Triple exp week at Luclin's launch was... a bit over the top, to be honest

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  1. kengqvist1 New Member

    Bonus exp events are nice and all, but triple exp for a full week, at the launch of an expansion where exp is one of the main content elements, feels kind of excessive. I was looking forward to having reasons to log in and play outside of raids for a while, but we're three days into Luclin and I already have all the AAs that are worth getting. I didn't even do anything crazy like AoE in the Deep or anything like that, I mostly just farmed shards and did my Ssra key. I even spent one of those evenings farming an ODS in Sebilis off of green and light blue mobs in a 2-box without exp potions. In no way have I tried to maximize my exp/hour, and I have over 100 AAs after three days (expansions launch at 11PM in EU, so I've really only played Fri/Sat/Sun).

    There's such a thing as too much of a good thing. +50% exp would have been suitable. +200% is nuts and frankly undermines much of the expansion. There were people in my guild who did an AoE group in the Deep and raked in like 150 AA on launch night. It's silly. Progression that should have taken weeks is now finished in a few days, especially since VT shards have also been made laughably easy to get, which was a good move in isolation but pretty bad when all the other non-raid activities are also made this trivial. I guess we can start raid-logging before we're even past the first week of the expansion. Yay.

    The double (and sometimes triple) loot in this event has also obliterated the economy, the bazaar is already completely flooded with anything sellable. I spent like 6 hours in Sebilis and came out with over 20k in vendor trash, some green mobs were dropping several hundred plat each in gems. I literally had 24 rubies on me when I left. The inflation is absurd, one mob dropped two diamonds and a black sapphire. Most spells aside from KEI and Savagery are unsellable because there's like 20 copies in the bazaar and people keep undercutting to the point where most level 60 spells are selling for 200p already. We killed Servitor of Luclin and he dropped like nine level 60 spells. The Luclin economy is D.O.A.

    Bonus events are cool. This level of giveaway is too much. When you can finish all non-raid gameplay inside the first few days without even going all out, something's wrong. This is just over the top and it'll turn Luclin into a snoozefest because everyone will have done everything way too quickly. That's not healthy for a server.
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  2. Trevalon Augur

    You're wrong
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  3. Mossaa Augur

    You know EQ is more than one server?
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  4. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Yeah, the thing that's wrong is you're playing in Luclin era and expecting a lot of non-raid content to do. What is the Luclin non-raid content exactly? Grinding a few dozen AA's? Upgrading from shawl 7 to shawl 8 I guess? I'm not sure what you thought would keep you busy for long in Luclin. Try a more modern expansion?
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  5. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    While I agree triple exp is pretty over the top, in this case it's warranted because it's a one time thing based on the community more than tripling the fundraising goal. We probably won't get triple exp again for a very very long time.
  6. CatsPaws Boy, that one flew over your head

    No one twisted your arm to play during this time. I think your probably one of the few players who feel this way, the rest of us are grateful and happy they did this for us.

    After all this was a reward for charitable donations players made. I have a feeling you were not one of them.
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  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Hopefully this becomes a yearly event as it seemed to be a nice fund raiser for charity.
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  8. Ythera Augur

    It was triple xp, so the people who were done in one day would have been done in 3 days without it. Not a big difference. I’m sorry that Shadows of Luclin is a moderately boring expansion. Also, the only people who care about a server’s economy are those who want to use it to exploit those who aren’t readily able to get items as easily and I’m glad when those people at the top have their fun ruined.
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  9. Soldrin New Member

    Honestly I am grateful for it. I don't get a ton of time to play and this week gave me the chance to really catch up and get my main up there. After being gone for so many years it's a lot to take in, but a fun experience. Managed to make it to 55 so far. Hopefully make it close to 60 tonight.
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  10. Magician9001 Augur

    Every class in the game has like 250+AAs to spend and like 120 to bank before you "got all the one worth getting"

    You aren't even 1/3 of the way there little bro
  11. Strife Lorekeeper

    Please stop, be quiet, and get back to literally anything else.
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  12. Pizzanomicon Augur

    What a weird hill to die on :cool:
    Are we pretending that the release of pop in 2 months will absolutely not obliterate all current item prices sans a few exceptions ?

    Last time I checked, people having a 2 chill months of being able to just like.... do interesting and fun stuff couldn't possibly be a bad thing. Who really wants to just grind AA's all the time ?
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  13. Tanar Lorekeeper

    Economy. On a TLP. Can you Imagine?
  14. Herf Augur

    Can we have your stuff? :)
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  15. Herf Augur

    While I OF COURSE enjoyed the XP and loot, what I found most enjoyable about this was how it raised the excitement level and joy on the servers. For example we got a bit better idea of how rare, rare items, are on loot tables. We killed Seru twice and had like 4 swords of truth but only 1 saddle for example. Seeing the PoP gods drop a lot more of their loot table was a blast.

    And by "a blast" I don't mean in just a loot-whoring manner; it was cool/neat/nifty/amusing/wild/etc. It was different.

    And we still haven't even seen the ducks yet! :)
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  16. Krizem Elder

    It was over the top. Double and some other cool stuff like a random free illusion, or mount...something would have been better. IIRC on Phinny, at least early, they did not enable some of the bonus periods for TLP precisely b/c people didn't want things to go so fast.
  17. Aegir Augur

    200% bonus? Sounds like box/alt funtime. I would have gone all in for that. F your main, you'll wank it max anyway :)
  18. TheStugots Augur

    Can we please get a “dislike” button/option?
  19. Bewts Augur

    My wife / family / friends will greatly appreciate that I won’t be chasing AA and will just play through the holiday season more casually because I finished off my AA needs quickly.

    I particularly enjoyed farming massive amounts of tradeskill mats to push tailoring and smithing up significantly as well. Some folks saw the opportunity to farm high demand items… I saw the opportunity to accelerate the long term investment into tradeskills that will yield plat / Krono for many expansions to come.
  20. Ishbu Augur

    In a perfect world, the Extra Life bonus wouldve happened in the middle of an expansion for all servers so as to not rush everyone to the end stages of an expansion so quickly, but it was inevitable some server wouldnt line up that way.

    It is always weird to me how many EQ players want reasons to not play EQ. This is a game, you do not have to play it if you do not want to.
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