Tradeskill Trophy Evolving

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  1. Allconfused New Member

    In discussing raising any TS trophy to maxed, I differ from many others in how to do it.

    So I pose this, you have a TS trophy at 6/7 and a skill in it that's 305, what is the minimum trivial combine that you can do to evolve just the trophy not the base skill?

    My answer is any combine that is trivial over 300 will raise the trophy if done enough times, even if the trivial is only 301 to 304. Trophy evolving only requires that the trivial be over 300.
    It does not require that the trivial l be higher then your base skill in order to evolve the trophy.

    Now, let the comments begin, cause in my guild we have many disagreements about this.
  2. Lufraki Elder

    cant remember where I read that anything over 300 is treated as a 300 ... so the way I see it, you are correct.

    or was it 350?... cant remember :confused:
  3. Goodn Augur

    You are wrong. The trophy only evolves on successful combines that are above your true skill level.

    So if you have a true skill of 305, you will need 306 or above trival combines to raise your trophy.

    I personally did this when going back to raise my JC trophy from 6/7 to 7/7. I was at 302 skill and mistakenly thought that doing velium blue diamond bracelet combines (triv of 302) would be fine for the trophy. It wasn't and 100ish combines later, I was still the same place I was before starting.

    You may be confusing other parts of trophy skillups. The one where if you are doing a recipe over 100 of your base skill, then it does not count for trophy xp. Once your true skill is within 100, the trophy starts gaining xp again (and if you are way behind, will gain xp faster until it catches up).

    This ends at either 250 or 275 (depending on who you want to believe in the forums)...I myself have not bothered with confirming which number it is. So at 275 (or 250), the distance between true skill and combine no longer matters for trophy xp.

    There is another part that anything over 350 is treated as 350 for trophy xp. I'm not sure how that plays now that skill goes to 350...

    But again, in all cases, the combine you are doing must have a trival above your base skill.
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  4. Allconfused New Member

    I forgot to add that the trophy has to be equipped in order for it to evolve.

    While the same is not true about base skill ups, the trophy increases the chance to make an item if it is equipped.
  5. Bobsmith Augur

    Combine must be within +100 of your current unmodded skill level to progress a trophy. That holds true until 300,once 300 you can do any combine over 300 for trophy evolving.
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  6. Abbydog Journeyman

    I can confirm Goodn's information. Over 300 is not good enough. I attempted to raise my smithing trophy from 6/7 to 7/7 by making Tungsten Plate Bracer Templates with a trivial of 310. I bought 1000 ore in the bazaar and went to bed leaving my character combining. I made 427 bracers overnight before running out of inventory space. My trophy did not budge even 1% from those successful combines. Once I switched to Titanium the trophy took off.
  7. Critts Augur

    I snagged this out of a thread I started in 2016. I think it helps to understand better what’s actually happing. You can view the whole thread by searching Trophy maxing it’s the title.

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  8. Bjpotratz New Member

    One other thing to note. If you have 350 unmodified skill with a 6/7 trophy you will gain trophy exp super fast in order to catch up and get to level 7. The same as how it works for catching up at lower levels. This was a pleasant surprise for me after i got 350 pottery and went back later to max my trophy. I was prepared to do hundreds of combines but only needed 10 or 20.
  9. IblisTheMage Augur

    Raised my smithing to 300 without having a trophy, when I realised what I had done, I gave up.

    Is there a way out of the mess?
  10. fortuneteller Augur

    Make task for trophy, then evolve the trophy. Not hard.

    Just if you get above 310-315, it becomes harder, but still possible
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  11. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Interesting. I didn't consider the rules for evolving trophies is different at 350 than they are for 300. I guess I have to ask, why on Norrath would anyone even begin to learn all those recipes without the maximum skill mod in the first place? Leveling trophies is pretty easy. It just takes time or platinum, which ever method you wish to spend.
  12. Bjpotratz New Member

    I had a couple trophies I just never bothered evolving. It's not like having a level 7 trophy helps that much on the path to 350 anyway. A lot of stuff that's painful to farm (like PoP) isn't really that high of trivial.
  13. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Many players are new or never knew or simply forgot about the tradeskill trophy quests. There are other tradeskill modifiers that are used. Just like many players don't know about the beginning freebie portion for learning tradeskills or the fact that the ones in Cresent Reach are faster than the ones in AB Sea but the ones in AB Sea allow you to learn to refine GOD materials. Could be why there are 6 levels of tradeskill tests in West Freeport.
  14. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

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  15. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I'll buy some of that but I just don't see getting 350 in even a single tradeskills being something that casuals would tend do. Just having PoP progression alone is a roadblock to getting the AP. Without the AP why even bother doing the work in the first place? I'm not saying people aren't good at the game if they're casual it's just an incredible and boring grind for not enough benefit.

    The only thing I can think of that fails way less than than before are Pure Energian power sources. It's quite noticeable. I mean my goodness do I fail Kits and lose the Flawless Diamonds a lot with 395 modded skill. It's silly. I lost 3 Flawless in one night and only one was the awful Fishing Kit. The bane of raiding tradeskillers existance haha :)
  16. 00debbie New Member

    I can confirm that only 300+ is needed for tradeskill trophy xp. Today I was making a 308 trivial Item to level to 300 and then to evolve my trophy. My trophy evolved before I hit 300 and did not get any xp until after my skill hit 300 then it took off. 30% in 200ish combines so far.
  17. Daedly Augur

    That doesn't hold true until level 300. I leveled Research from 110 to 300 using guidestones Saturday. There was a point before 300 that my trophy began to evolve. I don't what number it was, but it caught me off guard. I can look back through my logs when I get home to find it though.
  18. Gana Augur

    I think anything over 300 counts as 300, so for trophy to evolve, your skill would have to be 200.
  19. Scorrpio Augur

    Trophy definitely does not evolve on post-300 trivials if your true skill is higher. I.e. if you bought 4th level mastery AA and know enough recipes to fill it out, your true skill is 305 and anything less than 306 will not evolve your trophy.

    The evolve rate seems to come in 3 flavors:
    Skill below 300, trophy level matches. (I.e. Expert trophy while in 250-299 skill range). Seems real slow, to the tune of 10 combines per % evolved. And once it gets to 99%, it stops.
    Trophy at a level below your skill tier. I.e. Expert trophy at 300 skill. Evolve rate massively accelerated, to the tune of 2-3% per combine, until trophy evolves.
    At skil at/past 300, with Master trophy, it seems like the rate is 1% per 5 combines. I recently did a batch of 105 combines at 316 trivial(skill 305) and my trophy went up exactly 21%.
  20. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Getting and evolving the Tradeskill Trophies is fairly straight forward.
    1. You do the Test to get the Beginner Trophy (and the appropriate skill level item when appropriate).
      • If your skill is between 50-99 then you just get the Beginner Trophy.
      • But if you have higher than that then you will get a certificate as well as the Beginner Trophy, equip the trophy and combine the certificate in a TS appropriate container to evolve your trophy to version that matches your current skill level.
      • The higher your skill the harder the Test will be, and typically the more rare items it will require.
    2. The TS trophies only evolve from successful combines which are higher than your raw skill in that specific TS.
      • The amount of XP that the trophy earns per successful combine equals the trivial of the combine.
        • The only exception to this is that all combines with a trivial of 350 or higher reward the same amount of evolving xp, 350.
      • While your skill is below 250, recipes which have a trivial more than 100 points higher than your raw skill will not give you any evolving xp.
        • So if your raw skill is 235 then you can do combines up to 335 and get xp, but a combine at 340 trivial will give you 0.
        • This limit is removed once you reach 250 skill, due to the fact that all combines with a trivial of 350 or higher reward the same amount of evolving xp.
    3. When your trophy and raw skill get out of synch the trophy will either speed up or stop its evolution until they are back at the same level.
      • If the trophy is below your current raw skill level, then it will earn evolving xp at 10x the normal rate until it reaches the same level as your skill is currently at.
        • So if you're skill is 275 but your trophy is Journeyman level it will xp faster.
      • When your trophy is a level ahead of your current raw skill level then, the trophy will stop evolving until they realign.
        • So if you are again at skill 275 but this time your trophy is Master level, then it will stop evolving until you hit 300 skill.