Trio: Magician, Enchanter and ???

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  1. Aradar New Member


    I'm currently lvling up Magician, Enchanter and Paladin (lvl 77) and I have been considering switching out Paladin with a Druid once I hit 85 (buy a heroic character). I'm kinda fresh when it comes to boxing.

    Pros for Druid:
    - More utility (track, snare, ports, evacs) some DPS and heals.

    Cons for Druid:
    - Weak class at lvl 100`+? (at least that's what I hear ingame from people). Is this true?

    Pros for Paladin:
    - Better to have a real tank at higher lvl instead of letting pet tank.

    Cons for Paladin:
    - Bad DPS
    - Requires more attention to gearing up properly
    - Requires more attention when boxing (I assume).

    The questions:
    - How is Druid at higher lvls? And will it be a good addition to a Mage / Enchanter?
    - If I go Paladin, will it be enough with a merc healer and self healing at higher lvls? (together with Enchanter CC and slows).
    - I'm a bit worried I will meet a brick wall with the Paladin because of gear, making it not as good a tank compared to mage pet, will it be good enough with group gear to tank?
  2. FranktheBank Augur

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  3. Numiko Augur

    Druids are fine, don't forget they also get things like Evacs for those woops! I pulled the who zone times,
    they get fire debuffs (good for mages!) and snare is always handy no matter what the level.

    Not sure about the 115-120 levels as i mostly play on TLP's now but for a long time Druid / mage was considered one of the best 2 boxes after SK / Shaman
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  4. Iven the Lunatic

    Druid for travelling, evac, questing. Good synergy and most everyday tools and easy to box.

    Paladin: Dunno if it can tank better than a magician pet. Has not much to offer beside tanking and heals, and the druid can heal better. You already do use a tank class, the magician. PAL+ MAG are very unefficient to box together.

    Consider a necro for DPS and pet synergy (pet toys). Playing multiple pet classes can be annoying tho, especially when wiping.
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  5. Metanis Bad Company

    Why only 3? Keep the pally, keep the mage, keep the chanter, add the druid and add a beast. Round out with your healer merc. Rock on in Pro mode.
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  6. fransisco Augur

    Bard is a trap here. It'll just be a song bot unable to melee (so you get a 50% bard). Pets cannot hold agro in a mission, so the bard won't be able to melee (here is where we ignore all the people in full raid gear braging about being able to tank group missions with their bard).

    I'd go with the druid out of the 2. Paladin means you gotta change everything up to now support a melee and a player tank. This totally changes your group dynamics. The druid will slot in easier without changing everything, and will bring more than a song bot - which also changes all your group dynamics because even outside of a mission, melee changes everything in a caster group.
  7. Iuwene Augur

    Used Druid, Mage, Chanter trio for years up to ToV when I added a SK.
    Druid is a dps class at high level, but for that he burns through mana like nothing. He provides also adps for the mage and chanter and the sk spells.
    In a box setting I don't bother with healing and let a merc handle that, though with the sk healing is not really required at all against trash mobs.
  8. Aradar New Member

    Thanks for the info guys, I think I will go for that Druid plan (it helps that I also like to play that class) :)
  9. Zalamyr Augur

    I'd say it's also always worth mentioning how you're doing the boxing. Having a tank is definitely desirable in a lot of content, but if you're not using any software for boxing, a Paladin would really eat up a lot of your attention. Paladins are definitely the tank that has the highest level of required activity to be played competently, as they lack the sustained disc rotation of a warrior, and the crazy melee leach power of an SK.
  10. Alnitak Augur

    Paladin, Druid, Enchanter - those classes need to be actively played or you'll miss the lions share of their capabilities.
    Consider replacing the enchanter with a bard and replacing the paladin with a beastlord.
    Here are the inter-class synergies:
    Mage-Enchanter-Druid go GREAT together, but you'll be missing shaman buffs and mage's pet will be under-boosted. Meanwhile your mage and druid will shine under enchanter's umbrella.
    And you'll have only 1 pet tank, definitely not enough for many high-level missions.

    Mage-Bard-Beastlord do FANTASTIC together. Mage and beastlord mutually improve each other, Bard makes everybody much better and you can fight routinely without any additional (to your group) buffs.
    Beastlord's warder is actually a better tank than earth pet (yes, less HP, but far better performance as a tank) especially with summoned gear from the mage, mage's pets will be super-charged by beastlord's buffs and bard's songs, and the whole group's melee performance will be elevated.

    Mage and bard can be easily boxed with a little effort, while beastlord can be actively played.
    This trio can win all 4 current expansion missions without much stress. And it plows through progression with ease.

    And as a little secret - a beastlord has an immortality mode, when for 60 seconds it mitigates 90+% of the incoming damage, which you can use to burn-tank some nameds.
  11. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    I'd just add a 2nd mage. It's going to be easier to get more performance out of a 3rd character that's a mage just from a familiarity perspective and damage perspective.
  12. Metanis Bad Company

    I've been boxing a 120 druid lately. I don't use the Druid for healing since I have that covered. I cast the mana-intensive dots manually if at all.

    I use just two hotkey socials on the druid to get some routine work out of her. Tabbing to her, pressing 1 key and then tabbing back to my tank takes just a fraction of a second. If I'm on a named I'll switch back several times to cast the dots.

    Social #1 for initial mob engagement:
    /pause 3, /assist GROUP
    /assist GROUP
    /pause 10, /alt act 935 (Blessing of Ro)
    /pause 10, /alt act 219 (Entrap)
    /alt act 768 (Season's Wrath)

    Then the next time I switch back to her I hit another social which:
    /pause 20, /alt act 3728 (Nature's Bolt)
    /pause 20, /alt act 954 (Nature's Fire)
    /pause 20, /alt act 956 (Nature's Frost)
    /pause 25, /cast 4 (Remote Fire)
    /cast 5 (Remote Frost)

    I find it's probably worth having her in the group for a bit of dps but also to have skin buff and exodus for those oh puppy moments.
  13. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    I really would like to see a beatlords pet tank better than my EM 31 earth pet. Anything in the group game is dead as long as the mob(s) don't bum rush my mage.
  14. Alnitak Augur

    Warder has better melee mitigation, variety of utility proces (snare, AC-redux etc), healing proc, defensive disc (at low health), bashes, has higher dps and in-general holds aggro much better than earth pet. It has lower HP, but a beastlord has healing bonus AA's and heals it better than a mage does.
    In my mage-beastlord groups mages' pets do dps and occasional off-tanking (hence water pets as a rule), meanwhile beastlord warder uses Protection buff and main tanks. It grabs aggro faster and holds better than earth pet even agains meleeing beastlords, bards, zerkers in the group.
  15. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    I 3-box with my 120 druid. My initial key is similar to yours, except, I cast Wrath on every mob. Mana-pig or no mana-pig, it's just too much DPS (and pretty efficient at that) to pass up. I only cast other DoTs manually, but that one is a never-skip. Added bonus is, mobs almost never die before it finishes running, so nothing is wasted.

    Full disclosure, I have enchanter and beastlord buff bots, so I always have VERY decent mana regen on the druid, in addition to also boxing an SK, which also helps replenish mana during fights.

    For the second hotkey, the Nature's XXXX AA nukes are nice, quick DPS, but they are much less mana efficient than the Wrath DoT. I only use them when I really need to get something dead NOW.
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  16. Randomized Augur

    My druid isn't max level yet, but averaging out normal hits and critical hits and all that fun jazz (my DDs tend to crit more than my DoTs when i'm not going on a Burn).

    Looking through logs, Nature's Wrath averages about 70 damage per mana (including DD and DoT portion), and Nature's Fire averages about 85 damage per mana.

    Data collected over the course of 5 mobs worth of kiting (so DoTs and DDs involved)

    /shrug :)
  17. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Are you using listed mana, or mana actually used? I don't think the AA nukes get to take advantage of all the mana-saving foci and abilities, so they actually use closer to the listed mana, whereas the DoT gets full advantage, and uses less mana than you think.
  18. Randomized Augur

    Ahh I didn't think of that. I went based off of listed mana. Is there a way to track mana per cast aside from manually looking at it and doing quick math? I'm away from the house for the rest of the night so I can't go in and double check this
  19. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    For cast (memmed) spells, you can right click on the gem, and it will show, in parens, the range of mana used once accounting for whatever mana-saving foci you have. I just take that range, find the median value, and use that. For the AA abilities, you have to just look at your mana totals and figure it out :(
  20. Iuwene Augur

    Also, the AA nukes neither trigger Gift of Mana nor profit from it.
    Thinking of it, that might actually be a bug.