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  1. Deathly Elder

    My thoughts as a person who has all the trade skills to 350 and has also gone the extra mile to learn over 90% of all known recipes (Even Research).

    Experimentation really comes into play after you reach the required goal of 300. Most people I know pick a recipe with the least and cheapest amount of items (sometimes more expense if mass quantities are available) and spam make that recipe to 300. This makes it easier for experimenting, because the goal is not to fail on anything you make after 300 (you do not want to loose your hard earned rare farmed TS mats).

    So the question becomes as far as using the TS Depot for experimenting, is it useful and streamed lined in its current state (I would say no). BUT!!, the TS Depot obviously has other valuable uses IMO, it should not be based solely on experimentation.

    Experimentation: (My take on it, your ideas do not have to align with mine as there are many ways to skin this cat)
    When experimenting, you are required to use many different components. I would empty my 10 inventory slots of my day to day gear in bags and put in the largest bags I could muster and fill them with all the TS mats I thought I was going to need for the experiment session. So for instance if I was doing brewing this day, I would go to my TS alts, (almost 5 accts with TS bags loaded with goodies) and pull from them to fill up my bags in inventory, keeping in mind I also had to buy merchant items and leave space for completed items used in other TS recipes. Deleting or in this case drinking anything that wasn't needed for further trade skills.

    So here is the where you start to ask yourself, is the TS depot going to help with this process or how can it help me be more efficient with what my goal is.

    Without using the TS depot:
    I have to put all the items I need on my person, so I don't want a small container (spit for example) on me as I would lose 30 bag slots or more. I have to use a container with enough slots to meet my recipes (generally speaking you are going to need the static containers for this job). We will be dealing with Advanced recipes at some point exclusively. Now that I am standing in front of the Brewing station with it in experiment mode, I open up all my bags (Or use my find window, limiting it to items on me) and proceed to find the items I need and click on them, place them in the experiment bag until I can hit the combine button. If you open up all your bags and can organize items some what, it makes it easier to find things and get to clicking on them. If you use the find window and sort by alphabetical and the list is 400 items long (10 bags x 40 slots or more!) you can spend a lot of time scrolling or typing in your search to find your items.

    With TS Depot as it is currently.
    I wouldn't need much empty bag space on me as everything is in the TS depot after I removed it from its current resting spot (Alts, housing, etc) and place it in the TS Depot. I keep all the tools of the trade in one bag(Smithy Hammer, etching tools, etc.) Now, I can only make items that I know the recipe for using the TS depot. This is fantastic for making items I need. This is not ideal for experimenting as I can not remove (by clicking) or place items in the TS Depot without a banker window open. Everything I make goes directly to my inventory.

    I think this is where people are having the issue or are asking for a quality of life update. They want to be able to take out and put items in the TS Depot without the need for a banker present. For example, when you open up a container and go into experiment mode, there would be a TS Depot button there that you could click on and it would allow you full access to the Depot. The question is how does this affect the real intent of the TS Depot.

    With TS Depot in experiment mode. (Being able to put in and take out items, without having a banker window open).
    I would still need to make sure all the items I plan on using are in the TS Depot from the other locations I have them stashed in. Even if you had the max 5,000? TS Depot slots, there are more TS Mat types in game that that I am sure. I have to make sure I have all the tools of the trades on me. Now here is the difference from the two examples above. I can now grab out of my TS Depot for unknown recipe attempts. I still have to go through the process of finding them in the Depot. Imagine having 500 slots. You still have to find your items, keeping in mind advanced recipes can use like 10 different items. You can do a search or scroll though the 500 slots to find them. The clicking of items doesn't change much. However, the typing in the search or scrolling becomes more of the issue. Once I have found the items and finish a successful combine, I now have the option of keeping the item on me or placing back in the TS Depot.

    My take:
    I don't think you should be able to access your TS Depot unless you are in a zone that would have say bankers. This seems logical to me. I don't think the TS Depot should be cheapened to where you can abuse it making items wherever you happen to be or offload items collected during adventuring. Just doesn't feel right. What would be the point central area like POK..... Just make it all accessible from wherever you are... /sarcasm off
    You should be able to use the TS Depot to take out and put items in experiment mode, without the need for a banker when in the appropriate zones as stated above.
    The clicking of items, doesn't really change, you still have to load them in the container. The time to find things is the actual change as you are now searching through many more items then you could of held in bags. Also, you may have to revamp your items in the TS Depot when changing from doing Brewing to say Tailoring. Especially if you do not have many Depot slots.

    My thoughts, make of it what you will.

    Happy Trade Skilling!
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  2. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    It should just function like the Craft Bag in Elder Scrolls Online. All crafting items go to the bag, all crafting done from the bag, unlimited inventory with premium membership.
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  3. Angahran Augur

    I was excited to see the 'depot' button on the TS container window until I saw that you can only use it to see what's in your depot but not withdraw anything or add anything :(
  4. Angahran Augur

    This doesn't help if you have to use a fixed TS container. Not all tradeskills have a container that can be used from inventory for all combines.

    p.s. if the summonable banker would follow you instead of remaining where it was summoned this would help a little.
  5. Angahran Augur

    This depot was pretty much the "big thing" for this expansion, and being limited to only using it if you also have access to a bank almost defeats the point. Plus the fact that if someone wanted to maximize the depot it would cost them roughly $1000!

    1. Allow us to add/remove items from the depot without the need for a bank. If needed, limit it to only when using placed/world containers.

    2. Reduce the cost of extra slots for the depot. Noone is going to spend $1000.

    And another thing...

    Can we please get all TS tools tagged to go into the depot (and be used from the depot) ?
  6. Allayna Augur

    I'd like to mention the auto-inventory should have an additional check box for "Return to depot if able".
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  7. Tatanka Augur

    I know this is like a band-aid on top of a band-aid, but it might help when addressing this issue: If you log out and log back in, I'm pretty sure the summoned banker (or any other summoned Vet AA helper) will appear where you log back in.
  8. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    Just make it so that you have access to bank when in a non-combat zone. Crafting in PoK or Guild Hall you can add/remove at will. Trying to craft in the wild, stay as is
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  9. Angahran Augur

    Nope. I have a TS mule that had banker at one house. Logged out back at the bank by the lobby and the banker was still standing by the house when I logged back in.
  10. Angahran Augur

    Oh, one other thing, there needs to be some type of mass withdraw option.
    Taking out 490 stacks one at a time is a PITA!
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  11. Heimdall Elder

    The Depot will require MUCH more clicking than the "old way". Half my bank were Tradeskill bags. When it was time to Tradeskill I just swapped several Adventuring Bags for several Tradeskill bags. Putting the stuff back in the Depot will be fast enough I suppose but pulling it out will suck.
  12. Velisaris_MS Augur

    The depot should have been tied to a character's inventory window, not the bank. The button to access it should be on the inventory window, getting rid of the need to be at a bank entirely. As it is, it's just a second Dragon's Hoard that only takes tradeskill items.
  13. demi Augur

    And thats exactly what it should be ..

    can a toon carry thousands of TS mats on them at one time NO they can not , hence why we have limited bag space and why we cannot put full bags within other bags ..

    the TS depot is fine as is .. maybe a few tweaks here or there for TS stuff , but being at a bank I feel is ok ..

    I hope they come out with a Collector depot..
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  14. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Are you really trying to play the realism card?

    You’re walking around with 12 backpacks filled with more stuff than a hoarder’s mansion.
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  15. Wyora New Member

    Let's talk about research, and learning all the spell recipes. Yes, I'm on a TLP but actively trying to learn all recipes as I go along. At first I was excited about the TS Depot and dumped all my research items in it, but that was a mistake. I'll need about 6 x 40 slot bags just to put all the research items in them to swap in and out as I'm learning recipes, and not wanting to buy stuff from a vendor for every recipe. It's a lot easier to just swap bags from my bank to inventory to do a research session, than to pull everything out of the Depot, since I can't use it for experimentation.
  16. zleski Augur

    TLP server forums are over yonder... ;)
  17. zleski Augur

    Meeko, I am a tradeskill packrat so the tradeskill depot is a HUGE hit for me as a way to keep things out of my overflowing bank and on my person (to say nothing of the overflow onto other characters!).

    I have an actual, diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome that makes the repetitive clicking to experiment a major health concern for me. It's a wonder I've chosen to do two Artisans' Prize, though not to all of the way to 350 skill.

    With my "credentials" out of the way, this is how I engage with the game's tradeskills: As little as possible. I'm burnt out with them because of the repetitive strain and that my mind can work much faster than the in-game clicks and delays. The time it takes for the tradeskill table (tinkering table, loom, forge, etc; you get what I mean here) UI to become responsive, especially when I need to search for a non-favourited recipe is super daunting. :( I sometimes use the old school way with "experiment" because it's faster, even with the legitimate health concerns.

    In order to reach 350 in tradeskills to progress Artisan's Prize, we need to interact with the various tradeskill tables thousands of times, and each time we face the delay. I'm sure there is some research on the Internet outlining human tolerances to delays in realtime systems that can explain and provide impartial data as to why it's a feelbad to have the slowness in the UIs.

    Learning the recipes is a great exercise in organization, one's mise en place, if you will -- to borrow a phrase. We want to keep our bags organized with tools, ingredients, and outputs as we park ourselves next to the relevant tradeskill table. We click, we click, we click.

    I love the workaround of the clockwork banker, I hadn't even thought of it. I do all of my tradeskilling with tables stationed in the Plane of Knowledge or, rarely, in the guild hall. I don't use the personal containers because of the historic space considerations outlined above. However, the depot for experimentation adds even more clicking: Go to the search bar, type the name, withdraw the item, open the tradeskill table (lag), and off you go.

    None of these issues is something that the tradeskill depot was advertised as solving, and I think all of us in the thread are aware of that. We all thought that the depot would take tradeskilling to the next level, maybe even propelling it into centre attention for a mechanical (or even deeper) refactoring.

    For my money, I would much rather have the ability to type ingredients into a text box in-game as a way to leverage the tradeskill depot for experimentation. This is obviously a deep change to the tradeskilling mechanics, but it could potentially avoid the UI lag, allow for experimentation from the depot, and actually address world hunger at the same time.

    Like I said at the top, I think the depot is a huge hit for what it is, but it has so much more potential to be central to many quality of life, and even accessibility improvements for the tradeskillers of Norrath.
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  18. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    They just need to move away from the experimentation, give us recipe books for the expansion to scribe. Either place them on a merchant or make them player made to be able to sell.
  19. Tatanka Augur

    I'm still a fan of having the TS UI just contain all recipes, and then mark the ones you've completed as "known". Problem solved.

    But this is a good idea as well. Especially since, in these days of copy-pasta EQ, most of these recipes are fairly self-evident. Not really "experimenting", are we?
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  20. Heimdall Elder

    Its not. In fact the point has always been that the value is there IF you don't have to experiment ever again, but for those that do, the value is overshadowed by whatever hoops system you decide to jump through - two sets of Tradeskill gear, not bothing to use the Depot etc. so that you can still experiment.