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    I have completed brewing, baking, and fishing to 350/250. Tailoring is currently at 341. The rest are at various levels between 300 and 320. I use http://eqrecipes.free.fr/index.php and it has been an amazing help but what I want to know is there something that I can send an inventory output file to that will tell me what combines I can perform given the inventory I have? It would be great if it also would list the combines that I can't make but with the items I need to gather to do so.

    I thought I had seen something along these lines but I can't find it now. I'm not a complete noob to Excel but I'm far from proficient either.
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    I do the same thing straight from my EQRecipes.fr output. Just use the back one page from EQTC back to EQRecipes.fr Its even better with a second monitor to browse off to the side while keeping your toon's screen active at the same time, no tabbing, etc.
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    Bottom of the page
    Advanced use : submit 1 or more Recipes.txt and Inventory.txt files, and it will display up to 500 of the recipes you're still missing for which you have at least 1 required component that's not just bought from a merchant. For example, if you're missing the baking Vegetable Oil recipe, it will show it if you have at least 1 Vegetables in inventory, and won't take into account any Water Flask in inventory that you could buy from a merchant anyway.
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    Interesting. I will have to try that. Might free some inventory space at the same time as banging out some recipes.
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    Thank you. That was exactly what I was looking for. I'm a bit embarrassed considering how long I've been using that site that I only scrolled to the bottom once. lol
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