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  1. James Augur

    I saw where they are speeding up Ragefire. I looked but didn't see this but are they going to let those of us who want the slower progression to transfer to Lockjaw? Maybe it's posted and I just missed it, and if i did, I am very sorry.
  2. NickDanger Elder

    You missed it:

    Changes Coming in the Near Future

    With such a significant portion of the active players on these servers voting to keep progression slow, we will not be changing both servers. We plan to keep Lockjaw on the six month schedule that was originally voted for by the populace at large.

    For the other half of players, however, we are going to decrease the wait for Ragefire to vote to unlock Kunark from 6 months to 3 months. The voting period for Kunark will thus become available on August 23rd and end on September 6th.

    We realize this is a huge change, so we are investigating free transfers between Ragefire and Lockjaw for a period of time coming up soon. We're working out details for how long and when, but there will be no transfers allowed after the servers de-synchronize
  3. James Augur

    awesome thanks and yea they will let me move to Lockjaw or I /cancel
    I didn't come back to the game to be rushed through it with all the other power gamers

    there will be no transfers allowed after the servers de-synchronize
    I assume this means there gonna give us a small window to move to Lockjaw then close the transfers down and if you don't catch that window your screwed right?
  4. Weverley Augur

    Correct.Your gone on vacation or you get transfer to a new place and when u come back and the period of transfer is finished your only choice gonna be to reroll no more transfer.
  5. James Augur

    Another Question: All these damned boxers we have now ... when this split happens, where will the boxers probably go too? I am not sure how they operate and what there goal is, are the odds they move to slower server or stay on the faster server? I am hoping faster progression favors boxers more than slower progression.
  6. Canik Augur

    I am wondering this also. The pace of progression doesn't bother me much, but I prefer a friendly respectful community.
  7. Weverley Augur

    The 2 and 3 box which might be husband-wife-kid i don't see those already on Lockjaw to move.It's often to have all the buffs they need or that the guild need.Since idk those 6+ box idk what they gonna do maybe a 6+ box person can answer your question more.
  8. Rhiyannon Augur

    mine is:

    is it only our main or all our toons?
  9. Greymere Augur

    They will play on both honestly and likely spend the majority of their time 6 boxing on the server where they can farm items/plat best. For those doing so for RMT purposes which is a minority of 6 boxers, they will go where the marketplace will offer them the most Kronos to pay for their accounts with.
  10. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    There will be just as many boxers on LJ as there is on RF.. The difference is the boxers on LJ show alittle more respect then on RF.. But you'll still have bad apples on both servers... I 6 box I play on lockjaw, and will play there until atleast SoD..
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  11. Numiko Augur

    more then likely the serious Krono farmers will already have 6 man box' sets on both servers, they will not need to transfer anything over.
  12. Tintaglia Elder

    That would require the ability to /movelog like back in the old days. I did it once, moving off my low population server to one a RL friend played on. It took a day or two (volume of people doing it) but it moved all my characters from my old server to my new.

    Of course, the guy that coded that was very likely laid off more than a decade ago, so you may have to move them independently, and don't be surprised by an additional requirement of being level 10 minimum.
  13. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    My friend 12 boxes, he's coming to lockjaw to farm krono back for his main server. Good luck because he's wicked good at it I've seen him in 4 zones at the same time between 12 guys lol.
  14. Jezzie Augur

    Probably won't be there long then. Kronos don't seem as lucrative as they are on Ragefire.
  15. Aikaminiaa New Member

    It would be nice if we could keep Lockjaw the same....6 months every expansion....there is so much to this game that I would like to learn and I do not want to feel rushed. Let the hardcore gamers stay with Ragefire. I will be transferring what I have on Ragefire to Lockjaw when it comes up....just hope it will be very obvious so I don't miss it.
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  16. Kahna Augur

    He is welcome to compete against our resident boxers. Lockjaw also has people with 12 boxes who are capable of boxing in more than one zone/instance. Lockjaw is hardly virgin territory ripe for the picking. Our boxers, most of them, just tend to be a bit more polite about it. Even Tolkas isn't a bad guy if you catch him in the right mood.
  17. Hexaholic Augur

    It's in the same post, if you kept reading.