the Pickzone Threshold of that zone, how to get to that zone, important quests that take place in that zone or other useful information.

    Not all of these guides are finished yet, some of them still have to have named loot information filled in, but I am going to be doing that over the next few days. Arthritis in my hand flared up and it limits how much time I can spend on the computer holding a mouse each day.

    TSS Zone Guides:

    Ashengate, Reliquary of Scale
    Crescent Reach
    Direwind Cliffs
    Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King
    Icefall Glacier
    The Steppes

    PoR Zone Guides:

    Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
    Relic, the Artifact City
    Sverag, Stronghold of Rage
    The Devastation

    DoD Zone Guides:

    Corathus Creep
    Dreadspire Keep
    Ruins of Illsalin
    Stoneroot Falls
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  2. AlmarsGuides Augur

    P.S - I know Phinigel is currently on TSS but that's also my most unfinished section. The named loot list is finished for the zones but I haven't added in detailed information like I do with the other guides. Most people who already know the zones well enough and don't need my crappy opinion will benefit from the named loot lists which is why I decided to include the guides with this post. Ashengate and Frostcrypt I still need to explore a bit more myself before I feel comfortable commenting on those zones as much as I do, for example, with The Steppes, Icefall Glacier, Direwind Cliffs or with Valdeholm.
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  3. Sabi New Member

    This is pretty amazing stuff Almar. I can't even imagine how much time you put into this. Thank you!
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  4. AlmarsGuides Augur

    A lot of time, but still not enough! I can't keep up with how fast Phinigel progresses, with live server new expansions all the while having a day job/a life. There's so so so much to this game I could literally be writing guides for 3 years and probably still not done.

    That's also part of the reason I released a few guides unfinished. Knowing that I have unfinished work and people are viewing it really motivates me to finish it =P

    On that note...

    I made a 'How to get to Ashengate' guide
    How to get to Direwind Cliffs guide
    Ashengate Zone Guide (finished)
    Direwind Cliffs Zone Guide (updated)

    I finished a few more DoD guides too, but Prophecy of Ro I am still working on. Those of you reading this and wondering how you can find more guides like these on my website, I've added an entire zone list to my https://almarsguides.com/eq/ page.

    If you go to that page and scroll down you'll find a list of every expansion in the game and every zone. The zones I have guides for are hyperlinks.
  5. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Added/Updated the following guides....

    Relic, the Artifact City - Much more detail added to the guide, loot is linked for all nameds + raid bosses
    The Devastation - Same deal, I added links for all of the raid loot dropped by the raid nameds & researched this zone a great deal since there's like no info for it online
    The Jewel of Atiiki - TLPs aren't there yet but I think TBS is your very next expansion, well, now there's some guides for it!
    Thalassius The Coral Keep - Much like Jewel of Atiiki the zone is broken down, nameds are listed as well as their loot drops.
    Plane of Fire - Yea, that's right a PoP zone. I updated this guide with named lists & more info. Also with new detailed maps
    Warsliks Woods - Yup, a Kunark zone. For some reason I am on a binge of writing leveling guides and this zone happened to be one of them!

    I'm currently working on Blightfire Moors & Stone Hive. Trying to force myself to do TSS zones since Phinigel is on that expansion even though I know literally nothing about most of the zones in this expansion.
  6. lokomojo New Member

    These are great! are you going to do the other zones that aren't listed here?
  7. Bobbybick Augur

    Thanks for the guides, I've used the tradeskill ones the most when trying to find easyish trivial routes. FWIW I've noticed the PoR/TSS Jewelcrafting lists uncut gems as a route though they aren't in the game yet (unsure what era they will actually go live for TLPs). As far as I can tell the old faithful route is still used at least up until TBS when sunshards go in.
  8. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I removed the Uncut gem recipes from PoR and TSS and added them into SoF since I think that's when they officially went live... Allakhazam says so anyway.

    If you notice any other mistakes let me know - I am in an Everquest Guidey mood recently and been updating/adding new guides on everything. I still haven't gotten around to updating my Alchemy guides but... soon.. soon =P
  9. Aziuno Augur

  10. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Fixed this error, removed the old pots from the TSS guide. I also made a note to add Powder of Ro to the TSS guide for alchemy since I am fairly confident that's an alchemy reagent.... If it isn't I know fur shizzle that Sunshard Powder is which comes out in TBS.

    Alchemy & Poisonmaking are the two hardest tradeskills for me to keep up to date good info on since they're class specific =(

    Thanks for letting me know though, if you find anymore leave a comment here or post it on my website!
  11. Accipiter Augur

    Very minor nit, but your Ashengate guide says some mobs see invis. All mobs see invis in Ashengate AFAIK.
  12. Aziuno Augur

  13. AlmarsGuides Augur

    If I remember correctly only the north wing has a butt ton of see invis enemies, I think it's the drakes that roam around that see invis. I remember the west wing having almost no see invis enemies in it too, they're the elementals, but can't be entirely sure since that's going off memory.

    Every time I write one of those guides I run around the zone as I do it, sometimes even camp the zone on/off for a few days to learn any rare drops or to learn enemy pathing routes/where a safe spot is. Point is, I don't go off memory when I write them I typically am in zone experimenting as I do it. Not saying I can't make a mistake, I most certainly do, just that I would be surprised if I made this kind of mistake while being in the zone exploring. Either way, I wrote myself a note to check the enemies next time I am in that zone to see which see invis and which dont. If it is a mistake I made, it'll be fixed soon =P
  14. Accipiter Augur

    You weren't experimenting on a rogue, were you?
  15. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Nope nope! A Mage, Enchanter or a Shaman were the three classes that i was using going from zone to zone experimenting. Ashengate I used a Mage and a Shaman, Mage west/north wing and a shaman in the east wing.
  16. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I added a few more random guides this past week for TLP players...

    Najena Leveling Location (Classic EQ)
    Toxxulia Leveling Location (Classic EQ) - Updated
    Stone Hive Leveling Location (TSS Expansion)
    Dragonscale Hills Leveling Guide (SoF Expansion)
    Fortress Mechanotus Leveling Guide (SoF Expansion)

    Hopefully I will be able to add more soon, life got busy again so I haven't done nearly as much work on the EQ guides the past few weeks.... I'll be section hiking the appalachian trail in two and a half months so the next few months a lot of my time will be spent on researching/preparing for that.

    I also have a 'joint' contest coming up soon in part to celebrate Almar's Guides 10 year anniversary. If you're interested in that, stay tuned by checking the front page of my website every so often, I'll be posting more about it there in the upcoming weeks

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