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  1. Morgen Elder

    Is there any advantage/difference between the foci for the Seal of the Mariner vs. Seal of the Traveler? ZAM/Lucy seems to indicate it's 23% spellhaste focus for both, with "of the Mariner" working on all spells and "of the Traveler" working on just detrimental. If that's the case, why does "of the Traveler" exist?
  2. Jaera Augur

    The only difference would be the mechanoinstructions used to create them, as in if you only had the Traveler instructions on hand, you could just make that if you didn't need the haste for beneficial spells.

    Its a weird system...
  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The Mechanoinstructions were designed during a time when there were still generic All target focuses. All target range, Haste, mana pres etc.

    After around GoD/OoW they switched more towards having Detrimental or Beneficial only focuses. But when DoDH rolled around and they added these cultural armor Augs, they also added lower levels of them, Chronal and Discordant, which were aimed at PoTime-Qvic geared raid forces and they just pulled the focuses from those eras which still used the generic all target focuses.

    They really should’ve cut out about 5 of them:

    Imprecise Accelerative –------- Mariner ---------– general spell haste focus (23%)
    Imprecise Fluctuator --------–- Oracle –----------- general spell range increase focus (29%)
    Imprecise Incantific ---------–- Magus –----------- general spell damage focus (50%)
    Imprecise Radiation ---------–- Master –---------- general mana reduction focus (20%)
    Rampageous Lambasting------– Foot Soldier ----– imp parry/block

    These ones don’t make sense to exist past the Discordant/Chronal tier of augments. The Improved Parry/Block line is already covered by the Duelist line, and is redundant.

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