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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Xanbar, May 15, 2020.

  1. Xanbar Lorekeeper

    I play on a Windows 10 box in windowed mode 1920 x 1080. About 25% percent of the time when I select offline mode in Trader, EQ hangs while switching from windowed mode to full screen. I am left with a completely black display. Then have to select CTRL-ALT-DEL, tab 8 times, enter, down, enter to shutdown the PC. Have to memorize the key sequence as the screen is all black with no way to recover that I know of.

    Wondering if this is a known issue?

    If you had this issue and resolved it what did you do?

    I suspect DB tech support would tell me to delete this and that file which hasn't done anything to resolve other intermittent issues (client hang on zoning from lobby to new instance of guild hall for example). So I prefer not to contact them and get a canned recommendation that will probably do nothing but waste my time.
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    It sounds like you have an underlying problem with a graphic conflict with EQ somewhere in your computer. Hopefully some of the more tech'y posters will chime in.

    And yes, others have had this issue. The first recommendation is usually to make sure you have Direct x 9c installed - not just Direct x 12 which does not have the right 9c. It sometimes acts a little stubborn to install.

    Some suggestions based on previous posts:

    Switch into full screen before you go into trader mode. *Not sure about this one as there is no reason for your screen to be switching at all, but its not clear if you play in windowed or full screen to begin with.

    Make your desktop resolution and in game resolution the same.

    you could use W i n E Q 2 which virtualizes the EQ session and forces it to "Play Nice

    Do you have "disable fullscreen optimisations" ticked on in the compatibility window

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