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  1. Fian Augur

    I am happy to see that Devs listened and upped the drop rate. My bigger concern, however, is the limited access to currency to the player population. If you are in a big raid guild, it won't be an issue, but if you are in a smaller guild, it is pretty rare to be able to run a mission, and all 4 are challenging, not pushover missions.

    Some points of comparison:
    TBM: Introduction of type 5 augments. Currency was tradeable, and there were plenty of ways to earn currency, some could be solo'd, most could be done without a tank class.
    EOK: Restricted to missions and HA. Missions required a strong group, while the HA could be done by weaker/partial groups.
    ROS: Restricted to 4 missions, 2 of which were very hard, 1 required a very good dps group, and 1 was more accessible to a weaker group (well until they nerfed pet aggro). On the positive side, it only took 4 mission wins to get an aug. HA eliminated as a way to earn currency, as there aren't any.
    TBL: Wide range of missions to earn currency. Still no HA, but Fight Fire mission did not require a true tank, so partial groups could farm that one for currency.
    TOV: Restricted to 4 missions. Overall the 4 missions are not as hard as ROS missions, but there is no "weak" mission that partial groups can farm either.

    I think the main take away is the elimination of the HA and as a result the currency rewards. I would love to see a couple of them for each expansion as an alternative way to earn currency. GMM brought some of those back, but they weren't tied to currency. I know there are resource issues, but maybe DB can shoot to always have at least 1 HA (that rewards currency) per expansion. I also preferred the TBM model where every merc/partisan also awarded currency. It gave a reason to redo those missions to help out others. It would also be nice to have another tradeable currency expansion, since TBM is getting long in the tooth. If merc/partisan gave currency, I wouldn't mind if the number of quests/missions to get one aug was increased.
  2. 666DPSweDeliver Elder

    Except the missions aren't really challenging. The hardest for a group geared party is arguably Kael and even it isn't really that hard if you don't over DPS the beginning and burn at the end. Have beaten EW without an actual tank and beaten all 4 with no druid, shammy or cleric.
  3. 666DPSweDeliver Elder

  4. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    agree. a TBL group geared team can handle all the missions in ToV pretty handily IF they are actually decent at what they do. even if they're not, they should be able to do 2/4 missions without issue at least.

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