Tradeskill information, post 300 skillups

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  1. adetia Augur

    Yes, it includes housing items, provided you do both outoutfile inventory and ouputfile realestate

    I’m glad you find the site helpful!

    You don’t have to max every skill to fully evolve the prize. If you choose to max all but research you can stop at approximately 320 research and be done. Therefore, if you wished, you could go to 340 on other skills and then do as much research as necessary to finish. I chose to max out the others in the hopes there will be someday a reward for doing so, and because of the extraordinarily high number of combines needed per point gained in research.
  2. Lily Augur

    My aug didn't max out until I got all the skills to 350 (250 fishing). This included research. At the time the aug maxed out at 100 AC 800HP 700M. Was it changed after the stats were improved? I'm assuming you're not including alchemy, poison making, and tinkering.
  3. adetia Augur

    Mine is maxed with research parked at 320. I have all other traditional skills + fishing at their max. I'm human monk so no, no alchemy, poison or tinkering. If you did yours very early on, its possible that you did it before some of the recipes were fixed, etc, and before some recipe counts were changed so you needed more, I suppose, but for me, I maxed my artisan prize, as did several other guildmates with everything maxed and research at 320.
  4. adetia Augur

    Added a new tab to the Quest section for Crestra's Earring for the part list, ... have the list presented in two ways, alphabetically and zone based. Hope this is helpful as folks do their progression so you know what to save. Parts are almost all prelootable and tradable. I'm sure there will be those that will have them up for ridiculously exorbitant prices in the bazaar, but I will caution you against that - all parts were fairly easy for me to obtain with minimal time investment for at least the first several stages of the quest - I didn't do the very last one on beta, so can't speak to that one just yet. A brief writeup with some tips will be coming out very soon <tm> for the earring quest itself.
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  5. adetia Augur

    Updated fishing chart to include new RoS recipes. I have put them at the bottom of the original and on a separate tab as well. Remember, if your Artisans Prize is not maxed out yet, fishing gives you the biggest bang for the buck. Also, if you do make these recipes, keep them to learn new tailoring recipes.
  6. Tatanka Augur

    Question, Adetia.

    Did any of your TS skills move down from 350 when RoS went live? If not, then would that indicate that RoS recipes won't help the TS skill move up, either?
  7. adetia Augur

    No, but I don't think the intention is for it to work in that way, but I'll seek clarification from Ngreth.
  8. Aurastrider Augur

    Any suggestions on zones to fish in for baking skill ups? I have two toons designated for just fishing while I farm mats and want to make the best use out of them. I have not started baking yet but am multitasking farming some of the rarer items like coarse salt and ice of velious while I gather supplies for fletching currently.
  9. Warpeace Augur

  10. Hellfyres Lorekeeper

    I'm going to assume you are referring to 301+ skillups and not 1-300. For 301+, you are going to need to be moving fairly frequently with your fishers. I remember Dulak and Undershore both having multiple fished components. Outside of that it is all 1-2 per zone. I personally used heroic druids and combined fishing/foraging trips :)
  11. Aurastrider Augur

    Sorry I was not more clear I am referring to fishing for the 301+ route. I assume some of the combines required for baking are going to require fish from various zones. I over fished all the zones required to get fishing to 250 so I would have extras for baking if needed. I have probably caught upwards of 50k raxil fish over the last two years to max out baking on 9 toons and help several friends max baking. If fishing is not necessary to get baking to 350 this is a non factor but I assume since the two go hand in hand there will need to be some fishing involved.
  12. adetia Augur

    if you overfished at all you're probably already set for fish requirements. you don't need much of any particular ingredient for baking, other then ice of velious (be sure to combine with brewing for max recipe gain from your parts), some GoD forages/drops, coarse salt (think like 75-80). some other components that come to mind that you'll want limited quantities (<20) of will be nest dragon meat, nest drake meat, various eggs, shark fins, horse meat, al-metes, minotaur meat, dream meat, darkhollow basilisk meat. the thing with baking is that its being inundated with thousands of recipes that are mostly one offs or dribs and drabs of this and that.
  13. Aurastrider Augur

    I am not sure if anyone has asked yet but is there a way to export your known recipe list to a word document? I find trying look up at the screen and then back down at the paper to be rather hard on my eyes after hours of crafting and would love to be able to eliminate items from the master list while I am on one of my breaks at work.

    Huge thanks again to everyone here. I just maxed out fishing and fletching and all the help on here has made the process way smoother than I thought it was going to be.
  14. Vanrau Augur

    I saw on the dgcissuetracker site that one of the developers had marked a ticket for /outputfile recipe to fixed internally. I'm not sure exactly what that means yet but maybe it means they added it to /outputfile.
  15. adetia Augur

    It means they are working on it and have an apparent solution internally, but its not available to us yet. One thing I'm working on is improving the charts where you can paste the output from it into my chart and it will tell you what is missing - it may not be immediate when this first goes in but its very high priority on my to do list, just have to see how to do it the most effectively.
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  16. Grove Augur

    Any further help with this? I really do not want, and will not pay for cloud storage or access.
  17. Nuttann Lorekeeper

    I made a Google gmail account and that gets me access to my Google Drive. This is free for me. Under a certain size costs nothing. Checking right now, I saw that you get 15 GB (combined gmail, Google Drive, etc). I have never come close to it and have some of these documents. In fact, I added some that are similar, but include the recipes.

    I really don't want to pay either. I do not recall giving them a credit card, so I may start not getting email once I reach that limit, but I keep it clean.

    If you don't like the free space you get on Google, there is the free LibreOffice suite that should work. While Linux users may be more familiar with it, I just checked and they have binaries for Windows OS and Mac OS. While it is not MicroSoft Office, it provides most of the important features. You can import Comma-Separated-Values (CSV) and may be able to import Excel docs.(They claim to try and stay compatible with MicroSoft) I know some people that really like it. It looked OK when I looked at it, but don't have a need for many office-like documents, so Google Drive works for me. I believe there is some format that the Google Sheets should be able to export that LibreOffice should be able to import. As a caveat, certain advanced features may or not work, but the base document should be there. It may work perfectly, but I won't say that unless I tried it myself.

  18. adetia Augur

    i specifically chose google drive because it was free for 99% of folks. you shouldnt need to pay, i have never and have hundreds of docs etc and various things i use in drive all the time.
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  19. adetia Augur

    Brewing files updated.
  20. Grove Augur

    With this information, I created an account at Google. Then, I tried to copy the Fishing guide there. First, I copied and pasted the address into one of the pages. Then, I tried to copy the information from A1 outward. Both ended with the chart, in view only status. (This allows no entry of data like my name or an x when I have completed a combine.) So, I am looking for more help, please. If you want this in personal message as you may have suggested above, just let me know.

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