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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Girth-Matters, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Girth-Matters Journeyman

    Looking for a handful of competent, active players to add to our roster for Ruins of Kunark. We are a casual raiding guild made up of ex-hardcore raiders that have known each other for years. Most of us have extensive experience on EQ TLPs, including leadership from top guilds on the Fippy, Vulak, Ragefire, and Phinigel servers. We had the first group to 50 and 60 on Coirnav. We aim to raid smarter, not harder, but Kunark requires us to bring a little more to the table.

    Raid times are Wednesdays @ 8pm EST and Sundays @ 5pm EST. Level 55 required. We currently use loot council and frown upon drama queens. Guild chat and Discord are rated M for Mature! For more information, please /tell Morgoth, or any tagged member on Coirnav.
  2. Cupie1 Journeyman

    Oh hey there
  3. Nuther Augur


    How could my HE Paladin Finrod ever join such a guild?
  4. Girth-Matters Journeyman

    <Try Me> has slain Severilous. The poisonous green dragon was slain by 35 of our heroes, with a raid average level of 55. This is no zerg guild.

    Finrod: All your Silmarils are belong to us.
  5. Nuther Augur

    I wouldn't touch a Silmaril. They belong to the House of Feanor, not Finarfin. They are also cursed, you should give them back.
  6. Cupie1 Journeyman

  7. Cupie1 Journeyman

  8. Girth-Matters Journeyman

    Still looking for a few good players. Top spots to fill: 1 warrior, 1-2 bards, 1 druid, 1 shaman, 1 necromancer, 1 paladin, 1 ranger, unlimited clerics...muahahaha.

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