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    How well was this programmed? Not trying to get around it, wondering if it checks client status or server status. I'm set to start some pretty long, boring camps on Aradune and was thinking of screwing around on an alt on a LIVE server, alt-tabbing. But don't want to trigger somebody's truebox alert and get the banhammer - has anybody done this? And, while I'm wishing for the moon, can I get an actual staff response as to whether this is permitted or not?
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    Ok: lazy programmer coding:
    Truebox checks if multiple clients on same pc, alerts dpg, banhammer inc.
    Good programmer coding:
    Truebox checks if multiple clients logged into same server on same pc.
    Considering the source of the programming in question, I feel it's a legit question to ask which one was used.
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    All I know is that it actively checks keypresses coming from my 3 PC's and I can "force" a Truebox shutdown of all 3 clients by spamming the same key on all 3 computers at the same time in the same zone.

    Pretty sure the developers are not stupid enough to tell any players how it actually does that.

    Oh and saying
    Is probably what everyone who actually was trying to get around it would say.

    However to actually answer your question:

    If you are using Account A on a Live server from one PC & using Account B on a TLP server from the same PC you should be fine, it is checking for connections to TLP servers I believe.
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    So to add to this. I have the same issue when my wife and I play. So they track IP addresses logged into the server. If multiple accounts with same ip, it does a keyless check. If you press the same key at the same time. You get a true box check and disconnected from the server. It only affects tlp servers. You can log 1 char on top and as many as you want on live servers, on the same computer. Hope it helps
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    Excellent, exactly what I was looking for!. Now I can do 20min swarms in Tosk on Xegony while waiting on ph/namer repop on Aradune.
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    I think what you are asking is if can you play on both Aradune and on some other live server on the same computer (not the same accounts). I don't think that is possible, but yes, it would be good to know if it is okay or not.

    EDIT: Two quick ways to find out. Either log in on a regular server and see if you can then log in another account to Aradune, or log in your toon on aradune and then see if you can make another character on a different account on a live server. If you don't get a warning, you should be fine. If you do get a warning, stop there.
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    Couldn't you use a VPN to help with that truebox issue?
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    You cannot. The TrueBox code prevents a second instance from starting.
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    You most certainly could.
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    No it doesn't.
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    Perhaps I have forgotten then. What does it do?
  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Depending on how you were doing it or what you meant you may have been partially correct, so if scenario 1 is what you meant then I apoloize.

    1. Account A is logged into a Truebox server:
    Account B can log onto Test
    Account B gets denied logging into a TLP or Live server at the server select screem

    2. Account A is logged into a Live server:
    Account B can log onto Test, TLP or Live server

    3. Account A is logged into a Truebox server but is sitting at char select
    Account B can log onto any server including Truebox. However as soon as A tries to also log onto a truebox server by hitting enter world, they disconnect.

    4. Account A is logged on and tries to spin up a 2nd instance of Account A
    You get a warning saying you're already in the game and do you want to remove the character thats in game from the world. This is the message you frequently see when the game crashes.

    Scenario 2 is what OP is describing/looking for, and while its technically possible to do it remains unclear if thats within the server rules or if DBG could/would suspend/ban for it.
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    I did it a LOT when I played on truebox. I don't think they care.
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    I play four accounts on Agnarr, and I never really had truebox issues..up to the first 3. I would rarely get truebox'd but it was whatever. After the 4th account I decided to finally VPN the computers and I was amazed how long I went without it
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