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  1. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    They actually use the same merchant list, thus the same error :/
    oops. yeah, then they will also get their tags removed
    Yeah, multiple bugs. I have wrong items requires in all the stat specific type 5's AND they have some "stats" they should not have (attack/etc...). I'll also need to redo some of the text in the book when I correct the recipes as each aug only have one highlight stat, not two as the book implies.
  2. Soju Lorekeeper

    Tinkered belts all combine fine. The pre-combines (gearbox) and high triv on final belt combines are going to make these sucky to make compared to the other new TS items, but maybe that's whats intended.
  3. Kecpa New Member

    The 5 new poisons are all flagged as "This item can be used in tradeskills." Should I be looking for more recipes they are used in or is this an error? (I tried combining 10 of them together like the old PoP poisons but it was a no go)

    Also, none of them are potion belt enabled like the previous poisons were.
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  4. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Additional to Kecpa's question - is it intented to be only 5 new poisons or will more come later?
  5. Glooping Elder

    Succulent Flesh when combined makes "Suculent Pie" and when searched for in the trivial list it shows up as "Succulent Pie"
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'm entering the Tradeskill questline today and tomorrow.
    Since I am *IN* process... it is going to be buggy by default while I get all of the parts in. So hold off on bug reports on the quests from Crestra until I make another "Done" post.
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  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The tradeskill questline is now in a playable (not necessarily bug-free) state. So bug reports can abound on it :)
  8. adetia Augur

    [Wed Nov 08 16:39:01 2017] Crestra says, 'This sounds odd, but use an oven to bake down the venom until it turns into a nice green bead. Backing spirits will combine with the water and give it a lower evaporation point to help the process along.'

    Found another instance of this one, Ngreth. ( Besides the one we dealt with earlier today! ) Hooray so far, enjoying the task.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I found a few more as well :/ fixed
  10. Stephsanity Elder

    Weight of the sky- the Lava wurm bile and Drake wing scales won't combine according to the clues given needs a fix the other 2 I did combined fine
  11. adetia Augur

    Small typo style error in "Details of the Sky":
    "Explore Souther Dragon Skull
  12. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Slightly off-topic: Why do those tasks involve killing mobs? Aren't there any sneaky rogueish stealthy tasks anymore, where you have to pick doors, grab stuff, manipulate other things and then sneak out again :( ?
  13. adetia Augur

    they don't all involve kills that i've seen.

    One of Crestra's dialogues is missing the "says" part of it, as below. And there's a stray AI. Highlighted both in red

    11/09/17 02:29:49 PM You say, ' There is not as much dragon iconography as you might think, There are three great statues of dragons holding up orbs, and on a related note a dragon graveyard, and four skulls of dragons.'

    11/09/17 02:29:50 PM Crestra'I find it comforting that dragons can die. I wonder if they can survive after death like our gods. But that's not important.' Al shivers then continues, 'Scary to think about, but not important. What about caves and [ways out of the area:There is a cave system on the west side of the area, filled with stone creatures. The ways out of the area lead to, of course, Overthere, as well as Scorched Woods, Gorowyn, Skyfire, and while it may be better phrased as deeper in instead of a way out, Veeshan's Peak.]?'
  14. adetia Augur

    Detail report should be "detailed report" I think.
    Also, you back in the should perhaps be you back in to?

    11/09/17 02:35:07 PM Crestra says, 'Thank you for the detail report. Since you didn't see any living dragons, I feel it's reasonable to send you back in the [evaluate a few:That sounds fun. I'll evaluate a few of the monsters in Skyfire.] specific creatures in Skyfire.'
  15. Stephsanity Elder

    I'm stuck on final combine for Weight of the Sky tried everything I can think of different recipes and all tables ovens and so on and so on anyone figure this out yet?
  16. svann Augur

    Are the focussed type 5 augment recipes working for anyone? Im not getting it to combine. Also, the paragraph in the book no longer tells what rune tracing combinations are supposed to work like it used to. Was that intended?
  17. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    what DOES it say?
  18. svann Augur

    Does that imply that any one of the 6 may be removed? That is, that all 6 combinations should work?

    I still havent got it to work since the book was changed. Not sure if that means Im doing it wrong or its still broken. Asked in general several times and no one has admitted getting it to work.

    edit: I take that back. Just tried again and got a failed (with mat loss) on first try.
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It should be a forge (I changed the text)
    fixed, but you have to get a new task to see it, and the zone you are in has to have re-poped...
    Added the say. The "Al" is correct, that's the Alaran Nominative pronoun. (Think He, She, or They)


    need more detail. What components have you tried?
  20. Stephsanity Elder

    Svann Helped me I didn't make the scorched mud to a bead made it now also the earring I didn't combine by itself in the JC Table that worked now onto task 4 which I heard has text bugs blocking it as well!

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