Tradeskills 1 - 300

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  1. quakedragon Augur

    Alt paths would be based on the economy.
    Is there a buyer/seller hogging everything?

    If say Relic fragments are cheap, no buyers buying it.
    Mana Infusion for Brewing to 300
    Ceramic Raptor Statuette for Pottery to 300 (Also, don't need CoV)
    Exotic Fruit Bowl Baking to 300 (not the best route, just showing, best routes are a fish and water flask)
    Combine Soldier's Ring JC to 300 (would also need steel ingot to be cheap)

    Chronal Resonance Dust is good too.
    Chronal Absinthe for Brewing to 300

    Other expansions similar item to the dust and relic fragments may also be good. Theres quite a bit of dusts/fragments to keep track of so there is a good chance that one of them can be obtained very cheaply.
  2. Alnitak Augur

    I'll tell you secret - Vegetables are sold inn WW too. Ask a guildmate to go to WW and buy you a stack of 1000 Coarse Salt and a stack of 1000 Vegetables.
    And another secret - Drake Eggs, Dragon Eggs and Wurm Eggs are commonly foraged in WW and make 12, 20 and 14 Egg Batters per combine. I literally have 100's of those eggs.
    Perhaps you could ask your guildmates for those, would save you clicks for subcombines.
  3. demi Augur

    you can also make Vegetables , forget which either brewing or baking . take lettuce , carrots and turnips i believe and combine in correct container (mixing bowl) type and get vegetables .. :p
  4. aozs Augur

    I did all the TSes 1-300 on all 6 boxes on my main team last year for the ToV earring (minus research, which I got to 289 on most boxes to meet the min req since it's so expensive).

    I used's_tradeskill_guide plus going through eqtraders recipe lists to find anything possibly better. Gotcharms' guide is somewhat up to date, covering through RoS mats, so you can use that plus eqtraders recipes for TBL, ToV, and CoV to find cost effective options on the bazaar.

    One thing that popped out, for example, was that Primordial Dynastic Radiance can be used on fletching, tailoring, or smithing up to 300 as an alternative to global ores/hides. It's worth keeping an eye out for those in case they're cheap.

    As a general note I also took the time to get the TS trophy for each character on each tradeskill. It's generally easiest to do the first trophy at 50 skill and IMO worth stopping there to get it out of the way quickly.

    I was not shy about spending, but also didn't have unlimited money so I didn't go all out. I valued easy spammable combines because I was doing it on 6 chars at once. Here was the paths I took:

    1-193 Champagne magnum
    193-279 Platinum ruby veil
    279-300 Blue diamond velium bracelet

    1-248 Minotaur hero brew
    248-300 Brut champagne

    1-191 patty melts
    191-300 mix of Broiled Raxil, Alaran appetizer platter (found cheap al-metes), and Resteat (cheap restless meat slurry)

    Here I powerleveled 4 Erollisi Marr clerics to 61 for mastery of the past to non-fizzle imbue rose quartz en masse, and also 4 enchanters to enchant clay.
    1-148 unfired large bowl
    148-255 unfired idol (erollisi)
    255-300 unfired obsidian scale tonfa ornament

    Big mix of global ores - barbs and chain bracer templates

    Big mix of global pelts and silks - hilt wraps and silk wristband templates

    1-202 class 1 steel point arrow (small nock)
    202-255 rough shadewood recurve bow
    202-300 mithril champion arrows (wood elf only)
    255-300 auspicious elder plank (using primordial dynastic radiances - I did a lot of overseer farming for these as well)

    1-102 don't remember
    102-174 Fine parchment solution
    174-243 Runic parchment solution
    243-289 combat spellbook (requires writing ink)
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Just to clarify, you can only do that recipe AFTER you've hit 300 (unmodified) on the other tradeskills and completed the Merchant Alliance quest.
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  6. Fenthen aka Rath

    1x fishing grub (3cp)
    1x water flask (1sp)
    Trivial 122.
    You're welcome.
  7. Dre. Altoholic

    It'd be really great to see a better path on these. Tailoring in particular makes me want to Kermit.
  8. CrazyLarth Augur

    I am still working on my Overseer items for Tradeskills

    I have used
    Seeds of Destruction -- 9 Chronal Resonance Dust - to level and max my Trophy

    Chronal Absinthe (Brewing 324

    Level 5
    Seeds of Destruction
    9 Chronal Resonance Dust { (111 recipes 100 to 567) Triv
    Alchemy (??? 490 to 508 ??)
    Baking (258,366) Triv
    Brewing (250,252,324)
    Jewelcraft 100
    Pottery (356,370,383,393,396,423,436,450,463)
    Research (363,370,372,375,410,444,450)
    Tinkering (126,402) Triv }

    4 Basilisk Parts Alchemy Trivial: 250
    4 Bear Parts Alchemy Trivial: 250
    4 Earth Elemental Parts Alchemy Trivial: 250
    4 Fairy Parts Alchemy Trivial: 250
    4 Kobold Parts Alchemy Trivial: 250
    4 Skeleton Parts Alchemy Trivial: 250
    2 Vanadium Ore (Smithing , Tinkering )
    2 Immaculate Animal Pelt (Tailoring )
    14 Immaculate Silk (Fletching , Pottery , Tailoring)
    2 Immaculate Marrow (Pottery , Tailoring )
    2 Immaculate Spinneret Fluid (Fletching , Jewelcraft , Pottery ,Tailoring, Tinkering)
    2 Spongy Loam (Pottery, Smithing , Tinkering)

    Level 5
    2 Purified Grade AA Nigriventer Venom
    1 Purified Grade AA Gormar Venom
    1 Purified Grade AA Mamba Venom
    1 Purified Grade AA Taipan Venom
    1 Purified Grade AA Choresine Sample
    1 Pristine Muscimol
    1 Pristine Oleander
    1 Pristine Larkspur
    1 Pristine Caladium
    1 Pristine Laburnum
    1 Pristine Privet
    1 Pristine Delphinium
    2 Vanadium Ore
    2 Immaculate Animal Pelt
    14 Immaculate Silk
    2 Immaculate Spinneret Fluid
    9 Cosgrove Powder

    Level 5
    House of Thule
    9 Dream Dust
    2 Fantastic Animal Pelt
    14 Fantastic Silk
    2 Osmium Ore
    2 Fantastic Marrow
    2 Fantastic Spinneret Fluid
    2 Shimmering Loam
    2 Distilled Grade C Nigriventer Venom
    1 Distilled Grade C Gormar Venom
    1 Distilled Grade C Mamba Venom
    1 Distilled Grade C Taipan Venom
    1 Distilled Grade C Choresine Sample

    Level 5
    Veil of Alaris
    4 Al-Metes
    2 Alaris Gemstone
    9 Essence of Alaris
    1 Smudged Rough Spell Tablet
    1 Sooty Spell Tablet
    1 Sooty Fine Spell Tablet
    1 Smudged Runic Spell Tablet
    1 Stained Fine Runic Spell Tablet
    2 Goral Fins
    2 Selyrah Bones
    2 Braxi Horn
    2 Exotic Animal Pelt
    14 Exotic Silk
    2 Palladium Ore
    2 Exotic Marrow
    2 Exotic Spinneret Fluid
    2 Mysterious Loam
    2 Distilled Grade B Nigriventer Venom
    1 Distilled Grade B Gormar Venom
    1 Distilled Grade B Mamba Venom
    1 Distilled Grade B Taipan Venom
    1 Distilled Grade B Choresine Sample

    Level 5
    Rain of Fear
    1 Smudged Rough Numen Plaque
    1 Sooty Numen Plaque
    1 Sooty Fine Numen Plaque
    1 Smudged Runic Numen Plaque
    1 Stained Fine Runic Numen Plaque
    9 Planar Energy Shard
    4 Planar Goo
    2 Distilled Grade A Nigriventer Venom
    1 Distilled Grade A Gormar Venom
    1 Distilled Grade A Mamba Venom
    1 Distilled Grade A Taipan Venom
    1 Distilled Grade A Choresine Sample
    2 Befouled Animal Pelt
    14 Befouled Silk
    2 Scorched Ore
    2 Befouled Marrow
    2 Befouled Spinneret Fluid
    2 Corrupted Loam
    2 Tainted Feather
    2 Animal Fearbone
    2 Fractured Shard

    Level 5
    Call of the Forsaken
    1 Smudged Rough Orphic Card
    1 Sooty Orphic Card
    1 Sooty Fine Orphic Card
    1 Smudged Runic Orphic Card
    1 Stained Fine Runic Orphic Card
    2 Lumber Plank
    2 Fine Feathers
    2 Leather Roll
    9 Ethernere Essence
    2 Steel Ingot
    2 Cloth Bolt

    Level 5
    The Darkened Sea
    9 Relic Fragments
    1 Smudged Rough Sortilege Sheet Research Trivial: 243+
    1 Sooty Sortilege Sheet Research Trivial: 243+
    1 Sooty Fine Sortilege Sheet Research Trivial: 243+
    1 Smudged Runic Sortilege Sheet Research Trivial: 243+
    1 Stained Fine Runic Sortilege Sheet Research Trivial: 243+
    2 August Ore
    2 August Animal Pelt

    Level 5
    The Broken Mirror

    Level 5
    Empires of Kunark

    Level 5
    Ring of Scale
    1 Distilled Grade AA Mamba Venom
    2 Distilled Grade AA Nigriventer Venom
    2 Conflagrant Ore
    2 Conflagrant Reptile Skin
    14 Conflagrant Raw Silk
    2 Conflagrant Wood
    4 Conflagrant Diamond
    4 Lava Lizard Meat
    4 Succulent Flesh
    4 Lacertilia Meat
    4 Conflagrant Bone Dust
    4 Lacertilia Ectoplasm
    4 Slime
    2 Lacertilia Venom
    9 Kunark Conflagrant Powder
    180 Conflagrant Fish Scale
    1 Distilled Grade AA Gormar Venom
    1 Distilled Grade AA Taipan Venom
    1 Distilled Grade AA Choresine Sample
    2 Conflagrant Platinum

    Level 5
    The Burning Lands
    2 Gnomework Adaptive Plating
    180 Whispering Twilight Fish Scale
    18 Primordial Dynastic Radiance
    4 Indigenous Mephit Meat
    4 Primordial Fish Meat
    4 Primordial Legume
    4 Primordial Fruit
    4 Primordial Leaves
    4 Indigenous Mephit Blood

    Level 5
    Torment of Velious
    7 Raw Velium Ore
    4 Velium Impacted Raw Diamond
    2 Velium Infused Pelt
    14 Velium Infused Spider Silk
    2 Velium Infused Logs
    2 Velium Spotted Fish Fillets
    2 Velium Permeated Vegetables
    2 Restless Meat Slurry
    2 Velium Clouded Fish Blood
    2 Cloudberry
    2 Restless Ice Slush
    2 Velium Laced Nigriventer Venom
    1 Velium Laced Mamba Venom
    1 Velium Laced Gormar Venom
    1 Velium Laced Taipan Venom
    1 Velium Laced Choresine Sample
    1 Velium Laced Muscimol
    1 Velium Laced Oleander
    1 Velium Laced Larkspur
    1 Velium Laced Caladium
    1 Velium Laced Laburnum
    1 Velium Laced Privet
    1 Velium Laced Delphinium
    180 Velium Infused Fish Scales

    Level 5
    Claws of Veeshan
  9. Gr8fuldave Augur

    With Overseer it seems it should be a little easier to get the farm items to level up tradeskilling. Has anyone posted or does anyone have a guide that heavily uses the items from Overseer, and, if so, what expansions should I be choosing for certain drops? For example, the Spiritual Mushrooms were very nice for getting baking to 300. Those came from Harvesting, Crafting and Research rewards from the NOS Expansion.

    Any thoughts on which Overseer expansion reward I should be choosing for Research?
  10. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    The list above shows which ones to choose and which research matts they give - for example it shows COTF will have Orphic cards etc. Maybe I am not understanding your question?
  11. Fanra

    I've never used Overseer for my tradeskills but this is what I have for Research:
  12. Gr8fuldave Augur

    Sorry, I guess my question was worded poorly. I would love a guide that says something like this:

    Overseer Rewards Tradeskill Guide.

    Baking: Hit 250 in skill (and then just load up on "x item from the X expansion rewards from overseer" (example: Spiritual Luclin Mushrooms from NOS Overseer rewards and make Roasted Luclin Mushrooms Trivial 466) and then just sit and spam combine until you hit 300. This allows you to not have to farm any drops.

    Research: Runic Parchment Solution until 262 and then spam "x parchment from x expansion rewards from Overseer" until you hit 300...

    Maybe this already exists somewhere?
  13. Gr8fuldave Augur

    Edit: I just looked at your link and thats awesome!
  14. ElfinRoosters New Member

    The previous two recent expansions reward the most items from Overseer quests, so either will work for maxing Brewing, Baking, Fletching, Tailoring, Smithing, and Jewelcraft to 300.

    For NoS, these are the items to make since they all have trivials over 300:
    Baking: Grilled Luclin Fish Steaks, Roasted Luclin Mushrooms, Sauteed Luclin Green Beans, Seared Luclin Flank Steak
    Brewing: Luclin Elderberry Juice, Luclin Pitaya Fruit Juice, Luclin Seltzer Water
    Fletching: Spiritual Luclinite Board
    Smithing: Spiritual Luclinite Chainmail Links, Spiritual Luclinite Sheet
    Tailoring: Spiritual Luclinite Heavy Fabric, Spiritual Luclinite Leather
    Jewelcraft: Honed Spiritual Luclinite
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  15. Drakang Augur

    Baking and Brewing can also be done using the current and previous expansions stat food and drink since there can quickly become a surplus of the items.

    If you want to burn a tradeskill potion doing the highest level combine you can get materials for becomes a good path since the failures can get you skill ups and you won't loose materials till your skill gets up a ways.
  16. Gr8fuldave Augur

    Are there any Overseer rewards that are good for getting Research to 300?
  17. Fenthen aka Rath

    CotF -- Ethernere Essences can grind you to 300+ research.
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  18. fransisco Augur

    I've been doing Tradeskills to 350, and have noticed that its not that someone is hogging everything.
    No one is farming/selling it.

    Overseer stuff just goes into the tradeskill depot. You can have 10,000 of something. So its toss in and forget. No one even thinks to sell it, not like its taking up bank space. Only a very few bother selling it, which results in very high markups.

    As for everything before overseer, the only people who are doing that content are farming it for components they intend to use. Certain things are part of popular skill up paths like sunshard ore, which doubles down on their rarity of they show up in the bazaar.
    Since no one is doing the content on live, the only people who get it are the ones looking for it.
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  19. ElfinRoosters New Member

    I take it you mean the Guidestones?

    You get 9 Ethernere Essences from an Overseer Common Research quest with live at Laurion's Song. (edited to reflect the # Ethernere Essences)
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  20. Bernel Augur

    I would think that if you're using Overseer, it would be best to first get your trophy and skill up on your own for a while, and then switch to Overseer. The Overseer tradeskills all have very high trivials. At the lower skill levels, your trophy only skills up if the trivial is within 100. But at some point (~270), then any higher trivial will evolve your trophy. If you just did combines from Overseer tradeskill rewards from the beginning, your trophy wouldn't start evolving until you got to that cutoff of 270 or whatever. But if you're just doing a ton of Overseer combines, it might not really matter. Eventually your skill and trophy will level up.