Training and Daybreak justice

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    I did not try to "justify" any type of toxic behavior. I can wholeheartedly agree that stealing people's named is "toxic and scummy". My only point was that it isn't against the rules.

    No need to get so upset and insult a nice man like myself :(
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    The fact remains that after Daybreak made a valiant attempt to enforce rules about camps and kill stealing they failed. Not because they didn't try or because they didn't do what the players asked for but because players abused the system that was put in place and then on top of that they'd train each other anyway.

    All that came about while Ragefire and Lockjaw were the newest TLP servers

    The rules were simplified, game mechanics give the kill to most damage done. Camps were completely artificial inventions of the players.

    Training was something that was a genuine abuse of the game mechanics as it disrupts entire zones.

    I suspect that in the future DPG will design some sort of mechanics to discourage training. Maybe once you have a nice fat train the mobs will wander off due to pathing or maybe if you have too many you'll be snared or summoned. The biggest thing will be to not allow abuse that results in bards being able to single pull across a zone any easier than they already do and I'm a bard
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    "Daybreak Justice" sounds like an animated cop show.
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    Ugly Sonic, Uglier Crimes
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    ABR = Always Be Recording
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    have some forum justice