Transferring to Lockjaw? Post Here

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Peri, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Numiko Augur

    transferred my 4 mains to lockjaw (see sig.)
  2. Lejaun Augur

    Dear Bristlebane...........this place looks to be flooded with Ragefire transfers in game. Wow.
  3. Son of a... Augur

    I'll be moving to LockJaw!!! I have 16 boxes.
    15 bags and two trade-skill containers.
    And a whole lotta nice.
    See you soon.
  4. Hateseeker Augur

    Yeah...I don't know about Fear but Hate is already often picked to the bone with people standing around. So at that level of the game I imagine people are going to have their patience tested by the content insufficiency.

    At the group level, I don't imagine it will be a whole lot better in places like Guk. So sad that so many doomsayers think that using Kunark to stretch our legs a bit would have been apocalypse.
  5. Lejaun Augur

    Guk is sitting at one instance with 50, another at 34, and the third at 30 last I looked.
  6. Hateseeker Augur

    What I mean is, there will be so many instances open, and yet all the dead side named camps will usually be taken up by 12 characters or less (or up to 18-24 IF lower levels are sitting on one specific camp), and if they kill the exp mobs in their area, those won't be available either. I forget what it takes to open a new instance but it's a lot more than 12.
  7. BrutusQC New Member

    Transfering all my toons to Lockjaw asap! :)
  8. Friday Augur

    Moving my two accounts to LJ. Anxious to put the whole voting/rules set debacle behind me and just get on with the game. No hard feelings, RFers; have fun in Kunark!
  9. Xanumbik Augur

    moved accounts to LJ.
  10. taliefer Augur

    There's a whole other side to guk that rarely has anyone killing in it for some reason.
  11. Weverley Augur

    Yeah live side of lguk get very low number.I wonder why.I check commonlands last night god 210 persons on main instance it's more then double when i last check a few days ago.Guildie said PoH is so full people are waiting for mobs.
  12. Belissa New Member

    Our very small guild (Dead Rats) is moving to Lockjaw, since we are filthy casuals (actually for real and we are also not planning to raid =P). Our average level is at the high 20s at the moment.
    Since I needed to re-create the guild and I could not take the same name (I didn't want to kick the AFKer in the old one), we are now the "Very Dead Rats".

    Looking forward to see and meet some nice people =)
  13. Moonie New Member

    Yes, Me, my husband and my son, we each 2 box and are excited about being part of the LJ community.
  14. Zujilli Elder

    I'm going to be moving my most played char to LJ this weekend and see how it goes. :)
  15. King Dedede Elder

    LJ did appear like a booming server last night. I wonder if RF will not become the smaller population server?
  16. taliefer Augur

    hate and fear have been like this for a while on ragefire.
  17. Hateseeker Augur

    At some point you realize that the charmgankers, toxic though it may be, are sort of understandable. Sitting around waiting for mobs isn't fun. It's got to be going through some people's minds..."why should I just keep waiting, when I can take theirs?".

    Hate's design worked better prior to today's extreme boxing, when you needed to actually rely on grouping with others, as the entire zone would be done by one or two guilds, and you'd see all the drops in your raid even if you personally didn't get one; much more exciting, at least in appearance.

    But now, at least on LJ, instead of one or 2 large raids clearing it out in a night then getting gone, you have 6-12 character groups carving out a chunk of the zone and basically killing their chunk (which doesn't take long), then waiting hours for respawns, while the annoying and disheartening rogue loot rots get called out.

    Either load balance it or shave another 75 minutes off the trash respawn.

    The worst thing is, if Lockjaw had had to deal with this before the vote it might have gone differently enough to put Kunark over the top. Now it's stuck.
  18. taliefer Augur

    all good points. honestly if they could just change all the mobs that are out of era, into spawn points of more armor dropping mobs, it would help a ton. so much stuff in hate that is just wasted spawns because they dont drop anything
  19. Dark_Intentions Augur

    Damn it sounds like so many people are moving, I am beginning to doubt if I should move or wait and see how the population turns out.
  20. Elkay Augur

    It probably will.

    I'm wondering when it's going to become viable to have a 3rd TLP. Probably won't get anything before the new one in winter, though. But I'm worried that a seemingly growing overcrowding problem now on LJ will ruin the balance that was there. PoHate is a perfect example. I also think that anything more than 4 or maybe 5 top guilds on a raid rotation also starts to cause detriment to the raiding community.

    I'm still in a holding pattern at the moment to see how this starts to pan out.