Transferring to Ragefire? Post Here.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Peri, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Peri Journeyman

    I am curious how many are moving to RF?
  2. Kerberos New Member

    Thinking about it, not much content left without raiding already, dont feel like being a factory farmer for alot longer until kunark.
  3. Smallpox Augur

    Ragefire will be moving into Kunark 3 months before Lockjaw.
  4. Cajun Caret New Member

    I'm assuming the mass amount of the xfers is going to be ppl incoming to LockJaw. We are the cool kids after all.:cool:
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  5. Myri New Member

    We will probably transfer to Ragefire. We just want the faster unlock time through these early expansions, and can live with it being shorter on the later expansions if need be. We also need a late night oceanic or EU guild. I posted a thread looking for a guild but at our levels, no real bites - we want to raid, Ragefire seems to have the healthiest oceanic/EU population from what I'm able to tell, although we're still investigating that.
  6. Grandma Elder

    am staying on ragefire and voting no when the open kunark vote comes up x 2 maybe we will win a third time.then again maybe not but ragefire is where I stay.
  7. Grandma Elder

    If the vote passes in favor of kunark opening
  8. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Doesn't look like anyone is transferring anywhere.... I guess the servers keep crashing every time they try to enable the transfer tools so they're keeping it locked ;-)
  9. Gator New Member

    It's scheduled to be down for another 2 hours.
    No crashes needed.
  10. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    fun, so they changed 1 hour down time at 1pm to 4 hour down time that didn't start till 1:30.... LOVE IT! Wish I could do that on the stuff I manage!
  11. Steampunk Augur

    Yeah, but it started at 12:30PM Pacific time.
  12. Weverley Augur

    Yeah was suppose to start at 4pm eastern and last 1 hour.It started at 324pm est and suppose to be down for 4hrs.I wasn't expecting that 1 hour was long enough anyway.
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  13. Katmandu26 Augur

    I'd rather wait for the bugs to be worked out than have any of the possible serious bugs happen during transfer.

    It's just an afternoon. :)
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  14. Arderd and Crowd Augur

    In short - noone is moving to RF. Beginning to think I should, with half of RF moving to LJ, RF might actually have less people in, lol.
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  15. Simone Augur

    The biggest Oceanic/Asain guild on Ragefire is Peace of Formosa Z though it's possible they might move over. There is also a couple of European guilds such as Rosenguard Guild and Darkwind.