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  1. adetia Augur

    JC Chart is updated - I had to change many labels from the original charts to accomodate the outputfile labeling, which are different in some cases when there are many versions of one recipe. I haven't had a chance to update the instructions yet, but the general idea here is.....

    1. If you are a completionist and want every recipe whether it counts or not, use the tab marked "Master List" to fulfill that goal.
    2. If your goal is to get to 350 as quickly as possible, use the "Comparison (skillname)" tab where you will paste in your /outputfile to generate the list of what you are missing, compared back to mine (all my skills are maxed).

    Also just as a reminder you may not need every single recipe on the list as I have some RoS recipes complete and was max prior to RoS. (That said, some of the RoS recipes will be far easier to chase down).

    If there are any questions, let me know!
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  2. Goodn Augur

    From the master list, you left off Venerable Nimble symbols for JC (all triv 486)
  3. Aanuvane Augur

    I think those "require" a book to make, which I believe puts them out of the "rules" for what counts towards the 350 skill up.
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  4. Goodn Augur

    I know and wasn't trying to imply that she overlooked something important. That's why I mentioned the master list. I believe she is trying to have a complete list of all JC recipes listed there so just trying to help her out.

    And btw, thank you very much Adetia for all your wonderful and hard work.
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  5. adetia Augur

    Ok clarified instructions a bit based on questions I'm getting this morning!

    Using baking as an example, here's what you would do:

    In game:
    /outputfile recipes baking

    Out of game:
    1. Load my baking chart.
    2. File -> Make Copy to make YOUR copy (Mine is protected so that 300 people don't try to use it at the same time).
    3. Open your outputfile-> Its in your Everquest folder and will look like Adetia-Baking.txt (with your name).
    4. Ctrl-A to select All. Ctrl-C to copy.
    5. Go back to your copy of the baking chart.
    6. Put your cursor in the bright pink cell (C5)
    7. Ctrl-V to paste.
    8. Observe the columns under the GREEN markers for what you need to do to finish/

    REMEMBER: In each skill there are a handful of recipes that do not match perfectly. For baking this is ice of velious based ice creams - you will need to verify these by hand in your TS interface. This is because both are called Walnut Ice Cream. I'll clean some of these mismatches up going forward to make it easier to tell.
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  6. Drewie Augur

    I added the Tinkering recipes on my web form thanks to Moege, as well as added a few recipes from other tradeskills. Still missing the Alchemy and Poison recipes. The form might move to a more permanent hosting in a few days.
  7. Moege Augur

    And to think people were saying /outputfile for recipes would be useless :p
  8. smash Augur

    Now to be certain. The output recipes show the total amount of recipes you missing to get to 300 or ?
  9. Riou Augur

    They show the recipes you know that count for 301-350 skill level
  10. Tatanka Augur

    You can, if you wish, get to 300 on just one recipe, assuming it's at least 300 trivial. It would be silly to do it, but it could be done.

    Skilling up from 301-350 is accomplished by learning more and more recipes (i.e. either scribing a book with the recipe in it, or successfully completing a combine for that recipe).
  11. adetia Augur

    I'm looking for an outputfile from a 350 alchemist, poisoncrafter, researcher(need to verify something) and tinkerer if anyone is willing to share. (will attribute proper credit). Files can be emailed to:
  12. adetia Augur

    Thanks! These have all been added to the Master list! :) Chart updated!

    And yes, trying to have a complete list on hand! :)
  13. Sheex Augur

    Just emailed you my research output file. 350 skill, stopped doing spells around lvl 80. Fyi!
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  14. smash Augur

    Meant to get to 350
  15. Moege Augur

    It shows the recipes you know.
    Compare that with someone that has 350 and you get what you are missing.
  16. adetia Augur

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  17. Tatanka Augur

    OK, not sure what I'm doing wrong. I made a copy, I copy paste my recipes to cell C5 (the pink one). Everything pastes in fine, but I don't see any change in the green column next to it (column E).

    Does it HAVE to be on Google Drive? I made a local copy.
  18. Tatanka Augur

    Update: I made a copy in Google Drive, and it works. Must be some option to turn on in Open Office Calc, but I couldn't figure out what it wanted.
  19. adetia Augur

    Weird! I know I had trouble moving from Clarisaa's cleric chart to open office too; but was finally able to get that working with her and her friend's help!
  20. smash Augur

    I hope you will add some for the remaining ts that already there, like tailor, Brewing,..... so can do the outputfile for those...

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