Tradeskills failed to meet requirements

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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    Tried making
    You cannot make this combine because you fail to meet the requirements.
    What requirements? What do I have to do to make this???

    Tried making
    You cannot make this combine because you fail to meet the requirements.
    What requirements? What do I have to do to make this???

    Tried making
    You cannot make this combine because you fail to meet the requirements.
    What requirements? What do I have to do to make this???

    What can I make???? Seems like I cannot make jack squat.
    What is purpose of research if spells I want to make I fail to meet requirements and it doesn't tell me what. Very very very annoying. EQTraders, Zam does not help with what is required too.

    Due to in-game lack of info, help me EQTraders Help me Zam, what requirements do I need to make these spells???
    Vaniki server. Must be a bug. Please fix.
  2. Aanuvane Augur

    Or it's out of era for Vaniki and this is the standard messge you get when an attempted combine is valid but out of era? Protection of Vie and Anathema are tagged as LDoN and Dark Rune is tagged as PoR in alla's. Does that help at all? If it doesn't, I'm sorry - it's best I can offer you.
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  3. GodsFavoriteAnt New Member

    I really detest this out of era nonsense sometimes. Dead Men Floating is a Kunark era spell, but the recipe to craft it is apparently not. I don't care when the recipe was added, it was added, it should be available with the spell. It isn't like this spell crafting system is in era, in fact there is quite a lot of QOL items that aren't in era (e.g. Origin, Banestrike). I get not being able to make spells that are out of era, but that shouldn't apply when the spell is in era.
    Also, let the sooty fine runic papyrus drop from level appropriate mobs starting in Kunark.
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  4. Bewts Augur

    I get the hate… I really do. There are plenty of cases to be made that crafting a spell should be a viable route to access it in-era.

    However when in-era spells were originally and only a dropped item in that era and often only at a raid such as Luclin (or crafted/quested in some cases) - it devalues the spell if it’s simply made by items dropped randomly from trash in group content.

    To feel more nostalgia like progression, the change was made to disallow crafting of many spells in-era (and also to curb the spell economy in general) Given the rather short window in TLP expansions, I think this should also be revisited as people are more subject to RNG in a short window to get their full complement of spells in-era.

    As for the OP: Crafting in TLP is burdened heavily by expansionary issues and loot tables. Often they leveraged existing itemization for use in later expansion crafting. It creates these types of disconnects where something gets tagged to an expansion and gets blocked from being made - even if the item is era appropriate or used to be craftable but now isn’t because of expansion tagging efforts with loot tables.

    They’ve fixed a lot, but not all of this as you currently observe - and in some cases simply couldn’t bother blocking other things that shouldn’t be in the item economy yet.

    One of those challenges for me was how far behind smithing was compared to in-era items. Making various dwarf cultural items would have been an improvement on alts - that wasn’t on par with raid drops - but a step behind them. By the time I could make them, they weren’t worth the cost to produce them anymore. That investment to get the 2700 or water total TS level did help later in PoP with access to farm elemental items to make and sell - and I made a killing on EP armor and bows for people gearing boxes… but back in the days of 6 month unlocks - it was a long long wait to be first to market with a constant supply to stock a bazaar mule.
  5. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    The change was really pushed by certain guilds who wanted exclusive access to the availability of those spells. Ever since AoC's were added, that whole thing went out the window and access to those spells could no longer be blocked to the whole server.
  6. Mrjon3s Augur

    Seeing as the change didnt happen until Oow Phinny it was because people kept making out of era spells.
  7. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    That doesn't fall in line. Making out of era spells did not necessitate the change to make in-era spells not craftable.

    Phinny was an experiment. AoC's just became extremely popular and were added to TLP's moving forwards. The popularity of AoC's got them added to all servers, Live and Pre-phinny TLP's.

    The change was spearheaded by RF/LJ guilds who couldn't corner the market on Luclin and PoP raid spells. (KEI, Symbol, & Glyph rune words, etc...)

    Even after the change, there were still a handful of out-of-era spells that could be crafted and were patched intermittently. DoN had a few.
  8. GodsFavoriteAnt New Member

    We still get out-of-era spells: Beastlord spells drop frequently. Still, not a problem, put the requirement on scribing the spell instead of crafting it. Make all the copies you want, it won't do you much good and take up bank space.
  9. GodsFavoriteAnt New Member

    I get where you're coming from. But we've already seen a large number of concessions made to benefit players that conflict with the state of the game from launch era till Velious. Origin, shaman pots, new interface, banestrikes (not much, but they didn't exist back then), auto combine, the updated spell research system, etc.

    As you rightly point out, we have a lot less time in-era for these spells and whatnot to be experienced in their prime. Allowing them to be crafted and opening up the research drops just means more people get to experience that. I honestly don't care if that burns a bunch of snobby elitists who think they are above everyone else. Besides they will still have the Ancient spells to feel special.
  10. lurchmouse New Member

    I don't find the problem with spells to be crafted in-era, it's that they're available on vendors before they can be crafted (or at the same time? I'm not certain). It would be nice to see a progression of Drop -> Craft -> Vendor.

    I'd also love to see feedback of "this item becomes available with X expansion" Some things make little sense how they're tagged - GoD drops are a great example.