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  1. dubblestack Elder

    Hi, in the process of leveling two zerkers to try a melee group out to replace or use instead of my two mages. Never touched a zerk before. Anyone have a rotation they would not mind sharing? Could not find anything about tov.

    My group will probably be cleric, tank, zerk, zerk, bst, rng.

  2. Repthor Augur

    No bard?? Sorry but your fired
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  3. Cadira Augur

    Yeap. Swap ranger for bard, you'll never go back.
  4. Lisard Silly

    Im not a berserker, but i play one occasionally, heres roughly what i do on it. hopefully it puts you in the right direction of Learning / adapting / improving. as there is A LOT MORE TO it then just this

    Grouping Berserker rotation:

    10 Minute or Less ADPS buffs to stack with each main disc (mangling|Brutal|cleaving|Avenging|frenzied):
    Blood Pact | savage Spirit | Spire | Blinding Fury | juggernaut surge | Epic 2.0

    things to always keep up:

    Mangling Frenzy (need be below 90% hp, use blood fury to drop your hp down) | Cry Carnage | Bloodlust Aura | ancient cry of chaos every 30 mins or so |

    Focused furious rampage works best with Brutal / Mangling

    make sure to use Rampage and Arcslice line on cool down and while a disc is running

    use Braxi's Howl before every Dissident on cool down

    1. Desperation |Spire | Focused Furious Rampage | Blinding Fury | Untamed Rage | Juggernaut Surge | Blood Fury | Brutal Discipline

    2. Cleaving Acrimony | Reckless Abandon | Intensity of the resolute

    3. Disconcerting (i suggest this over mangling in group content (unless you wanna wtf pwn something) as this refreshes every 3 minutes where mangling is 20 minutes)

    3. Vehement Rage | Epic 2.0 | Avenging Flurry

    4.Frenzied Resolve | Drawn to Blood

    Big Boy Burn

    1. Silent Strikes | Desperation | Blood Pact | Spire | Savage spirit (hold if shm epic on) | Furious Focused Rampage | Blinding Fury | untamed Rage | Juggernaut Surge| Mangling Discipline | Reckless Abandon

    then just use refreshes with:

    Brutal Discipline | Cleaving Acrimony | Avenging Flurry | Frenzied Resolve

    Defensive Utility

    1. Blood Sustenance (lifetap ultra mega perma full HP for the duration of 24 seconds base)
    2. Uncanny Resilience (absorbs 50% of incoming melee damage up to X #)
    3. ToV BP click (absorbs 40% of incoming melee damage up to X #)
    4. Communion of Blood (endurance heal)

    Good Luck sir.

    P.S = Shaman | Shadow Knight | Berserker | Berserker | Bard | Beastlord will be an unstoppable train of pain.
  5. dubblestack Elder

    Thanks, just what I was looking for!

    I'm kinda iffy about swapping my cleric for a shaman, but it would be nice, my tank is group geared, could a sham still cover healing?

    Would a beastlord or a bard be more beneficial to my group? Ranger is my main, so I want to keep him in no matter what. I really only have 1 slot to play around with, my beast slot.
  6. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    Bard. Always the Bard. You should always add a Bard. Unless you have a Bard. Two Bards are bad. But no Bards are bad.
  7. dubblestack Elder

  8. Daedly Augur

    I am much larger fan of using Ritual scarification to get to 89% than Bloodfury. Ritual will lock your HP and not eat up any rune damage. You also won't have to fight any heals coming your way. Just be careful using it in any zone that stops buff countdowns, as it cannot be clicked off and has a dot component.

    I have Ritual Scarification added to my attack key and the Mangling Frenzy at the end of my multibind. Its almost never down, and not for more than a couple seconds of any fight.
  9. Yahsha Journeyman

    On group composition, recommend:

    Shaman (healer), Bst, Bard, Zerk, (tank), +1 other (melee dps preferable)
  10. Tucoh Augur

    A cleric or a shaman will work well. Rangers suffer from mana issues in prolonged grinding.
  11. dubblestack Elder

    Also, what is the best weapon type? I see a lot of zerks magelos with 2hb? Is this preferable to 2hs?
  12. Lisard Silly

    Solo / Molo / No bard/bst

    use 2HP with a bandolier to cycle a 2hb of higher dmg in for rampages etc

    Raiding berserker can most likely get away with 2hb at all times.

    in general could most likely get away with 2hb at all times.

    depends on how hardcore you want to min/max
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  13. dubblestack Elder

    At minimum i will be using a beast, and probably level a bard later. Will go with 2hb then.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    If ranger was my main I'd do what I could to get a bard and a beastlord box in my group and force the beastlord box into giving me that sweet focused paragon of spirit every minute while the bard keeps that mana up song. Hell I might even want an enchanter joining in just to keep my mana up even if a berserker would be more DPS.
  15. Tolzol Augur