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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by quakedragon, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. quakedragon Lorekeeper

    Just an idea for the developers if they looking for ways to improve tradeskill trading.

    How about allowing a trader that has tradeskill skills (300 jewelry) and the items for recipes in his trader satchel, how about allowing them todo recipes on the fly if someone does an order.

    Also, allow people to see someone has tradeskill ability and they do a specific search like trio dwerium ring, and see traders/tradeskillers available and they make a purchase and then the traderskiller does his combines and then gives it to the player. Maybe make it newplayer friendly too.

    I'm mentioning this because,
    10-20, 20-30, 30-50, 50-70, 70-80, 80-85, etc. armor cultural.
    Its very space consuming, and don't forget about the augmentations too!

    I think this would be helpful for newplayers that are free to play and testing the game. I know some people aren't there to milk the plat in the bazaar, some people actually want to help newplayers and have good deals for them.

    Just an idea.

    if too much, maybe have an additional tab on the traders, comments (so I type /bazaar and sort by comments and look for cultural or newplayer or something in that nature).
    So traders can do like #hashtag newplayers I can hook you up
    Or #culturalarmorhighelf 1-90 send me want you looking for
  2. Mikana Lorekeeper

    Unlikely to happen - given the number of recipes that have subcomines (and sub-sub combines, etc), the sort of search that would be needed would probably bring the back end database to its knees - particularly where there are multiple ways to make a particular item, so all the variants would need to be checked).

    Another problem would be accounting for failures on the combines - even a trivial combine has the chance to fail, so would need to account for that in the pricing; and what happens if a subcombine fails, leaving the trader with not enough stock to make the attempt again.

    Also, a lot of traders use a different account to their mains (who actually have the tradeskills) - not sure I'd fancy skilling up all the tradeskills again :)

    A nice idea might be to have some sort of "request log", so traders could see what sort of things people are looking for, so they could see what might be worth adding to their stocks...
  3. Aanuvane Augur

    This. I use level 10 alts as traders - not the toons I actually play.
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  4. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    I do this ALLL of the time now, it's not blocked to anyone afaik.. I mean, ok smithing does need a forge, but otherwise, you can do many TS on the fly.
    My 4 main TS bags, but I actually have supplies in like 2 more..

    So I can do lots of TS while running from one place to the next, or during downtimes of raids, or if someone just needs something quick and we are not in POK or GH.
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  5. KarmaKitty Elder

    Would be nice to have unlimited use personal TS containers for all TS in my TS bag for use at any time.
    In my case, an unlimited use portable forge would be nice. I believe something exists just short of what I want.

    I would rather put their time into something of real use. A simple upgrade of trophy generated bags to 40 slots would be nice. All existing bags and all future bags.

    Also, colored bags are great for organization, but are too small.

    Maybe a general container revamp.
  6. quakedragon Lorekeeper

    I'm just thinking, what could benefit newplayers. They are not always going to find that flawed breastplate and other armor on traders.

    So just was thinking, you know a human cultural at say 30-50 there is silk, leather, chain, plate, 8 slots, 32 slots of trader space taken up just for that level range, then you need the augs, which about 10 slots. Don't forget about weapons another 10 slots, and the augs for those weapons another 10 slots.
    Thats just for one specific level range, what if you want to do 1-10 10-20, 20 -30?

    And if you want to sell your normal wares because you still want to make money even though you'd like to help out newplayers.

    So was thinking it would go like this.
    You put in what items you will craft, (don't forget about jewelry!, another many many trader slots to take up)
    So put in items you will craft as trader, just have the non vendor stuff in the trader bags ie the fine silk fine spinneret fluid, the sewing needle. The vendor bought stuff like curing chemicals etc, you buy them automatically and then do the combine automatically, and if you fail you do it again until you succeed and the player gets the item, and you get your plat he purchased with.

    If you fail you fail, plat does not get sent to you.

    I'm just thinking about all this cultural armor 1- 65 which is hardly used but pretty good, not used unless you know someone, and newbies usually don't know anyone. So have to simplify the process.

    Sure it may take away the trading aspect, but people 1-65 need a lotta help with gear. Especially if they don't know anyone, and having played on Live for a bit, guilds don't reach out, I haven't heard any guilds recruiting in chat, its pretty barren.
    Sure if I reach out I can get a guild, but what percentage of F2P or newplayers do you think actually reach out?

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