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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Shabba1972, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Shabba1972 New Member

    Haven't played in a while so figured I would give it a go.

    Level 70 SK, grabbed a healer merc and tried to do the pok mission, went to undershore. Killed a couple green mobs fairly easily.

    Then I run into a green healer mob. After about a half hour of the fight going nowhere I turned the game off in disgust.

    These things have way too much mana and it just got ridiculous. So we need to subscribe to unlock AAs and get better mercs just to kill green mobs now? And we better 3 box too if we want any significant dpm?

    No thanks I think I'll just go play elder scrolls online for a 1 time fee of 19.99.

    They really make things tough on F2P here don't they?
  2. Shanarias Augur

    Yes, they do, after level 59 or so.
  3. Elskidor Augur

    I see ftp as no more than a trial to test if it's something interesting enough to play seriously. Ftp and having everything a paying customer has only works on test server = b
  4. Shabba1972 New Member

    Ah wasn't aware. Maybe I'll try test then for my nostalgia buff. That AA limit and no autogrant plus the difference in mercs seems terrible for f2p.
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  5. IblisTheMage Augur

    let us know if there is anything we can do to advice.
  6. Gigantasaur New Member

    Your supposed to interrupt the heal. Like you do in that other game you mentioned, the one where the game tells you when to interrupt.

    If you think ESO is just a "one time" 19.99 fee your wrong, each DLC pack is about 20-25 dollars and the expansion packs are 40, you'll also have your inventory flooded with crafting mats without a sub for the crafting bag.
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  7. Tatanka Augur

    sounds like you're not using all of your abilities. No way a 70 SK (even F2P) shouldn't be able to kill a green healer.

    You mention, grabbed this, grabbed that, went, etc. NOT how you return to EQ. You have to go through your activatable AAs, add them to bars, make sure you know what they do, and USE THEM.

    Did you make a pet? The pet alone should have been able to kill it.

    Or, since it's no threat to you (being green), use a DPS merc.

    EQ is like a puzzle. There are usually many ways to solve a problem, you just have to look at different ways to skin the cat.
  8. Snack Augur

    Don't know how long you were away, but I came back after 3 years to a 96 SK and had to relearn most of the game. I'm still finding 'new' stuff out after a few months -- nothing game changing at this point, but eventually someone says "oh, just use flight of the whacknuts and it'll take care of it" -- at which point I have to find out what flight of the whacknuts is.
  9. Shabba1972 New Member

    Well my gear is awful like bazaar or planes of power casual drops not raid bosses. I have like 9AA total. I'll try test for a while. Not subbing back at this point.
  10. Eaedyilye Augur

    Get better gear and work at getting AA's. You can't judge the game when your gear is awful and you have no AA's to speak of.
  11. slayerofbats Augur

    You can get 250 AAs for free, it will help. If you have a silver account that can be 1000 which will really help. And better gear will help far more. I don't think gear does much on casters until higher levels, but on a tank it is always essential to get the best you can.

    That said, soloing (even with a merc) is always gonna suck. Subscribing will make things a lot easier, but it will still be a hard road sometimes. I think they have done a lot of things right with this game, but I don't think they fully understand boxing, how important it is, how sucky the game is without it, and how ridiculously expensive it is for those who box and have to buy multiple subscriptions and multiple expansions. Or maybe they know how expensive it is for people but they don't have many players so need to charge a lot to a small number of people.
  12. Shabba1972 New Member

  13. Shabba1972 New Member

    Just coming back to get my feet wet I don't think I should need to 3box, gear 3 toons, get spells and AA abilities for 3 toons. Pets, pet gear, mercs, merc gear, etc just to competently take down some very green mobs.

    I'm sure all that is trivial for guys who are still around but it's a lot to ask from a new player. Even one who played and boxed up through GoD.
  14. Eggolas Augur

    Running a level 70 SK and a F2P A5 healer mercenary with anything less than Integrated Defiant gear and weapons likely will be a mistake. By level 70, your SK should have that. However, you did not play it to 70 in this era, so it is unlikely you had anything even close if you are in PoP gear.

    1. Step back and hit The Hole. Build up plat to purchase gear and rack up some AAs in the process.
    2. Farm some TS items, purchase elaborate defiant gear.
    3. Go to Test and see what it feels like.

    Good luck.
  15. slayerofbats Augur

    Yeah, slow levels and challenging content was the best thing about this game in the past, but that was when you could get reliable groups. Now they have a group focused game but there is nobody to group with! It makes no sense. They should make it easier to solo through the levels to 90 imo, and if people are still enjoying it by then, they can start working on AAs, gear quests, progressions, etc. Although at this point I think it is too late to matter anyway. I doubt many new and returning people come along.
  16. Treiln Augur

    Outdated gear and a tank class...and you’re upset you’re not killing a healer mob?

    Elaborate defiant gear will trivialize most things for you. If you can heal yourself for the most part, or aren’t too worried about incoming heals, then grab either a caster merc or the rogue merc to help you plow through while relying on your life taps and self heals.

    And granted, you don’t have access to many AAs, but get as many as you can. If possible, get to level 71 and get Mortal Coil. That’ll help out a lot in the healing department.
  17. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    No you don't need to 3 box or 30 box or whatever. When people return they need to run a character thru the tutorial and learn how to play - its not quite the same game as it used to be or as other RPG/MMO. Then figure out why your buying armor (if you are) when it drops free and is given as a reward for doing daily tasks from Teek in POK or why your not doing those daily and getting bonus exp and nice augs. And yes you may have to do a level or 2 below what you are but they should be easier since most are in the old zones and those mobs are generally easier than the newer expansion mobs.

    I see this complaint so many times and it seems it always the people who expect to return to this game and "own" it without any work. And its always the fact that they cannot kill a mob of their own level. Or their merc wont heal them.

    The live version of EQ is super easy and dev's have made many conveniences to ease the play. If you want hard? Go to the TLP servers and start at level 1 - might be a good reminder of how tough it really used to be. I tried and came running back to live:D EQ is not a shoot them up game like some people expect. You have to mold and create your character, spend some time on him/her.
  18. catcattank Elder

    What server are you on? This can provide info. If it's FV your options increase. 9 aa and 70? Omens era. You got carried in WoS. My casual ranger had 200 well spent AA at that point. With the bonus to AA below 4000, it should be trivial to get more AA. But without paying, you are going to hit the cap fast. If you want to solo and not be forced to spend AA right away, go necromancer. My friend subs but doesn't auto grant so he just hit 88 and only has 1000 aa, but you can get higher with a lesser number. Also someone soloed a ranger to 100 no merc, no bazaar. Just don't judge the game off of undershore
  19. catcattank Elder

    Do valdeholm pit, nice cons and safe.
  20. Kevlar New Member

    Doing okay now. Subbed for 1 month. Got 1500 or so AA. Can solo 3 or 4 mobs at once now no problem. Added a couple old f2p accounts druid and ench both 69. With a healer and a couple dps mercs Im getting the hang of it again. Been clearing DSH farm for loot and xp. Have mostly filled up with lvl 70-80 defiant gear. It's fun. Can't wait to hit 75 and start heroics.
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